The 14 Best Hat Brands to Shop Right Now

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Sometimes we underestimate the importance of having a good hat. Hats can be used as an accessory to take your outfit to the next level. Hats can be an essential part of being prepared for the different seasons (I.E. beanies for fall and winter). It can be a collectors item, something used to represent your favorite teams, or even a souvenir that you pick up when you visit a certain place. By now it should be pretty clear that what we’re really trying to say is…hats are a pretty dope thing to have. And with us turning the corner into summer, we thought we would put together a list of the best hat brands to add to your rotation. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

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1. New Era

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New Era

Best Universal Option

New Era is an obvious choice for many reasons. For starters, they’ve been around for over a hundred years which makes them tried and true, and they have been consistent in terms of their variety and quality. The brand regularly has new collections and collaborations, so it's certainly worth checking out their website from time to time to see what's new.


2. Manresa

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Editor’s Favorite

A “one-man-brand” that’s twenty years in the making, Manresa offers a wide variety of hats in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of their most popular hats include: The Thistle Cap in the colors Forest and Wheat, both of which are currently sold out, The Interlock Cap in Olive Drab, and The MMX Beanies which you can buy in both black and teal. 


3. Lock and Co. Hatters

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Lock & Co

Best Tried and True Option

There is only one brand who can say that their success dates back to the 1600s, and that’s Lock & Co. Based in London, the brand is the world’s oldest hat shop, offering both modern and classic looks that have withstood the test of time. One of the most popular hats in the U.K. has always been the flat cap, which Lock & Co. offers plenty of.

They also have other standouts such as the straw hat, another fan favorite of the brand over the centuries. You really can’t go wrong with a purchase from Lock & Co., and the durability of the hats are amazing.


4. '47

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47 Hats

Best Sports Hat

Based out of Boston, '47 is another place you can go to for classic style hats representing your favorite teams. '47 has merchandise from the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA, and regularly does collaborations which offer different takes then the traditional styles and designs that we are used to seeing, which always cool.


5. Siegelman Stable

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Siegelman Stable

A New Brand to Watch

Siegelman Stable has long been a friend of ONE37pm, as they are a family-owned brand that truly encompasses what it means to fuse together harness racing and luxury sports fashion. What’s more, a portion of the proceeds goes to equine therapy programs for veterans, nurses, doctors, and inner-city youth programs, making your fashionable purchase one that is also charitable.

Siegelman Stable releases pretty limited quantities of hats, so you have to keep your eyes on their IG to know when the next drop is happening. Additionally, our ONE37pm branded Siegelman Stable hat last year was a sellout as well, which was pretty neat.


6. Melin

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Best Fit

Melin is the place to experience new headwear while still remaining true to yourself. Melin considers hats to be the most critical accessory in terms of our daily wardrobe, as the first thing somebody sees is your face. Hats are a representation of our individual personal styles, and Melin consistently seeks to expand upon that notion with their various hat collections.

There’s so many cool different hat styles offered by Melin, such as the Hydro Hats (hats that are built specifically for the water), the Odyssey Stacked Hydros which are performance Snapbacks, and their signature beanies which are just in time for the upcoming winter season.


7. Story mfg

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Story mfg

Best Sustainable Brand

Born from a desire for a more authentic, fulfilling and kind approach to fashion, one that seemingly doesn't involve a trade-off between aesthetics and consciousness. A husband and wife duo, Story mfg emphasizes the importance of something that this world could always use a bit more of, and that’s kindness. Story wants to make things and choices that help change the fashion industry for the better and show that being considerate and kind to both people and the planet is not only important, but an enormous strength. So what exactly does that look like?

For Story mfg, that is bridging the gap between the worlds of luxury and environmentalism, while both promoting artistic practices and fostering new ones in places where people have been marginalized. It also means no longer using a lot of synthetic materials (and absolutely single-use plastics), instead opting for recycled or easily remove-able and widely recycle-able materials. It also means no animal products. You have to love and appreciate a brand whose ultimate goal is protective fashion.


8. Brixton

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Best Unisex Option

Brixton has a great story that dates all the way back to a garage in Oceanside, California. Founded by a group of friends that were heavily influenced by the diversity surrounding them, the core of Brixton has been built on art, music, exploration, and adventure in the forms of people who live different lifestyles such as musicians, artists, craftspeople, and travelers. The artsy nature vibe is something that is heavily reflected in the overall design and theme amongst their products, with multiple choices for both men and women.


9. Stetson

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Stetson Hats

Best Western Style

We’ve mentioned before that western style is making a comeback due to the rise of 60s and 70s trends coming back, so this is the perfect time to pick up a Stetson hat. Stetson’s roots go all the way back to 1865, and the brand continues its rich history through creating timeless pieces. Quality is and has always been the main focus of Stetson, with an emphasis on using products that are not only made well, but improve over the course of time.

There’s quite a few hat styles available on their website including western hats, hats meant for the outdoors, fedoras, and caps. They also have a few neat collections such as the Open Road and Stetson Straw collections. Definitely worth checking out if country western fashion is your thing. 


10. Columbia

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Best Deal

A quick look at the hats section of the Columbia website shows you just how much they have product wise in terms of hats. There’s regular mesh ball caps like the PHG Game Flag Mesh Ball Cap, which is available in five different colors. Then you have the Women’s Snow Diva Beanie which is reasonably priced and also has five different colors to select from.

Of course there’s also the standard PFG Beanie, which is currently on an early Black Friday sale (it would be insane to say no to a $14 beanie), and even summer/outdoor hats like Bora Bora II Boonie, which is a fresh way to protect you from those UV Rays. 


11. Tommy Hilfiger

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Tommy Hilfiger

Best Classic Selection

You can always count on Tommy Hilfiger to have you covered in the hat department, and they have several brand new options just in time for this holiday season. There’s of course the legendary Tommy beanies which have colorways in black, gray, dark gray, and even red if you want a bold color for the winter. There’s even fuchsia and bright yellow!

Knit hats are also on the Tommy Hilfiger deck, along with cute fur pom beanies in green and the traditional red and blue Tommy colors. There’s lots to check out this winter season, so make sure to keep regularly checking their official website for more updates and releases.


12. Patagonia

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Best Outdoorsy Option

Are you truly a lover of the outdoors if you don’t own something Patagonia related? It’s the automatic go-to for nature lovers. Whether you're camping, surfing, fishing, exploring the trails, or just simply going for a walk, Patagonia has a hat suitable for any and all of your needs from ball caps to trucker hats. There’s even beanies if your outdoor adventures happen to extend into the wintertime.

Patagonia can be found at a number of places including their official website, and stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods where you could possibly get your hat faster if you have a location near you.


13. Goorin Bros.

Screen Shot 2023 07 04 at 2.31.02 PM
Goorin Bros.

Largest Selection

Last but not least, check out Goorin Bros. Hats for loads of different hats to copy for the winter season. A family brand full of talented hat makers, Goorin is all about the unconventional and “foolish” (their words not ours), meaning that you can very much expect to sometimes see the unexpected when it comes to their products. In addition to their online website, you can find retail locations in Atlanta, Austin, Charleston, Dallas, Las Vegas, and New Orleans.


14. American Hat Makers

Screen Shot 2023 07 04 at 2.29.04 PM
American Hat Makers

Best American Brand

American Hat Makers is a family-owned hat brand ran by Garth Watrous, who grew up learning the art of hat making from his father, Gary Watrous, the founder of the company. The company offers a range of hats which includes fedoras, cowboy hats, boater hats, caps, and plenty more, as they remain committed to reaching their goal of being the No. 1. hat company.


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So you’re leaving this article with a new hat selection right? If so, that means we did our jobs. Make sure you keep up with us for my style news and updates.

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