The 27 Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

Treat Your Friend for Their Next Move

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Moving is a daunting task that nobody really likes, and with good reason. If you have friends or family who are moving, the least you can do for them is a small gift to make their new home a bit more comfortable and welcoming. With that in mind, here are 27 great housewarming gifts for men—or anyone—that are sure to please.

1. Shot Glasses

bodum pavina glass

You’re going to need something to celebrate the move in, so why not grab these shot glasses from Bodum and start the party. They’re constructed of double-walled insulated glass, so they make a perfect option for espresso and other small drinks too.

shop now at amazon - $16.94

2. Sweatpants

stussy sweats

Move-ins are hard, so why not reward your friend for a job well done and keep them comfortable in their new place with these luxurious sweatpants from Stüssy.

shop now at stussy - $95

3. Slippers

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The North Face

Someone already got them sweatpants? That’s fine, keep up the cozy vibes and get a pair of these slippers instead.

Shop now at the north face - $55

4. Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Clip3 Hero Ocean Blue 1605x1605px

Imagine this worst case scenario: You’ve just shown up for the housewarming party and there is no music. It’s unlikely, but it’s happened and nobody deserves that. If you know a friend without a good speaker, save the day and splash on them with a new bluetooth speaker.

Shop Now at JBL - $49.95

5. Felt Hangers

felt hangers

Everyone needs some nice hangers. I switched to felt hangers, and the non-slip nature of these is so convenient I would even wish it upon my worst enemy. Screw enemies though, get these for your friends!

Shop Now at Amazon - $26.99

6. Sheets

classic solid white fitted sheet silo

Let me set the scene, your friend just moved into their new apartment, but it’s a studio. Worse yet, they still have their ratty, yellowed dorm sheets and now you have to look at them every time you’re over. They won’t fix it, so you have to. Buy them these sheets and do everyone a favor.

Shop Now at Brooklinen - $54.40

7. Coasters


Your friend’s last coffee table literally didn’t exist, so now that they have one, do them a solid and get some quality coasters to protect it. These felt ones by Knoll come in great colors.

Shop Now at Knoll - $14

8. Bartending Kit

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This is the sort of thing that everyone wishes they had, but would never spend the money on themselves. That’s where you come in with the bartending kit. Six months later, your friend is cheffing up cocktails like a scientist, and you get to reap the rewards without any of the effort. 

Shop Now at Amazon - $27.99

9. Coffee Table Book


You simply can’t go wrong with a good coffee table book. They’re chic, sophisticated, and debonair. Your friend is also in desperate need of some decoration and you remembered that they mentioned Richard Serra once, so here we are.

Shop Now at Amazon - $65

10. Tumbler

tsl stone
Hydro Flask

Everyone needs at least one quality insulated tumbler, so if your friend doesn’t have one or it got lost in the move, please be a kind person and get one for them. They’ll thank you later when they’ve saved a hundred grand on coffee in the next year.

Shop Now at Hydro Flask - $22.46

11. Cleaning Kit

Aesop Kits Gift Kits 2021 22 The Forager Web Large 1584x962px

I mean, they don’t smell bad, but they don’t smell great either. Luckily, Aesop is fancy enough that it can come across as a luxurious nicety instead of a subtle hint to freshen up. Chalk it up to the move, it’s a sweaty ordeal.

Shop Now at Aesop - $45

12. Candle

Eden Power Corp

This beautiful candle from Eden Power Corp not only looks amazing, but is made sustainably with recycled wax. The natural looking checkered pattern will bring a nice organic feel to any living room. 

Shop Now at Eden Power Corp - $62.52

13. Room Spray

baies berries room spray vbv1.jpg

Weird new apartment smell? No problem. Right next to the refuse room? No problem. Neighbors cooking something questionably rancid? No problem. Grab some of the amazing Diptyque room spray and set that home right. 

Shop Now at Diptyque - $68

14. Bedside Carafe

West Elm

A bedside carafe is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you actually have one. Take it from me, your friend will love you for getting them one of these.

Shop Now at West Elm - $24.50

15. French Press

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For the coffee lovers. Personally, I love the ritual of slowly making coffee with my french press on a weekend, so if you have a friend like me maybe grab them one. Maybe they love coffee but don’t know that they’ll love the ritual, so it’s worth a shot regardless.

Shop Now at Target - $24.99

16. Lamp

john table lamp

Maybe it’s just a city thing, but apartment lighting sucks. It’s either so yellow that you feel like you’re in a sepia tone photograph from the last century, or so white and sterile you start getting flashbacks to that miserable emergency room trip. Either way, your friend moved and it’s one of those two options. It’s up to you, the good samaritan, to buy them a lamp with normal lighting and liven up their space.

Shop Now at CB2 - $54.39

17. Vase

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Design Within Reach

A little extra greenery never hurt anybody, and what better way to pressure your friend into getting some plants by buying them the vase first? Maybe you can team up with someone else too, and they grab the flowers. 

Shop Now at Design Within Reach - $45

18. Catchall Tray

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Maybe you have a super messy friend, who never seems to be ready fast enough when you’re trying to go out. They’re looking for their keys, then their vax card, then the phone. Just buy them a catchall tray already.

Shop Now at Puebco -$48

19. Throw Pillow

West Elm

Yeah your friend’s new couch is nice. But it’s too deep. Maybe a little cushioning would help. Or you foresee yourself spending nights here after drinks, you never know. Regardless, do yourself and your friend a favor by buying these throw pillows.

Shop Now at West Elm - $16.25

20. Plants

Screen Shot 2021 12 26 at 4.19.55 PM
The Sill

Okay so your other friend let you down. You got the vase but they didn’t get anything to put in them. It’s fine. They’ll definitely bring them next time. Instead, grab a cute little succulent to make up for the lack of greenery.

Shop Now at The Sill - $16

21. Throw Blanket

Pottery Barn

Oh, your friend just moved into an apartment without central heating? What’s new. Get them a cozy blanket to cope with the reality of living in a city in the 21st century on a working class salary.

Shop Now at Pottery Barn - $23.99

22. Wine Rack

11 bottle wine rack silver
Crate and Barrel

Every good home has a wine rack, it’s just a fact. A new move likely means a surplus of gifted bottles anyway, so be the smart friend and buy something to put them all in.

Shop Now at Crate and Barrel - $49.95

23. Carbon Steel Pan


The ultimate house essential. Carbon steel is the perfect choice as a one-size-fits-most pan, and you can finally get your friend to throw out all those scratched up teflon pans. Now your friend can cook with metal tools, cancer free.

Shop Now at Wayfair - $44.19

24. Incense

200805 INCENSE 04
Curves by Sean Brown

This one really depends on the person, so I suggest you know your friend’s opinions on incense before you go all in on some scents. These ones from Sean Brown are personal favorites, and better yet, it’s a variety pack.

Shop Now at Curves by Sean Brown - $30

25. Kitchen Towels

All CladDualWovenStripeTeaTowel

You can never have enough kitchen towels. That’s it. They have an infinite number of uses, and can drastically cut down on your waste when you use them over paper towels. These ones from Perigold come in a wide variety of colors to match any home.

Shop Now at Perigold - $26.82

26. Mug

W HAY 2514914 100158432 amber f
Design Within Reach

Mugs have been cast away as a cheap and tacky gift option, typically with some stupid quip about your relationship with the gift receiver. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Mugs can be cheap and cool if you want them to be, and a good mug is honestly something that never leaves a person’s possession once they’re attached.

Shop Now at Design Within Reach - $55

27. Apron

ryori japanese blue apron
Crate and Barrel

It’s about to be 2022, and I cannot believe how many people still cook without an apron. What are you, some kind of caveman? Do you know how expensive this sweater is? Anyway, if you have a friend committing a sin like this please, for the love of god, get them an apron. There are plenty of styles, but we like this Japanese-style one from Crate and Barrel.

Shop Now at Crate and Barrel - $29.95
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