25 Best Desks for Small Spaces to Buy Right Now

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One of the only benefits to come out of the pandemic is the shift in work culture that allowed people to continue working from home, even after things have started to open back up. On top of that, more people are moving to urban centers every year and downsizing their footprint to maximize space at home. With both of these factors in mind, it’s clear that there is a burgeoning market for compact workspaces within small dwellings such as apartments or dorms. We’ve made it easy and compiled a list of the 25 best desks we could find for small spaces.

1. MICKE Desk

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The MICKE series is one of IKEA’s best sellers, and it’s quite easy to see why. The desk assembly comes with a cabinet that houses adjustable shelves, allowing you to store work supplies or even an entire PC out of sight. With the addition of a small drawer and some cable management, it is difficult to beat in terms of price. However, if you’re looking for longevity, we suggest spending a little more.

Shop Now at IKEA - $79

2. Trenton Fold Out Table

trenton office organization system o
Pottery Barn

The Trenton table features the most industrial, stripped down design in this list with a simple shelf assembly and wooden work surface. The main appeal for us with this item is that it pairs very well with other home goods within its series so that you can create a customized, modular workspace that perfectly suits your needs. Other pieces in the collection include a whiteboard, corkboard, tiered organizer, and additional shelving unit.

Shop Now at Pottery Barn - $299

3. Porch & Den Lincoln Solid Wood/MDF Corner Computer Desk

Porch Den Lincoln Solid Wood MDF Corner Computer Desk

Corner desks can provide a great alternative to traditional desk styles in that they make use of space that is often overlooked and underutilized. Visually, they can also soften a room as they take away some of the harshness of the rectangular corners. The Lincoln desk comes in several different color varieties and also includes small shelves between its legs so that you can squeeze every inch of storage out of your home office.

Shop Now at Overstock - $134.49

4. Alenia Corner Desk


The Alenia desk maintains the corner practicality of the last desk in our list, but offers a bit of variety depending on your needs. It doesn’t include a drawer of any kind but makes up for it with much larger storage shelves underneath the desktop, allowing you to store a computer and work supplies.

Shop Now at Wayfair - $116.99

5. Bamboo Frame Folding Desk

Bamboo Frame Folding Desk

This cute bamboo desk is super lightweight due to its material, and also folds up very easily for quick storage. It comes in three different finishes, but we prefer the white tabletop with the naturally finished wood. Bamboo is also an eco-friendly material, having a quick growth cycle which makes it a great alternative to other kinds of wood.

Shop Now at Overstock - $80.62

6. Elephance Foldable Wood and Metal Computer Desk

Elephance Foldable Wood and Metal Computer Desk Folding Writing Table Home Office

Some may find that the bamboo is a little too bright or that the look simply doesn’t fit their tastes, so we brought you another folding table that has a more industrial feel with its mostly metal construction. It’s steel frame makes it very sturdy compared to other folding desks, being able to hold up to 150lbs while only weighing 26lbs.

Shop Now at Overstock - $59.98

7. LUFEIYA Small Computer Desk

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This small computer desk is the perfect option for students with its storage pouches that hang off the side, making it suitable for papers and notebooks. It also includes a headphone hanger so you can keep them out of the way when not in use.

Shop Now at Amazon - $56.88

8. Mid-Century Fold Out Desk

UO fold out desk
Urban Outfitters

Clean up your workspace with this fold out desk that can stow pencils and other stationery items in its secret compartment. The design features a beautiful and durable mango wood construction, the natural finish highlighting the wood’s fantastic grain. The design is both modern and rustic, making it suitable for any apartment setting.

Shop Now at Urban Outfitters - $399

9. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

home office lap desk

Go ahead and work from bed, we won’t judge. This convenient lap desk features padding beneath a wood surface to elevate your laptop to create a comfortable work surface from any sitting position. It also features a phone stand and mousepad to streamline any workflow.

Shop Now at Amazon - $34.99

10. Tatkraft Joy Portable Laptop Desk with Mouse Pad

tatkraft desk

Work from the comfort of your couch (or any seat for that matter) with this portable laptop desk on wheels. The laptop stand features 360 degree rotation and can angle itself for maximum ergonomics. It also includes an additional mouse pad stand so that you can optimize your workflow.

Shop Now at Amazon - $173.90

11. FURINNO Efficient Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk

Furinno Table

This compact desk features an attached shelving unit, making room for both a computer on the bottom shelf and a small printer or other stationery on the top. It features a lightweight particle board construction and PVC piping for the shelves, making it both sturdy and lightweight. This option is perfect for those looking to build out a practical space on a budget.

Shop Now at Amazon - $66.93

12. Ladder Shelf Wall Desk

Ladder Shelf Table
West Elm

This desk manages to maintain a very small footprint while adding a large statement to any office space. Its sleek design features a solid wood frame which wraps around two shelves and an open desk, providing you with a clean workspace and plenty of storage above. Choose from a variety of finishes to find the one that suits your taste, as the design can match nearly any combination of home decor. The only downside of the table is that it needs to be fixed to a wall.

Shop Now at West Elm - $284.05

13. Wall Mounted Table Folding Desk


Create a large stowable work space with this sleek and contemporary design. The table folds down from the wall and has a hinged leg assembly that is held in place with pins to provide stability. It also features adjustable shelves within the main cavity to suit your storage needs. It is made mostly of MDF with a small amount of solid wood in key areas so it stays lightweight but still durable.

Shop Now at Wayfair - $125.99

14. Wall Mounted Folding Desk w/ File & Pen Storage, Cork Backer

D2G folding desk
Displays 2 Go

This wall mounted desk is similar to the previous one, but is even more slimmed down for those who might not have space for a larger design. This desk folds down to reveal just enough space for a laptop and includes a cork backing to pin daily tasks and anything else you might need to remember. It also includes some vertical cubbies to store pens and similar items. The construction is laminated plywood making it very strong and features gas spring supports, ensuring that the open surface can hold the weight of your computer or books.

Buy Now at Displays 2 Go - $144.09

15. Tilden Small Space Desk

tilden small space desk 1 o

This desk features a classic design with a few contemporary twists such as the wide handle on the full size drawer, making it fit seamlessly into your home regardless of the other decor. The desk comes in two different finishes, a raw dark walnut or simple white.

Shop Now at PBTeen - $499

16. Cvyatko Desk


Maximize your space with this portable desk that can easily be folded to stow away under a couch or bed. Additionally, it includes adjustable feet to accommodate for any surface, making it extremely stable despite its moving parts. It also requires no assembly and is ready to use right out of the box.

Shop Now at Wayfair - $104.99

17. WFH Desk

WFH Desk Blonde x777@2x
Work From Home Desks

The WFH desk is a really cool desk option that is fully modular and can be assembled without tools due to its plywood slat construction. Raise the tabletop to create a standing desk, or keep it in a lowered position if you like to work while sitting. The desk can also live with its user for a long time, since you can always integrate new modules as your apartment size increases. If need be, the desk can be easily disassembled and stored flat.

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18. Industrial Storage Mini Desk

industrial storage mini desk
West Elm

Combine luxury and simplicity with this desk constructed from solid wood and bronze finished metal. The thin legs contrast well with the natural look of the wood, adding an industrial feel to any small office space while providing utility with its large drawer space.

Shop Now at West Elm - $299

19. USB Wall Floating Desk

usb folding wall desk o

A stylistic departure from the other wall desks in this list, this item allows you to have permanently exposed storage space when not in use, making it perfect for small plants or other items you’d like to keep in sight. However, some may find it provides an overall more cluttered look as the inner workings of the table are always exposed. This table is also FSC certified, meaning that your purchase will help support the global conservation of forests, which we can universally agree is a good thing.

Shop Now at PBTeen - $299

20. Hampton Small Space Desk

hampton small space desk o

The Hampton desk may be a welcome change for some from the mostly modern styled desks featured in this list. It has a much more ornate design which pairs well with a more traditional home setting, especially when combined with other items from Pottery Barn’s Hampton collection.

Shop Now at PBTeen - $399

21. Cayden Writing Desk

cayden 30 writing desk z
Pottery Barn

Those looking for absolute simplicity will love this desk with its open drawer design and sleek metal legs. The natural wood finish pairs nicely with the plated bronze finish of the legs, making it an easy addition to any space that you want to make an office.

Shop Now at Pottery Barn - $399

22. Haven Writing Desk with USB

haven 36 writing desk with drawer 1 o
Pottery Barn

Perfect for bachelors, this table comes in a stark black colorway with a nicely textured finish that shows the imperfections in the wood grain. Conveniently it also features a hidden compartment that houses an outlet and two USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices right out of the desk.

Shop Now at Pottery Barn - $499

23. Renew Sit-to-Stand Desk

sit stand desk
Design Within Reach

Yes, it’s expensive. However it is probably the most useful desk in this list due to a host of highly considered design choices. The easily accessible paddle activates a motorized system which raises and lowers the desktop with minimal effort, allowing you to transition seamlessly from sitting to standing and back again. This maintains your energy levels and improves posture throughout the day, keeping active and productive. Options include advanced cable management, allowing you to plug your devices directly into the desk underneath a panel near the back of the desk.

Shop Now at Design Within Reach - $1,595

24. NUBO

Ligne Roset

Nubo is a beautiful rendition of a wall mounted desk with a hefty price tag. You pay for the elegance of the design with its soft, rounded curves and soft wool outer surface, making it easily the most attractive wall mounted table on this list. When not in use, it almost looks like a decorative wall piece of some sort. It features an interior bracket for small books and documents as well as a cable pass through to keep those pesky cords out of the way while you work.

Shop Now at Ligne Roset - $2,325


ursaline desk
Ligne Roset

Created by famed french furniture designer Pierre Paulin, this profile of this desk recalls imagery of a small upright piano with its softly curved desktop. Underneath a small shelf, Ursuline offers small niches of many sizes to store useful items and anything you might need close by while you work. It comes in a shiny white lacquered finish or a dark walnut veneer paired with a dark steel base.

Shop Now at Ligne Roset - $2,560
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