The 25 Best Work Pants for Men to Wear to Any Job in 2023

From durable Dickies to some office-appropriate options from Bonobos and more

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Meeting dress codes and being appropriately dressed for work (whatever that looks like for you and the company you work for) is very much an important part of looking and being successful at your job. Regardless of your profession, everybody needs at least one solid pair of work pants that meets your companies dress codes, demands, and requirements. You might need a pair of work pants that's on the dressier side to pair with your dress shoes, dress shirts and blazers. Or you might have a physical/manual labor job (being a constructor for example) that might require a more technical heavy duty pair of pants that allow you to work comfortably. Whatever category you fall into durability, comfort, and versatility are three of the most important concepts to keep in mind while browsing for your new duds. We're helping you get started with a guide of the best work pants for men to wear in 2023 and beyond that are researched and vetted.

Remember, the most important element of shopping for work pants is putting comfort at the forefront so that way you aren't uncomfortable as you go about your work day. Whether it's a dressier set of pants for the office like the Bonobos Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants ($119), or a utility pant like the Caterpillar Men's Trademark Pant ($49.70) that's built for physicality, these are a few of the work pants that should be on your radar.

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The Best Work Pants for Men at a Glance:

1. Levi's XX Standard Tapered Chino Pants

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 12.40.56 PM

Best Work Pants for Men, Overall

  • Pros: Great quality, multiple colors, affordable, versatile
  • Cons: Could run tight in the thigh and calf area
  • Sizes: 29 x 30 - 38 x 32
  • Material: Cotton, elastane
  • Colors: Dark Slate Shady, True Chino Shady, Cougar Shady, Mineral Black Shady, Navy Blazer Shady, and 4 others

Our top pick for work pants is none other than the Levi's XX Standard Tapered Chino Pants which are cut with a cotton and elastane blend, and get the job done in terms of durability. Centered around comfort, the pants come with huge size range along with multiple colors to choose from that are all great for becoming key pieces in your capsule wardrobe that you can mix, match, and build around. It's possible that the pants could run a little tighter in the thigh and calf area depending on your size, so keep that in mind if you plan on purchasing as you may have to go up a size to prevent that from happening.

Overall, these are a good buy as one Kohl's reviewer says: "They are comfortable and fit well. They look good and have a nice zippered security pocket in the right front pocket. The tradeoff is that the elastene added to the fabric makes them not as durable. I find the tradeoff worthwhile."

SHOP NOW AT KOHL's, $48.65

2. Caterpillar Men's Trademark Pant

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 2.00.28 PM

Most Durable Work Pants

  • Pros: Keeps you warm, very technical, durable, multiple colors available
  • Cons: Can run heavy
  • Sizes: 28 x 30 - 32 x 34
  • Material: 60% Cotton, 40% polyester
  • Colors: Dark Earth/Black, Black, Night Camo, Grey/Black, Navy, and 5 others

"These pants are always warm and keep you protected from the wind, cold, rain and even snow. I work outside for most the day and in the fall season when it's cold and wet outside, and these pants make my shift comfortable and so much easier," says one Amazon reviewer. A durable pairs of pants that are about as tough and heavy duty as what you can expect from, well, a pair of pants the Caterpillar Men's Trademark Pant offers a range of sizes and colors to choose from that are crafted with a blend of cotton and polyester. If technical is what you're looking for, technical is what you're going to get with features like holster pockets, ruler pockets, a carpenter loop for hooking the pants if you need to hang them and more.

The pants are also very flexible with plenty of stretch room if needed. Sizes go up to a 32 x 34, and the pants are priced at just under $50.


3. Bonobos Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 2.12.40 PM

Best for the Office

  • Pros: Has lots of stretch room, offers multiple fits, has a large range of sizes, wrinkle-resistant
  • Cons: Can run big
  • Sizes: W: 28 - 46, L: 28 - 34
  • Material: 97% Cotton, 40% elastane
  • Colors: Monday Blue, Thursday True Khaki, Tuesday Black, Friday Steel, Monday True Blue, and 12 others

Bonobos has a way of always providing clothes that are next level, and their Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants are definitely next level with their breathability and wrinkle-resistant material. Crafted with cotton and elastane, Bonobos gives you the option of selecting your fit of choice (tailored, slim taper, slim, athletic, straight), and there's a lot of different sizes to pick from. Additional details include a branded interior button, and a day of the week embroidered into the waistband. Even more convenient is that the plants don't have to be dry cleaned, so you can wash them after wearing regularly without having to make an extra trip.

"I'm 6'3", 185 and the 34x34 slim is ideal. Just had to wait for the color to come back in stock. I wear these for work and they look really sharp with a dress shirt. Will buy another pair in khaki," says one Bonobos reviewer should you need anymore confirmation as to why you should buy.


4. Dickies Original 874 Work Pants

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 2.24.14 PM

Best Dress Work Pants

  • Pros: Comfortable, affordable, built sturdy, good for tall men
  • Cons: Could run big
  • Sizes: W: 28 - 58, L: 29 - 34
  • Material: 65% Cotton, 40% cotton twill
  • Colors: Air Force Blue, Black, Charcoal Gray, Dark Brown, Dark Navy, and 9 others

Made with a relaxed and tapered fit, Dickies Original 874 Pants are among the best and most comfortable work pants on the market with their cotton/cotton twill makeup. The pants have a loose and slightly stretchy fit that are comfortable enough to work during any season. Also made to be high-rise, you can get a retro 1970s/1980s look out of these pants as well depending on how you like your individual style. "They’re perfect! They help me move around better at work than my medical scrubs since I have been working in a warehouse more often," says Dickies reviewer Emmanuel. With over ten colors available, a range of sizes, and an under $30 price tag, Dickies delivers once again.


5. Everlane Slim 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 2.34.09 PM

A Comfortable Option

  • Pros: Great quality, has 4-way stretch, is sustainably made
  • Cons: Could have too much stretch
  • Sizes: W: 28 - 40, L: 28 - 34
  • Material: Organic cotton
  • Colors: Dark Indigo, Black, Washed Black, Deep Indigo, Marine, Vintage Tint

Sustainably made with organic cotton, Everlane's 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean gives you all the room in the world with its 4-way stretch fabric. An overall sleek look that can work in multiple settings (including ones outside of work), the Organic Jeans give you a slim-fit that's slightly tapered through the lower part of the leg, and the quality is phenomenal. Everlane is a brand built on durability, so should you choose to make the $98 investment you can rest assured that you'll get some years out of them.


6. Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Trouser

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 2.42.27 PM

A Versatile Option

  • Pros: Offers a classic fit, has back pockets, great quality, pants are tailored
  • Cons: On the pricier side
  • Sizes: W: 28 - 46, L: 28 - 37
  • Material: 53% Elastomultiester, 47% recycled polyester
  • Colors: Bone, Obsidian, Dark Forest, Nomad, Artifact, and 5 others

Versatility is the prime feature of Lululemon's ABC (Always Be Comfortable) Classic-Fit Trouser, which boasts details such as back pockets with hidden snaps, 4-way stretch with the brand's Warpstreme material, reflective details on the cuffs and more. Offering a refined classic fit that is both traditional and modern, Lululemon gives you dozens of sizing options along with numerous color choices to give you a basically perfect pair of pants that check the box of being stylish and efficient. "Then I found these. These pants are perfect for tall guys. I wear them everyday at work. I have over 6 pairs and they last for so long," says a Lululemon reviewer. Priced at $128, you'll want to scoop these before they get snatched up.


7. Amazon Essentials Men's Carpenter Jean with Tool Pockets

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 2.53.00 PM

A Budget Option

  • Pros: Well made, has quality material, has many pockets, affordable
  • Cons: Could run too heavy
  • Sizes: 31W x 32L - 42W x 34L
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Khaki Brown, Navy, and 2 others

"I will buy these again. They are priced right and the look and feel are good," an Amazon customer says. You don't always have to spend a fortune to get a pair of quality pants, which is proven by the Amazon Essentials Men's Carpenter Jean. A crafty pair of pants cut from cotton, the Carpenter Jeans offer a relaxed fit that is also breathable with plenty of stretch room thanks to its durable canvas material. The technicality mark is also checked with multiple tool loops, utility pockets, and denim-style pockets should you need storage room for your smaller essentials. Sizing goes up to a 42W x 34L, with several colors to choose from.


8. 5.11 Defender-Flex Evolve Straight Jean

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 3.04.18 PM
5.11 Tactical

Best Jean Work Pants

  • Pros: Great fit, doesn't have a bulky fit, offers flexibility, very soft
  • Cons: Could run too small/big
  • Sizes: W: 30 - 40, L: 30 - 34
  • Material: 78% Cotton, 22% polyester
  • Colors: Medium Wash Indigo, Light Wash Indigo, Dark Wash Indigo

Doubling on the duties of being both jeans and a suitable work pant, the Defender Flex Evolve Straight Jeans from 5.11 are super tactical with 4-way stretch denim fabric, moisture-wicking technology, hand pockets that have internal knife reinforcement, utility drop pockets, and more. Additionally there's three stress points featured on the jeans, each of which are accompanied by branded rivets. With a whopping seven pockets the storage space is more than plenty for your smaller items and work tools. Here's what a 5.11 Tactical customer had to say: "Been rocking 5.11 pants for about 4 years and decided to try a pair of their jeans great jeans for the range or if you don’t wanna look like tactical Timmy around town great choice to blend In and retain comfort."

There's also three different colors and multiple sizes at your disposal. Have at it.


9. Banana Republic Signature Italian Nailhead Suit Pant

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 3.13.50 PM
Banana Republic
  • Pros: Sleek look, wrinkle-resistant, has flexibility, is comfortable
  • Cons: Could run too small/big
  • Sizes: W: 28 - 44, L: short, regular, long
  • Material: 99% Responsible wool standard, 1% elastane
  • Colors: Blue, Gray

It took three years for the Signature Italian Nailhead Suit Pant to finally the shelves, but it was a three years that was very much worth it when you look at the attention to detail these pants have. Crafted with 99% Responsible wool standard and a teensy bit of elastane, the pants are made with a nailhead texture and enhanced stretch that give way for plenty of movement. More details include a tapered fit through the leg and a break at the hem to give the pants a more elegant and distinct look. "Fits perfectly as if it was tailored and very comfortable to work in," a Banana Republic customer says.

We also give these pants bonus points for being breathable, having great stretch, and their wrinkle-resistant properties. Multiple sizes are available with the pants being priced at $200.


10. Huckberry 365 Pant

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 4.53.05 PM
  • Pros: Lightweight, flexible, comfortable, has lots of colors to choose from
  • Cons: Could run too small/big around the waist area
  • Sizes: 28W x 30L - 44W x 32L
  • Material: 98% Cotton, 2% spandex
  • Colors: Desert Brown, Dark Navy, Earth, Charcoal, Khaki, and 8 others

Offering fit sizes in slim, straight, tapered, and relaxed, you get tons of options with Huckberry's 365 Pant, which is made with cotton and spandex material. "I took a chance on these Huckberry pants, and I am not disappointed. They are simple, cotton, and, from what I can tell after a couple weeks/washes - durable.
They look good, and fit well," says Huckberry reviewer Max.

Very comfortable and equally as soft, the pants are cut with an 8 oz blended fabric to make them lightweight, and offer just the right amount of stretch room without heading into the territory of being too loose. In addition to have several options in terms of how you want the pants styled, Huckberry gives you loads of sizes to pick from as well. Sitting at $98, the 365 Pants are a great under $100 option.


11. The Good Man Brand Cargo Chino

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 5.04.09 PM
  • Pros: Great quality, durable, plenty of stretch room, more than one color to choose from
  • Cons: On the pricier side
  • Sizes: 31W - 42L
  • Material: 98% Cotton, 2% spandex
  • Colors: Black Navy, Magnet

You can also checkout Good Man Brand for some of your work pants needs as they variety of suitable work pants including their Cargo Chino which is one of our favorites. A durable pair of pants that gives you a reasonable amount of stretch room courtesy of its 2% spandex mixture, these pants are also made with a very comfortable cotton that will keep you feeling good all day. Additional detailing includes a 5-pocket design boosted by a zip-front, and a jean shank button for the extra oomph. The care instructions are also super easy, so this should be a pair of pants that you can get a bit of wear on if taken care of correctly.


12. State and Liberty Athletic Stretch Fit Suit Pants

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 5.18.00 PM
State & Liberty
  • Pros: Comfortable, has good stretch room, durable, versatile
  • Cons: Could run too big
  • Sizes: 28 - 36W - 28 -34L
  • Material: 98% Cotton, 2% spandex
  • Colors: Rayon, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex Performance Blend

If you need a little extra room thighs, quad, and seat area, State & Liberty has the perfect pair of work pants to assist you. Made with rayon, nylon, polyester, and spandex performance blend, ample room is provided in the all aforementioned parts of the pants to make sure you are comfortable while wearing. While these dress pants give you extra room, they don't stray far away from their athletic build as they are ultimately meant to be a performance pant that is neither too tight nor loose. "These pants are everything I've been looking for. Fabric is incredibly flexible, far superior to any wool, moderates temp so you're never hot or cold, and in general feels amazing," exclaims a State and Liberty reviewer.

Lots of sizes come with these pants, so you should be easily be able to find a size that's just right for you.


13. Carhartt Rugged Flex Relaxed-Fit Pant

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 5.28.47 PM
  • Pros: Has a rugged design, great quality, comfortable, durable
  • Cons: Doesn't have a fifth pocket
  • Sizes: W: 30 -40, L: 28 - 36
  • Material: 98% Cotton, 2% spandex canvas
  • Colors: Gravel, Dark Coffee, Hickory, Dark Khaki, Navy, Moss

Carhartt is one of the original workwear brands, so it makes sense that they have the best of the best when it comes to workwear apparel. The Rugged Flex Pants are a cotton/spandex canvas blend that's made to offer a relaxed fit. Also built to naturally give you more room in the thigh and seat areas, comfort and fit shouldn't be an issue since Carhartt has covered all of their bases from a design perspective. "Love the look and fit. Buying a second pair. Bought to work around the yard but nice enough to wear out hence the second pair," Richard, a Carhartt customer says.

You get your fair share of sizes and colors with the Rugged Flex Pants, which are very reasonably priced at $49.99. There's also a front slash pocket for additional storage should you need the space.


14. Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 5.38.04 PM
Public Rec
  • Pros: Comfortable, multiple color options, extra fit room in the glutes and thighs area
  • Cons: Could run tight around the waist area
  • Sizes: W: 28 -44, L: 28 - 36
  • Material: 88% Nylon, 12% spandex
  • Colors: Fog, Navy, Black, Stone Grey, Heather Navy, and 9 others

Public Rec is another brand that gives you extra breathing room in the glutes and thighs area, exhibited by their All Day Every Day Pant which tows the line between being a casual jogger, and semi-casual professional pant. The comfort and stretch is very much present with its nylon/spandex blend, along with the performance element of the pants which give you lots of mobility. "We purchased three pairs of ALL DAY EVERYDAY PANTS for our trip to Italy. My husband brought two of them in our packing. They were great. With a sports shirt, they were smart enough for any restaurant setting," says a Public Rec reviewer.

Lightweight, quick-drying, and easy to care for, it's no wonder Public Rec has to always keep these in stock.


15. Eddie Bauer Flex Mountain Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 5.45.58 PM
Eddie Bauer
  • Pros: Durable, versatile, affordable, comfortable
  • Cons: Could run big or small
  • Sizes: 30W x 30L - 40W x 32L
  • Material: 99% Cotton, 1% lycra spandex
  • Colors: Carbon, Hazelnut, Saddle Stone

Another brand who's been delivering the style goods for ages, Eddie Bauer's Flex Mountain Jeans are the very definition of what it means for clothing to be durable, versatile, comfortable, and affordable. Made with cotton and spandex, the pants offer a slim and sophisticated look that's nice enough to be dressed up if you work in an office, or dressed down if you working a job like construction. "Overall, a great pair of pants. They have a nice stretch that allows for easy movement. The fit is just right too, not too loose and not too tight," an Eddie Bauer reviewer says.

The stretch room is plenty and so is the comfort which as we harped on multiple times already is very important. Priced at only $35, this another great pair of pants under the $50 mark.


16. Charles Tyrwhitt Ultimate Non-Iron Chinos

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 5.54.10 PM
Charles Tyrwhitt
  • Pros: Great quality, offers a lot of durability, comes with three different fits, multiple colors
  • Cons: Could run big or small
  • Sizes: W: 28 - 44, L: 32 - 38
  • Material: 97% Cotton, 3% elastane
  • Colors: Black, Dark Grey, Navy, Olive, Stone, and 7 others

"Great fit and styling. I wear these both to work and out on the town," one Charles Tyrwhitt reviewer says. One of Charles Tyrwhitt's best-sellers, the Ultimate Non-Iron Chinos live up to their name because they stay wrinkle-free without ever needing to iron at any point. Equally as comfortable as what they are stylish courtesy of the cotton/elastane fabric, the brand offers you the choice of a classic, slim, or extra slim fit, along with multiple waist and inseam options. That 3% elastane gives you just the right amount of stretch, making this another comfortable pair of work pants to consider.


17. Wrangler RIGGS Work Carpenter

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 6.23.58 PM
  • Pros: Has a relaxed fit, offers mobility, durable, versatile
  • Cons: Could run big in the waist area
  • Sizes: W: 30 - 46, L: 30 - 36
  • Material: 1000 Denier Cordura
  • Colors: Bark, Loden, Dark Khaki, Slate, Black

About as durable as they come, the RIGGS Work Carpenter Pants from Wrangler are pair of pants built for the long haul regardless of whatever your job is. Lightweight with the ability to handle the harshest of conditions indoors and out, the pants are made with Wrangler's 1000 Denier Cordura which automatically gives you the stretch room needed in your seat, thigh, knee and bottom. "I wear my pants for work and they are comfortable, lightweight and durable. I really love them and will buy more in different colors to add to my wardrobe," a Wrangler customer says.

Additional features include a patented leather tape measure reinforcement on right front pocket, and a button closure that adds to the slim-fit. Breathability and mobility are the two main things that make the Work Carpenter Pants standout, which are a great steal at only $40.


18. Ariat Rebar M4 Low Rise DuraStretch

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 6.34.50 PM
  • Pros: Comes with two different fits, has triple needle stitching, comes with a utility pocket
  • Cons: Can wrinkle easily
  • Sizes: W: 30 - 50, L: 30 - 38
  • Material: 99% Cotton, 1% spandex
  • Colors: Black, Field Khaki, Rebar Grey, Wren, Deep Forest

The Ariat Rebar M4 Low Rise DuraStretch is a tried-and-true pants when it comes to being adequate enough for the workplace. Comprised mostly of cotton and a small dosage of spandex, the Low Rise DuraStretch is actually one of the strongest pants on this list with its triple-needle stitching, thigh chap for reinforcement, and carabiner loop for hooking. "I work in a production leadership position in a factory. I appreciate having a great looking pant that provides me the durability that will stand the test of time. Confident that these pants will do just that," a Ariat reviewer explains.

Some other neat features are the utility pocket and pen slot built into the pants, and the articulated knees that come with knee pad compatibility. If you've been on the hunt for a pair of pants that can withstand everything thrown at it, the Low Rise DuraStretch is suitable option.


19. Van Heusen Flex 3 Slim Fit Dress Pant

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 6.46.33 PM
  • Pros: Offers functionality and durability, affordable, good for the office
  • Cons: Pants are unlined
  • Sizes: 28W x 30L - 38W x 34L
  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% spandex
  • Colors: Black, Charcoal, Blu Barge, Smoked Grey

"These can be dress casual or business attire with a sport coat and tie. Very comfortable move with you in all positions. This helps you on long days when you're on your feet," a JcPenney reviewer explains. Functional, durable, and flexible with its four-way stretch fabric, stretch seams, and a max-flex waistband, the Van Heusen Flex 3 Slim Fit Dress Pant is one that you can rock to the office thanks to sleek tailoring, cut, and fit. You can wash at home (no dry cleaning necessary), the pants have a natural neat look to them, and you don't have to iron because they are made to be wrinkle-free. Sitting at slightly under $50, you get quite a bit options out of the Flex 3 Slim Fit Dress Pants as well.


20. Lee Extreme Comfort MVP Canvas Cargo Pants

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 8.02.23 PM
  • Pros: Good quality, comfortable, versatile, moisture-wicking, affordable
  • Cons: Could run tight around the calf area
  • Sizes: 30W x 30L - 42W x 32L
  • Material: Cotton, polyester, spandex
  • Colors: Forest, Kc Khaki, Engineer, Union All Black, Beige Khaki, Grey

The Lee Pants from Kohl's are an under $20 pair of pants that strips it down to the basics and gets the job done. Super tough and sturdy with a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend, the affordability means you can purchase all of the colors for the price of what it would cost one pair of work pants at another place, and the durability is great in the sense that it can last a very long time. "Overall great pants. These pants fit nicely it may take a couple of tries but it's worth it," says a Kohl's reviewer. These pants hold up well over time, making this one of the wisest $20 you've spent in a while.

SHOP NOW AT KOHL's, $19.99

21. Levi's 517 Bootcut Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 8.11.37 PM
  • Pros: Has a general good fit and five pocket design, comfortable, good design
  • Cons: Could run tight around in the thigh area
  • Sizes: 29W x 30L - 44W x 30L
  • Material: Cotton
  • Colors: Rinse, Black, Stonewash, Medium Indigo Worn In, Light Indigo Stonewash and 2 others

Ain't nothing like a good pair of Levi's! Work jeans are essential and come in handy for those casual Friday's at the office. The 517 Bootcut Jeans are one of Levi's most popular jeans models, and check all of our work pants requirements as they are comfortably made with cotton, offer multiple colors ranging from Light Indigo Stonewash to Black, and are quite stretchy without being loose. "Maybe Levi's best kept secret. A heavy weighted yet stretchy denim (there's a little polyester) that gradually settles into a great fit around your legs, and one of the most vibrant indigo dyes I've seen on a pair of jeans," a Kohl's reviewer excitedly says.

You already know that you're getting prime durability from Levi's and the jeans are priced very nicely, making this a rather great deal by our estimation.

SHOP NOW AT KOHL's, $48.65

22. Mugsy Teddys Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 8.21.15 PM
  • Pros: Not too baggy, great quality, lots of colors to choose from
  • Cons: Could run big
  • Sizes: W: 28 - 44, L: 30 -34
  • Material: Chino fabric
  • Colors: Dark Blue, Light Khaki, Olive, Brown, Khaki, and 11 others

"By far the most comfortable jeans & chinos I have ever worn! 100% awesome fit and feel," says one Mugsy review. A favorite of Mugsy lovers around the world, the Teddys Jeans comes to you in a wide assortment of colors and sizes to choose from. Made from the brand describes as their "ridiculously soft chino fabric," these jeans are durable build that will hold steady over time without any kind of ripping or tearing. The waist sizing goes up to a 44 with the inseam going to 34, and the jeans are priced at $118. With over 15 colors available, you should be able to find something just right for you.


23. Birddogs Khaki Pants

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 8.31.04 PM
  • Pros: Has a tailored fit, is comfortable, has multiple colors available
  • Cons: Could run small/big
  • Sizes: W: 28 - 40, L: 28 -36
  • Material: 73% Cotton, 24% nylon, 3% spandex stretch chino fabric
  • Colors: Black, Driftwood Khaki, Graphite Gray, Sea Blue, Midnight Navy, and 4 others

Naming any of your products Stephen Jobs and Phil Gates is a surefire way to guarantee success. The names of each individual khaki in the Birddogs lineup is enough to make you want to purchase, but the quality is certainly another reason with its cotton, nylon, and spandex stretch chino fabric. "These pants are perfect for achieving a timeless and classic appearance that's suitable for various professional environments," says Daniel, a Birddogs reviewer. The pants work well with boots, check the box on comfort, and feature other details such as the ability to choose whether or not you want them with a liner. A sleek look with multiple colors at your disposal, the Khaki Pants from Birddog are a winner in our book.


24. CQR Men's Flex Stretch Tactical Pants

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 8.51.57 PM
  • Pros: Sturdy construction, water-resistant, affordable, good for the outdoors
  • Cons: Could run small/big
  • Sizes: 28W x 30L - 44W x 32L
  • Material: 63% Polyester, 34% cotton, 3% elastane
  • Colors: Flexy Cargo Coyote, Flexy Cargo Green, Flexy Cargo Khaki, Flexy Cargo Olive Green, Flexy Cargo Print Woodlive Olive, and 39 others

The CQR Flex Ripstop Tactical Pants are a great deal as they are under $40 and come with over 40 colors available. Cut with polyester, cotton, and elastane the fabric is durable to enough to offer full protection if you have a manual labor job. While not quite bootcut they fit over any work boot quite nicely without causing any kind of tripping. "Lot of pockets for stuff like my work badge, utility knives, pens, etc. I wear them when I work on my cars as well. They also breathe pretty well for fatigue-like material," one Amazon customer says. Other features include tactical pants, double-stitching, and maximum mechanical flexibility. All of this for just over $40 is not too shabby of a deal at all.


25. Wolverine Steelhead Stretch Pants

Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 9.04.47 PM
  • Pros: Great material, durable, can't withstand tough conditions, affordable
  • Cons: Could run small/big
  • Sizes: W: 32 - 44, L: 30 - 34
  • Material: 97% Cotton, 3% spandex canvas
  • Colors: Gravel, Hickory, Granite

Constructed for a full days work with its cotton and spandex canvas composition, you'll get plenty of durability and movement with the Wolverine Steelhead Stretch Pants which comes in lots of sizes and three different colors. Made with a traditional cut to sit and designed to be slightly loose in the seat and thigh area features include: a tool pocket on the right side, front slash pockets, back patch pockets, and more. "I work/have worked in farming, carpentry, excavating, and now forestry, and these are the absolute best work pants I’ve owned, and the best value. The big C brand is spendy compared to what I’ve been able to find these for locally and online," says a Wolverine reviewer. In short, there's more than enough pockets, and the stretch room is elite.


What to consider when buying work pants:

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying work pants.

Material/Durability: Since these are pants you'll be wearing to work, you'll want to ensure that they are durable. Durable pants can come in a range of materials, but the most popular/efficient are cotton, spandex, polyester, and elastane. You'll also want to look for features like double and triple stitching as they help with overall durability as well.

When you'll wear them: Of course you'll primarily be wearing your pants to work, but you'll also want to consider if you plan on wearing them for other occasions as some work pants can also be used for formal events or worn casually. Versatility is the best way to get the bang for your buck.

Fit: The fit on work pants should be comfortable in the middle as pants that are too tight can be uncomfortable, and so can pants that are too loose. Right in the middle seems to be a good balance as the pants will fit slightly snug to avoid falling off of you, but still doesn't cross that line into being too tight.

How we picked the best work pants for men:

Our process of selecting the best work pants for men included hours of research, vetting, and personal testing to ensure we were only putting the best and highest quality products on this list. Several of these brands we have worked with directly as far as testing their products. Regardless of whether or not we personally tested the pants we included in this roundup, we made sure to search through ratings and user reviews. The most important element to us was the quality, material, and comfort of the pants, as prime comfort and stretch is needed for pants that you are going to be working all day in.

Why trust ONE37pm:

ONE37pm has been writing about style since our June 2018 inception, meaning that we've got over five years of experience writing in the space along with having connected with and interviewed dozens upon dozens of brands and designers. Every single style article we write is heavily researched regardless of whether or not we have personal experience with the product we're listing. This includes hours of research and pouring through user reviews.

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