The Best iPhone Charging Cables on Amazon

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Last year with the 2020 release of the iPhone 12 line up, Apple stopped including headphones and chargers in the boxes. This is a choice that’s considerably better for the environment, but also means that many people will be forced to buy their own iPhone charging cable and/or adaptor moving forward. If you need to do so, below are what we believe to be the best options on the market.

1. Top Pick: Anker Charging Cable

2. Extra Long: Lisen Charging Cable

3. Most Colorful: Aioneus Charging Cable

4. Honorable Mention: Apple Charging Cable

5. Most Durable: AmazonBasics Charger Cable

How to find the best iPhone charging cable for you

  • Consider length – Depending on where you’re planning to keep your cable, or how many places you’re planning to use it, you might need a larger cable than anticipated. Perhaps the plug socket in your living room is far away from your usual seat or you want enough length that you won’t be stretching it.
  • Consider durability – iPhone cables can be notorious for breaking easily, which is arguably an intentional feature of some of them, so that people like you and I have to shell out money for them frequently. For that reason, the cable you choose should be durable enough that it can last being taken from the living room to the car, back to the living room over and over again.
  • Consider design – The standard iPhone cable is white, but perhaps you want one that matches a colorful iPhone case or the décor in your house. This will also help it stand out if you have a bunch of wires in one area of your home and need to grab it quickly.

1. Anker PowerLine II

1 4

Top Pick

Compatible with all iOS devices, this cable is 6ft long, which is about as long as you could possibly need it to be. It also supports power delivery, which basically means it can receive and handle higher power to charge your devices faster. If the standard white color is a little too boring for you, it also comes in black and green. Manufacturers also claim that this specific cable has undergone testing in labs which proved that it can withstand over 12,000 bends.


  • Excellent cord length
  • The power delivery feature reduces charging time
  • Comes in three colors


  • Might become slow after a few months
Buy now, $14.99

2. MFi Certified iPhone Charger Cable

2 4

Most Durable

If what you need from your iPhone charging cable is practicality in durability and length, this might be the best option for you. It has been tested in a laboratory and lasted 40,000 bends and it can also withstand 175lbs of weight, which means that the average person can accidentally step on it without it the risk of it breaking. It’s covered with nylon which gives it a tough, premium feel. It’s also 6.6 feet long, making it not only one of the strongest around, but one of the longest.


  • Sturdy construction ensures durability
  • Has a special SR joint to prevent breaking


  • Might get loose and disconnect easily after some time
Buy now, $14.58

3. iPhone Charger Cord 4Pack

3 4

Most Colorful

This will be the choice for many because of the variety that’s offered. This is a 4-pack of iPhone charging cables with all of them coming in different colors and different lengths, which means you could have one for every room in the home. Due to how thick the nylon cable is, these are also tangle free, which can be a problem, especially when the cables are on the longer side of things. The heat-resistant aluminum alloy terminal also means that data loss is minimal.


  • Offers great conductivity with minimum data loss
  • Is available in 4 different colors and lengths


  • Not suitable for long-term use
Buy now

4. Apple Lightning to USB Cable

4 4

Original Option

Of course, perhaps despite the numerous options on the market, there’s a good chance that you might want the official, original Apple USB 2.0 cable. It has its own benefits, like the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll never be in doubt of it connecting to a particular device, which can happen with other brands’ products. However, the official cable is only 1 meter long, which is just under 3.3 feet, meaning that many options on this list are almost double it in length and do make a point of being more durable.


  • Crisp and clean cable
  • Can be used with both computer USB port and wall adapter


  • Very delicate, may break or stop working after a while
  • Only 1m (3.28ft)
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5. Amazon Basics Lightning to USB A Cable

5 3

Honorable Mention

This cable has been tested to bend 95 degrees 10,000 times, so it’ll be sturdy enough to handle your average use. It’s also black and—unlike many other options on this list—isn’t nylon, which means the wire has a little more flexibility to it and is the slickest looking here. It’s worth noting that this is the shortest option on the list, even more so than the aforementioned official Apple cable. It’s just 3 feet long, which might be fine for most people to use, but doesn’t offer the added level of security that a 6ft cable does.


  • The added layer of protection ensures durability
  • The covering doesn’t break upon bending


  • Only 3 feet
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