The 20 Best Adidas Basketball Shoes That Need to be On Your Radar

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Having been around for nearly 100 years, Adidas has been a staple of our sneaker collections for many decades. Collaborations with superstars like Beyoncé, Pharrell, Donovan Mitchell, and Kanye West have played a huge role in the brand popularity surge over the past few years as well. Known for their flair, versatility, and comfort, Adidas has shoes for just about every setting you can think of. 

With Fall in full effect and the holiday season just around the corner, you may have your sights set on updating your sneaker collection (or maybe it’s just time for a new pair of kicks). Here are the 20 best Adidas shoes on the market now with a few upcoming releases sprinkled in. 

1. The Ultraboost LTD Shoes

2. Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Natural

3.  The ZX 2K Boost Gradient Midsole

4. Women’s NMD_R1

5. Pharrell and Adidas Originals Human Race Sneakers

6. Adidas Samba OG Shoes

7. Toy Story Adidas Kids Collection

8. Adidas Futurecraft/Ultra 4D

9. Adidas Adizero Boston 7

10. Ninja’s Adidas Time In Nite Jogger

11. Adidas Gazelle OG Fall

12. Adidas Superstar Stan Smith

13. Adidas Continental 80

14.  Adidas LXCON 94 Shoes

15. Adidas Supernova Shoes

16. Adidas AlphaBounce

17. Adidas Handball Spezial Shoes

18. Adidas Nizza France

19. Adidas Tyshawn Original Shoe

20. Beyoncé IVY PARK Nite Jogger 

1. The Ultraboost LTD Shoes

adidas ultraboost
Adidas UltraBoost LTD / StockX

Release Date: Sept 2, 2020

During this quarantine period, many have turned to both morning and evening runs as a part of their daily exercise routine. The ‘Ultraboost LTD’ is a running shoe designed to give cushioned support and balance while running. The shoe gives you a comfortable fit while giving you some wiggle room as well. The sneaker comes in the color ‘Core Black’ and can be purchased on the Adidas website for $180. 

Price: $180


2. Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Natural

adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 natural 1
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 / StockX

Release Date: Oct 24, 2020

Since 2015 the ‘Yeezys’ have been an integral part of Adidas’ boost in popularity. The ‘Natural’ is a neutral gray that can go with just about anything in your wardrobe. The ‘Natural’ style is considered to be one of the coldest ‘Yeezys’ on the market and will be available on Adidas for $220. 

Price: $220


3. The ZX 2K Boost Gradient Midsole

adidas zx 2k boost white pink blue w
The ZX 2K Boost Gradient Midsole / Stock X

Release Date: Oct 1, 2020

Since 1984, the ‘ZX’ has become one of Adidas’ signature sneakers. Released on Oct 1st, this version of the ‘Boost’ model is an eye-catching sneaker complete with a “gradient” effect. The shoe also provides comfort with a TPU heel clip and a soft mesh and comes in six different colors. The sneakers retail for $150 and can be found via Adidas.

Price: $150


4. Women’s NMD_R1

adidas nmd r1 black carbon
Women’s NMD_R1 / StockX

Release Date: Oct 19, 2020

The ‘NMD_R1’ is a metallic sneaker complete with cushioning. Since its debut in 2015, the ‘NMD_R1’ has become one of the best-selling women’s shoes for Adidas over the past five years. The latest Fall lineup released on October 19th, and comes in ‘Core Black.’ The price is currently set at $140 and can be found on the Adidas website.

Price: $140


5. Pharrell and Adidas Originals Human Race Sneakers

Pharrell and Adidas Originals Human Race Sneakers / StockX

Release Date: Oct 25, 2020

Recently released, the ‘Human Race’ is a set of three different colors/styles. Each pair showcases Korean or Chinese text that translates to the phrase “Human Race.” All three sneakers have a ‘Boost’ insole complete with inner mesh, and a comfortable fit. The gray pair can be found on the official Adidas confirmed app, while the blue-green sneakers will be available globally. The white pair, however, will be exclusive to the Asian Pacific territories. All three will be priced at $220.

Price: $220


6. Adidas Samba OG Shoes

adidas sambarose black white gum w
Adidas Samba OG Shoes / Stock X

Release Date: Jun 1, 2018

The ‘Samba’ shoes go all the way back to 1950. The original ‘Sambas’ were created as a good protective soccer shoe. In June 2018, Adidas decided it was time to run it back again. While the ‘Sambas’ can still be used for Soccer, many also wear the sneaks for streetwear style now too. The ‘OG’s’ can be purchased through Adidas for $90.

Price: $90


7. Toy Story Adidas Kids Collection

adidas don issue 2 toy story woody gs
Toy Story Adidas Kids Collection / StockX

Release Date: Oct 15th, 2020

We all know how hard it can be to find a good pair of sneakers for kids. However, Adidas made the experience much more enjoyable by teaming up with NBA superstars Damian Lillard and Donovan Mitchell for the ‘Toy Story’ Collection. Toy Story has been able to live through different generations, and the collection is an exciting one for both kids and the parents that enjoyed the original Toy Story in their younger years. The collection comes in a variety of colors and can be purchased via Adidas with the prices ranging from $60 to $120.

Price: $60 to $120


8. Adidas Futurecraft/Ultra 4D

Adidas Futurecraft/Ultra 4D / StockX

Release Date: January 18, 2018

One of the best running shoes out there, the ‘Futurecraft 4D’ sneakers has been a hot seller since January 2018. The ‘4D’ is a performance sneaker complete with a lattice midsole, and the shoe is designed to keep your feet comfortable in all different weather types. The ‘Futurecraft’ model has since merged with the ‘Adidas Ultra’ models to create the ‘Ultra 4D,' bringing Adidas fans a new experience.

Price: $160-$180


9. Adidas Adizero Boston 9

adidas adizero boston 9 scarlet w
Adidas Adizero Boston 9 / StockX

Release Date: July 2020

With a ‘Boost Sole,’ the ‘Adizero Boston 7’ is a classic shoe that both men and women can wear. Originally designed for racing, the shoes do have a snug fit. However, the snug fit also allows for good ankle support (especially while doing long-distance running). The sneaker comes in a neutral ‘Cloud White’ color and runs for $84 on Adidas.

Price: $84


10. Ninja’s Adidas Time In Nite Jogger

adidas nite jogger ninja amber tint
Ninja’s Adidas Time In Nite Jogger / StockX

Release Date: October 14, 2020

Expanding upon the partnership with streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the ‘Time In’ release is the latest installment of the beloved ‘Nite Jogger’ series. The shoes have all of the classic ‘Nite Jogger’ elements that Adidas fans are used to, but this round is a tad bit more colorful. Simply put, the sneakers look like one designed by a gamer. The ‘Time In Nite Joggers’ are the perfect Fall addition and can be purchased through Adidas for $150.

Price: $150


11. Adidas Gazelle OG Fall

adidas gazelle og core black cloud white w
Adidas Gazelle OG Fall / StockX

Release Date: Sept 1, 2020

The ‘Gazelle’s’ are another household Adidas Staple. The classic sneaker was first released in 1968 as a football training sneaker. Through the decades the shoe has gone through many different reinventions, and the latest was released on Sept 1st. This ‘O.G Fall Edition’ pays homage to the classic 1991 version and retails for $80 on Adidas.

Price: $80


12. Adidas Superstar Stan Smith

adidas superstan cloud white green
Adidas Superstar Stan Smith / StockX

Release Date: Oct 14, 2020

For over fifty years, the ‘Superstar’ collection was originally created as a Basketball shoe in the 1970s and crossed over into Hip-Hop territory in the 1980s. The shoe was seen on entertainers like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the iconic Hip-Hop group Run DMC, and more. The latest ‘Superstar’ rendition pays homage to Tennis Legend Stan Smith and goes for $64 on the Adidas website.

Price: $64


13. Adidas Continental 80

Adidas Continental 80 / StockX

Release Date: Jun 21, 2018

Released in 2018, the ‘Continentals’ are a must-have in any sneaker collection. An all Vegan product, the shoes are bright and colorful and comfy with an Algae-Based EVA foam midsole. The ‘Continental’ shoes remain an Adidas bestseller and are available for $72 on the Adidas website.

Price: $72


14. Adidas LXCON 94 Shoes

adidas lxcon 94 aqua
Adidas LXCON 94 Shoes / StockX

Release Date: Feb 2019

A rework of the original 1994 ‘Adidas Lexicon’s’, the ‘LXCON’ sneakers are the very definition of a vintage sneaker. This new rendition of the ‘LXCON’s’ keep a lot of the original components from the 94 edition, and remains a supportive running shoe. The sneakers are priced at $104 and can be purchased on Adidas.

Price: $104


15. Adidas Supernova Shoes

adidas supernova trail grey six core black
Adidas Supernova Shoes / StockX

Release Date: June 2020

With cushioning in both the forefront and heel areas, plus ankle support, these shoes are effective for running while being environmentally friendly with 50 percent of the material being recycled. The shoe also helps to increase flexibility and endurance while running. The ‘Supernova’ shoes retail for $100 and can be purchased via Adidas. 

Price: $100


16. Adidas AlphaBounce

adidas alphabounce cloud white
Adidas AlphaBounce / StockX

Release Date: 2016

A performance shoe, the ‘AlphaBounce’ sneakers first hit the market in 2016. Since then, they’ve become known for the versatility and support that they provide to competitive athletes in all different types of sports. The ‘AlphaBounce’ is reasonably priced at $100 and is available via Adidas.

Price: $100


17. Adidas Handball Spezial Shoes

adidas spezial handball kreft collegiate royal
Adidas Handball Spezial Shoes / StockX

Release Date: 1979

First released in 1979, the ‘Adidas Handball Spezial Shoes’ are a beloved Adidas classic. With a lace closure and a rubber outsole, the shoe is extremely comfortable. However, you have to be careful because the outside is Suede, meaning the shoe can be ruined if you are caught in the wrong weather conditions. At $100, the sneakers can be purchased on Adidas.

Price: $100


18. Adidas Nizza France

nizza shoes black cq2332 01 standard
Adidas Nizza France / StockX

Release Date: August 24, 2020

With a 1970s retro theme, the ‘Nizza’ shoes are the definition of a laid back look. The sneakers are good for casual everyday wear, and the colors can be coordinated with just about any outfit for any occasion. The ‘Nizza’ shoes can be purchased through Adidas for $65. 

Price: $65


19. Adidas Tyshawn Original Shoe

adidas tyshawn collegiate navy cloud white
Adidas Tyshawn Original Shoe / StockX

Release Date: 2019

A hooping shoe complete with a little skateboarding effect, the ‘Tyshawn’ sneakers have been a heavy hitter since Tyshawn Jones announced his collaboration with the Three Stripes. A comfortable shoe, the sneakers are filled with swag, and diverse in the sense that they can be paired with anything. The sneakers are priced at $85 and are available on Adidas.

Price: $85


20. Beyonce Ivy Park Nite Jogger

beyonce nite jogger
Beyonce Ivy Park Nite Jogger / StockX

In January of this year, Beyoncé released her Adidas Ivy Park collection. With the next phase entitled 'DRIP 2' dropping this week, the Beyonce Ivy Park Nite Jogger is definitely a good addition to the new collection. The price ranges from $130 to $180, and has all the classic 'Nite Jogger' features that Adidas fans know and love.


While there are certainly plenty more all-time great sneakers in the Adidas lineup, these are the ones that we felt were the classics. However, any Adidas sneaker you choose is sure to take your drip to the next level. Be sure to treat yourself to a new pair this holiday season, and always remember to never crease the kicks.

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