The 12 Best Curly Hair Products for Men

Shampoos, conditioners, and more

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If you’re reading this right now, chances are you have curly hair. At this point in our lives, we’re already aware that grooming is not a one-size-fits-all type of deal. Sure you have curly hair, but that doesn’t automatically mean what works for your buddy in terms of hair care products and routine will be a match for you (for example, you may require a certain type of shampoo). In fact, the way our genetics are set up, what works for your buddy might actually end up being something that causes damage to hair (yes it can be that specific). Similar to how you may have taken the effort to find an effective face wash, moisturizer for sensitive skin, or a dedicated night cream, finding what works best for your curly hair means investing some dedicated time and research into learning your hair and what it requires to be at its healthiest. We’ve taken some of that time and research away from you by putting together this guide to the best curly hair products for men that you can shop right now. And if you want a guide to styling curly hair, we've got you covered there too.

Whether it’s products like Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturizing Shampoo ($12.99, $12.18) that are meant for curly hair, or the Ouidad Moisturizing Conditioner, ($60) which can be especially helpful towards folks who like to focus on hair hydration, these selections are bound to be a helpful addition towards anyone looking to change or properly maintain their healthy vibrant curls.

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The Best Curly Hair Products for Men, at a Glance:

1. Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturizing Shampoo

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The Best Shampoo for Curly Hair

  • Benefits: Aims to moisturize and detangle hair as you're shampooing

If you are looking for a great shampoo that will make your hair super healthy along with smelling amazing, check out Design Essentials' Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturizing Shampoo, which is a sulfate-free shampoo that targets moisturizing and detangling the hair while infusing it hydrating almond and avocado oils. In addition to giving your hair a nice deep cleanse, the shampoo also removes excess dirt and buildup in your scalp area, leaving you with a scalp just as fresh as the rest of your hair. "Moisturizes very well, but is not so heavy that it makes my hair greasy. This has worked very well for my curly hair - giving it the moisture it needs without weighing it down. The scent is light, clean, and very likable," says one Amazon Reviewer.

"My new favorite! Makes my hair feel soft and healthy. My true curls come out too. My new favorite curly hair product," adds another reviewer of the Design Essentials Shampoo, which gives even more credence to the product.

2. Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me Wash

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Another Great Shampoo

  • Benefits: Adds moisture to hair and helps with dryness

Another highly-rated shampoo for curly hair is Kevin Murphy's Hydrate-Me Wash, which is designed specifically to restore moisture to hair that is dry and damaged. That's not to say you can't get benefit from this shampoo if you don't suffer from dry or damaged hair—you absolutely can—however, this shampoo will definitely help you if you've been suffering dry and damaged hair, or live in a dry climate. Containing Kakadu Plum, the brand recommends using daily to see effective results. "I have thin fine hair and couldn’t find a good healthy shampoo and conditioner , until my hairdresser started using this in her shop and suggested I buy a bottle to take home. Omg I cannot, will not live without," reviews one customer who's certainly happy to have found the Hydrate-Me Wash.

Another reviewer adds: "I have used this once and it’s already made such a difference. Extremely hydrating but did not weight my hair down. My hair air dried beautifully and minimized my fizz. The bottle isn’t large but a little goes a long way and the product really lathers up. I have medium length and thick hair for reference." You can purchase the Hydrate-Me Wash for under $30.

3. Pattern Beauty Leave-In Conditioner

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The Best Conditioner for Curly Hair

  • Benefits: Enhances curls, controls frizz, restores moisture, helps with holding style and increasing shine

Any and every great shampoo needs to be followed up with an equally beneficial conditioner for general hair health and styling. Pattern Beauty's Leave-In Conditioner works towards retaining moisture within the hair while simultaneously detangling and hydrating. Neroli, rose, and patchouli make up the main ingredients of the conditioner, which is loved by customers for its ability to leave you with full and healthy curls. "I’ve been using this product for a while now and I love it. It makes my curls look very healthy and soft. My hair looks so much healthier then it used to after starting to use this," a Sephora customer exclaims. "Same amazing formula just different packaging and scent. This is a great leave in conditioner I prefer the original over the Palo Santo. It’s an awesome choice for extreme hydration after shampooing and conditioner," reviews another.

Just gently apply the product onto your hair, and you're all set for the day because it's a leave-in.


4. Ouidad Moisturizing Conditioner

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Another Great Conditioner

  • Benefits: Hydrates, helps with softening curls, strengthen curls

Ouidad's Curl Quencher is another awesome conditioner for those looking to hydrate, activate, and restore their curls. Free of parabens, sulfates, and silicone—the many different nutrients and botanicals in this product work in tandem with one another to replenish moisturize while not overloading the hair to the point where it becomes weighed down. "I have ringlet curls and struggle to find a conditioner that deeply moisturizes. I find this one is the best around for my specific needs. It doesn’t need to sit for too long for it to moisturize," explains one Amazon customer in a promising review. Their experience is echoed by another customer who adds: "Bought this brand for my son who is biracial. We were trying everything under the sun to help manage his curly and coarse hair. These products have really been great for him. Tames frizz, hair is more manageable. He is actually liking his hair!"

If you've been on the hunt for a formula that makes your curls ultra soft and healthy, the Curl Quencher is certainly a product to consider.


5. Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Half-Liter Set

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The Best Shampoo and Conditioner Set:

  • Benefits: Allows you to buy 2-in-1, moisturizes and protects hair while replacing lost oil, reduces breakage

We covered shampoos and conditioners separately, but what if you want a little two-for-one deal where you can get them both at the same time? Look no further than the Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. While the investment is a bit steeper than some other sets you can find, you're truly investing in two of the best products you can put onto your hair. Containing a powerful blend of argan oil, Vitamins A and E, and moisturizing red algae, not a lot of product is needed to get the job done, and the application is process is an easy one of just following the shampoo and conditioning instructions given. The reviews on the Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner Set are great too with one buyer saying: "The only shampoo and conditioner I have used for years. This product is used by my salon," and another reiterating: "My favorite shampoo and conditioner, will never use any other line."

This is must-have set for anybody who shampoos and conditions on a daily basis.


6. Prose Custom Curl Cream

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The Best Anti-Frizz Product

  • Benefits: Able to use as a styler, keep's your hair's natural texture, hydrates hair, removes frizz

When you have curly hair, sometimes the frizz just can't be controlled—especially during certain times of the year when the weather is really hot and humid. Products like Prose's Custom Curl Cream really helps with being able to eliminate those unwanted frizzes through the usage of their effective formula blends. Prose's formula contains pequi oil and lilac extract for hair health, caviar lime extract for shine, argan oil for nourishment, arginine for heat protectant properties, and baobab extract for fiber repairing along with other helpful ingredients that work together for hydrating, moisturizing, and taming your hair. Priced at $30, the Custom Curl Cream is a great pickup.


7. Cécred Reconstructing Treatment Mask

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The Best Hair Mask

  • Benefits: Reduces damage, increases hair shine, builds overall strength of hair

While Cécred is literally one of the newest hair care brands to hit the market, the company is already receiving rave reviews for their attention to detail and efficiency of their products. Hair masks are an often missed step in many haircare routines, and if you're looking for an excellent one, the Reconstructing Mask checks all of the boxes and then some. Containing Cécred's patent-pending Bioactive Keratin Ferment, the formula is clinically tested and proven to increase of the overall strength, hydration, and shine of your hair after just one use. Also containing antioxidants, vitamin E, and a cuticle-sealing oil blend, the Reconstructing Mask is without harmful chemicals such as silicones, SLS/SLES, phthalates, and parabens.


8. Ecoslay Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner and Moisturizer

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The Best Everyday Product

  • Benefits: Strengthens hair, hydrates the hair, improves elasticity

Next up we have the Ecoslay Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner and Moisturizer, which is a product that you can apply to your hair every single day. A plant-based leave-in conditioner whose main ingredients are fermented rice water, marshmallow root extract, and a blend of herbal extracts, after consistent usage you'll be able to see a general improvement in the overall strength of your hair, along with your curls being more hydrated and filled with elasticity. You only need to apply a small amount each day, which is part of the reasons why buyers are quite fond of it. "Lightweight, I use as my wash out and leave in conditioner," says a buyer. "I fell in love with this product. My hair was dry and lifeless, but using this improved my curl clumps immensely," explains another.

All signs point to a yes with the Ecoslay Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner and Moisturizer.


9. Curlsmith Bond Curl Rehab Hair Salve

Screenshot 2024 02 27 at 10.19.24 AM

The Best Product for Repairing

  • Benefits: Enhances curls, strengthens your hair bonds, improves dryness, eliminates frizz, restores hair health

Sometimes things in life happen and our hair isn't always in the best shape it could possibly be in. That's okay—it happens. The most important thing, however, is getting your hair back into great shape, and a product that can assist with that is the Bond Curl Rehab Hair Salve from Curlsmith which targets restoring hair health as it's main goal, while also working to enhance your curls by hydrating, strengthening hair bonds, and eliminating frizz. The Bond Curl Rehab Hair Salve is a natural product infused with ingredients like pressed chia seeds, chitake mushrooms, pumpkin seed oil, and more.

The success rate is promising too with one reviewer giving their experience with the product: "I thought my curls were gone forever after dying it red regularly. My hair also felt gummy and would tangle SUPER easily. It wad also stretchier than before and was super limp. I could not tell what my hair porosity was so I just followed the instructions for medium porosity hair and it instantly worked after just one use! My curls are so much more defined and bouncier!!" If you're wondering where to start, the Curlsmith Bond Curl Rehab Hair Salve might just be the place for you.


10. Verb Ghost Oil

Screenshot 2024 02 27 at 10.29.07 AM

The Best Hair Oil for Curly Hair

  • Benefits: Hydrates, fights off frizz, improves shine

Oils are another product that gets overlooked when it comes to hair care routines. Granted, your scalp/hair naturally produces its own oils, but it doesn't hurt to have a product in your lineup that give your scalp a little more assistance in the oil department. The Ghost Oil from Verb is affordable, lightweight, and works towards improving frizz, hydration, and shine. Only about two to three small drops are needed when you apply the Ghost Oil, and you don't have to necessarily use it every day to see results. A few times a week is a doable amount to achieve results you're happy with.


11. Shark Speedstyle DeFrizzFast Diffuser

Screenshot 2024 02 27 at 10.39.28 AM

The Best Diffuser for Curly Hair

  • Benefits: Curl pattern doesn't get disturbed, curls are fuller after using, helps with avoiding heat damage

One of the quickest ways to ruin your curls is through heat damage. How do you avoid heat damage? Well, in addition to using less heat on your hair in general, when you do choose to blow dry you can go the route of using a diffuser. Using a diffuser helps to avoid your natural curl pattern being altered, and leaves your curls fuller through its airflow distribution technique. This $29 Shark Speedstyle DeFrizzFast Diffuser is an affordable option that will serve your curls well as a result of using. "Great addition to my Shark Speedstyle! Very happy with all of the attachments I’ve bought so far," remarks a Sephora buyer.

"I bought the Shark blow dryer as well, in Matcha, and it fits perfectly! I love the slide on the side that hives an option for the length. Keeping them short or ends or shorter hair or slide it over for longer hair or to drying the roots. It's easy to use, easy to install, and makes a big difference. Definitely my favorite diffuser," adds a customer who purchased the product through Amazon. Less than $30 is a small price to pay compared to what you could end up having to spend should your hair be subjected to heat damage. Get a diffuser!


12. Laifen SE · High-Speed Hair Dryer

Screenshot 2024 02 27 at 10.51.51 AM

The Best Blow Dryer for Curly Hair

  • Benefits: Protects your hair as you're blowdrying

And while we're at it, adding a curl-friendly blowdryer to your haircare products list isn't a bad idea either. The Laifen SE · High-Speed Hair Dryer is lauded for its technical properties—boosting the ability to dry hair faster than traditional dryers thanks to its proprietary 105,000 rpm brushless motor. The High Speed Dryer also makes protecting your hair from damage easy with its Temperature Cycling Mode and 3-LED ring that let's you see the temperature settings as you're using. Couple that with the magnetic nozzle meant solely for curly hair (there's also an additional nozzle for straight hair), and you've got yourself a highly-rated blowdryer specific for curly hair for under $200. Not too shabby of a bargain.


Tips for controlling curly hair for men:

Here are some helpful tips for controlling curly hair for men:

Consider reducing shampoo frequency: For curly hair, it's recommended that you shampoo less than other hair types because shampooing everyday has been known to dry out your curls while also stripping your hair of essential oils and nutrients. You don't want your curl pattern to be permanently damaged, so considering shampooing every other day or a few times a week to avoid that happening.

Don't dry your hair with a towel: While it may seem natural to dry your hair with a towel, that too can actually strip your hair of its oils and nutrients, which in turn can lead to breakage. Using a cotton t-shirt or even a microfiber towel if you are totally against the t-shirt idea are suggested as better option then the regular towels you have in your closet.

Use a diffuser: We covered this earlier, but again it's really important to use a diffuser if you are blowdrying your hair to avoid heat damage. It technically only takes one time of overheating your hair to permanently damage your curls, so it's just best to always use a diffuser to make sure you're being as gentle and as delicate as possible.

Use a wide-tooth comb: Wide-tooth combs are by far the most gentle comb option for combing through your hair without literally ripping your hair follicles out. Not only do wide tooth combs prevent breakage and damage from happening as the space between the comb teeth helps with minimizing harsh impact, wide tooth combs also help with the styling component as well when it comes to parting and creating sleek looks.

FAQs about curly hair products for men:

Here are some frequently asked questions about curly hair products for men:

What ingredients should I look for in curly hair products for men?

Some key ingredients that really help with hydrating and repairing curls are: aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, lauryl glucoside, glycerin, rosemary, and chamomile plus more. All of the above and others ingredients we haven't listed each bring their own contribution to the table whether it's adding moisture, repairing bonds, cleansing the scalp, etc., and those contributions provide everything needed to leave your hair looking healthy and fresh. Generally speaking, the more natural ingredients included the better.

What styling product is best for curly hair for men?

The Prose Custom Curl Cream we listed above is a great styling product for men's curly hair as it controls/eliminates frizz, and has styling properties built into its formula. You accomplish two missions at the same time with the Prose Custom Curl Cream as a result, making the investment a worthy one.

How often should men with curly hair shampoo?

As we mentioned earlier, shampooing every day is bad for curly hair because it ruins your curl pattern and strips you hair of its essential oils. A good middle ground for shampooing is about three to four times a week—your hair still gets cleaned regularly, but there isn't permanent damage being done either. There are even some proponents of a full "no poo" method, where one only rinses with water and uses conditioner.

Should men with curly hair use conditioner?

Conditioners are important for every hair type as it expands upon the groundwork your shampoo lays. Conditioners really get into the root of your hair and do a lot of repairing (especially if you're deep conditioning). Skipping the conditioning step means you're depriving your hair of lots nutrients, and that's definitely something you don't want if you're aiming for full and healthy curls.

What is a good hair routine for curly hair for men?

A good curly hair routine for men consists of shampooing and conditioning three to four times a week (and throwing a deep condition somewhere in there at least once a month). You should also have a leave-in conditioner that you can apply on the days where you're not washing your hair in order help with moisture and hydration. While oils and hair masks aren't necessarily needed, adding them to a regular hair routine has only helped as opposed to hurting, and many oils/masks are on the affordable side. Lastly, if you are going to blow dry your hair—use a diffuser and blow your hair on a low setting to avoid permanent heat damage.

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