The Best Men's Camp Collar Shirts to Shop this Spring

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The camp collar shirt has been a menswear staple since the early 1900's, but only recently found its way back into the lexicon of the modern man. For a long time, it was the shirt of choice for your uncle who gets way too drunk at the family function, or that creepy guy who won't stop hitting on your friends on Ocean Drive. But no more! We are here to reclaim the camp collar and restore it to it's former glory with a list of the best men's camp collar shirts you can find right now.

How to Wear a Camp Collar Shirt

Camp collars are incredibly versatile pieces of summer clothing. You can wear it all the way buttoned up if you want to appear a bit more formal, or unbutton it a bit and let the notched collar really do its thing. Camp Collars can be the loudest part of your outfit, the quietest, and everything in between. They come in a wide variety of materials, patterns, and cuts, so there is sure to be one for everybody. They work well just on their own on a hot day, or can be layered under any kind of jacket and be worn as a semi formal piece.

1. Percival Tapestry Cuban Linen Shirt

Screen Shot 2022 08 22 at 12.41.43 PM

Percival has one of the best selections of camp collars available on the market right now, ranging from unique embroidered pieces like the ones pictured above to more understated iterations like this navy linen take on a classic Cuban collar. Although $225 is certainly not chump change, it's difficult to find collared shirts with an interesting design or style anywhere under the $300 range, as you'll see throughout this list with entries from Bode and Sacai. Percival is the perfect middle ground between insane luxury prices and a fast fashion piece that may only last a season.

Check out their knit polos and other shirts too while you're on the site; they've got a lot of great and trending options for 2022.

shop now at percival - $225

2. CMMN SWDN Beige Ture Shirt gif maker 3

CMMN SWDN came in hot this year with the fringe camp collar design, which adds beautiful texture and movement to the otherwise simple piece. The multicolored stripes are a wonderful touch as well.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $540

3. The Row Giuseppe Shirt gif maker 4

The Row has made quite the case for itself as a purveyor of all-time classics. The brand has really found their footing, making timeless designs that--despite the expense--are sure to last a lifetime. This is a great men's camp collar shirt—but as with all the shirts on this list—is a good fit for anyone.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $820

4. Kuro Paisley Shirt gif maker 5

Paisley prints have been all over recently, so here's a quieter option if you still want to ride the wave but aren't into the all-over prints. The piece, which is completely linen and made in Japan, is sure to be a nice addition to any closet.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $530

5. Double Rainbouu Flames Camp Shirt

221062M192001 1

Double Rainbouu has been making quite the name for themselves with their camp collars over the past few years, but this take on the classic Flames collared shirt is a 10 out of 10. Everything about it, from the color choices to the way the flame pattern weaves in and out of itself is perfect.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $175

6. Gramicci Camp Shirt gif maker 6

Gramicci has become one of our favorite outdoor brands lately, but they also executed a camp collar style shirt perfectly. It features some angled pockets that add some function, as well as key elements of visual interest that break up the larger forms.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $130

7. John Elliot Camp Shirt

221761M192002 1

John Elliot has steadily risen the ranks with nuanced and refined takes on classic men's cuts, and this shirt is no exception. It has a perfect boxy fit, as well as the flowing green pattern which goes with pretty much anything.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $300

8. J.Crew Camp Collar Harbor Shirt gif maker 7

The camp collar is a menswear classic, and so is J.Crew. It's a match made in heaven, really. What's even better is that the Harbor shirt is on sale right now in tons of colors, so you better stock up before it's too late.

Shop Now at J.Crew - $36.50

9. Saturdays NYC York Camp Collar Shirt gif maker 8
Saturdays NYC

A new upgrade from Saturdays from their classic Canty SS shirt. The York Camp Collar features a more contemporary, boxy cut as well as a nice light Tencel construction. The sleeves and hem of the shirt are fully bonded to ensure that the piece lasts as long as you need it to.

Shop Now at Saturdays NYC - $158

10. Everlane Camp Shirt gif maker 9

Everlane has you covered for a tried and true camp collar look. Available in a wide variety of colors, this shirt really shines from up close, where the textures reveal themselves. A great wardrobe staple to have on hand at all times.

Shop Now at Everlane - $70

11. Needles Vacation Shirt gif maker 10

Japan's Needles is typically known for their upcycled flannels and iconic tracksuits, but they have the summer garments down pat as well. This shirt has a wild leopard print pattern but is made from ultra breathable rayon, so you won't feel nearly as hot as you look.

Shop Now at End. - $265

12. Spencer Badu Cargo Camp Shirt gif maker 11

If subtle subversion of the norm is your style, this shirt's for you. The cut of this piece is super wide, adding some extra spice without doing too much. The additional flap on the collar, angled pocket, and button placement add even more small touches to this shirt that really brings it up a notch.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $265

13. Levi's Sunset Camp Shirt

221099M192013 1

Good things don't have to be prohibitively expensive. Levi's has come in with a dope colorway of their "Sunset" camp collar shirt. We're not really sure where the sunset is in this one, but it's awesome regardless.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $70

14. Prada Cotton Bowling Shirt gif maker 13

Look, we get it. There's minimal opportunities during summer for you to really show off how much you spend on clothes, so why not go crazy on one of Prada's famous camp shirts? I mean, you only live once.

Shop Now at Prada - $1,170

15. Nicholas Daley Check Bowling Shirt gif maker 14

If you aren't into loud colors but still want something with a bit more flavor, Nicholas Daley has you covered. White stitching and trim adds nice contrasting hits, while the various colors of the panels add subtle variation throughout.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $485

16. Rag and Bone Knit Pique Shirt gif maker 2

If you're looking for the ultimate simple camp collar, look no further. Rag & Bone nailed the fit and finish on this shirt, in a warm color that rides the line between gray and brown. A perfect example of the kinds of men's camp collar shirts to wear with a muted palette.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $195

17. Bode Wavy Chenille Shirt gif maker 1

Bode's collared shirts are an absolute staple for the brand, with a wide variety of styles to choose from. All are made with the utmost care and craft, but here we chose a bright, wavy shirt from a beautiful chenille fabric.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $530

18. Sacai Rayon Shirt gif maker

Sacai is obviously known for its Nike collabs, but the brand has been severely underrated in general. Chitose Abe's expert design shows through even with a piece as simple as this one, with a subtle rib trim on the cuffs and behind the arm of this shirt. It's also made of a very lightweight rayon fabric to keep you nice and cool all summer.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $535

19. Harago Green & Off-White Checker Shirt

Screen Shot 2022 06 02 at 12.10.59 PM

If you're looking for a camp collar with beautifully embroidered accents, look no further than HARAGO. Few brands have managed to concoct a shirt that is as simultaneously unique and minimal as the Jaipur-based menswear brand. The details coupled with founder Harsh Agarwal's keen eye for handwoven fabrics make the various camp collar shirts sold by the brand one of the best options on the market right now. If you're looking for a shirt that gives some of the same stylistic vibe as Bode, but are not willing to shell out upwards of $500, then take a look at the many pieces made by HARAGO, available on SSENSE, MatchesFashion and more.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $208
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