Netflix's 'From Scratch" Captures the Essence of Italian Style and Culture

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From Scratch is an Italian love story centered around an American art student studying in Florence by the name of Amy (Zoe Saldana) who falls in love with a chef named Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea). A tale of international romance, unexpected challenges, and triumph that proves love conquers all, the mini-series spans eight episodes, alternating between Florence and Los Angeles. Visually speaking, the show is gorgeous for many reasons, starting with the beauty of Florence and its respective opulence, the food (which looks absolutely delicious), and of course, the reason why we’re here, the fashion

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The first episode shows Amy adopting the feminine yet comfortable style that many Florence women wear on a day-to-day basis. We see Amy wearing lots of vibrant colors and patterns, mini-dresses, and skirts. She starts off briefly dating a wealthy Florence man named Jean-Carlo, who pretty much only wore the finest custom-made Italian suits one could find.

Obviously the style in Los Angeles is much different as L.A. is a place that’s more-so known for its hip street culture and trendy fashion. That said, there is very much an element of glamor within L.A. style, and even outside of it if we’re talking about Californian style in general. For example, a trip to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills will quickly show you some of the best dressed in Cali, but that isn’t something that’s reflected too much in the series.

Florence is where the Renaissance was born, so the city is full of sculptures, galleries, architectures, statues, and Renaissance-period pieces. There are dozens of shots in the show focused just solely on city Florence, which allows you feel as though you are actually there.

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All-in-all, From Scratch is a nice fall rom-com weekend show that you can spend the day watching. You’ll also be tempted to grab a glass of wine and order from your local Italian restaurant because the food shots are stunning.

You can watch the series on Netflix, and make sure you keep up with us for more style articles and content.

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