The 23 Best Athleisure Brands for Men to Shop in 2022

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What is fashion without a little athleisure? Whether you are a stylehead or not, you should add some of the best athleisure brands to your your wardrobe for lounge days, casual days, and even airport runs (we all know how TSA can be). So what exactly is the meaning of athleisure? We hear it, see it, and buy it, but do any of us truly know what it means?

According to Wikipedia, athleisure is a type of hybrid clothing, typically worn during athletic activities and in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions.

Athleisure is a relatively newer trend, growing throughout the 2000s but becoming even more popular at the beginning of the pandemic when we were all home pretty much 24/7, but still wanted to look and feel good in the house. So now that we have established what athleisure is, let’s get into how it differentiates from standard athletic wear.

The Difference Between Athleisure and Athletic Wear

What makes athleisure different from athletic wear? In our estimation, athletic wear is clothing that is designed specifically for athletic activities. So for example, these would be clothes made for exercise and sports, and you traditionally wouldn’t wear them outside of those settings. Athleisure, as we mentioned earlier, is a blend of athletic and leisure wear, and could even appear more on the “fancy” side (Beyoncé’s Ivy Park line is classified as athleisure).

You may see people sporting athleisure while running casual errands, around the house, or at the airport. So as you can see, athleisure and athletic wear have similarities, but they are very different. So what about athleisure brands? What is the best? What’s the most cost-efficient?

We’ve put together a list of 21 of the best athleisure brands that are worth your time and investment. Check them out below.

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