The 25 Best Lunar New Year Gifts to Shop Now

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Sweet July Skin, Nightcap

Welcome to the year of the Dragon—a year that is going to represent a symbol of great significance in Chinese cosmology. Commemorating on February 10, 2024, a new lunar cycle symbolizing rebirth will begin, and if there's somebody in your life that is going to be celebrating the occasion, they'll certainly appreciate the thoughtful act of you getting them a gift. Understandably with the crazy holiday season having just passed, you may be getting a little stumped with trying to come up with you could possibly purchase as a gift since you just splurged on your respective boyfriends, girlfriends, teenagers, and best friends. No need to fret and sweat, we've put together a guide to the best Lunar New Year Gifts that you can shop right now ranging from clothing to home goods.

Getting the perfect Lunar New Year gift also means understanding more about the holiday and what it represents. According to Marca: the Chinese New Year is "an ancient celebration that marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and culturally represents a rebirth, full of deep-rooted traditions and ancestral symbolism," and as we mentioned earlier, 2024 is the year of the Dragon. That said, thinking along the lines of things that represent the element of "new" or "rebirth" (a Dyson V15 for example), could be a great gift to give to somebody who closed out 2023 with a move, or plans on moving in the year 2024.

Other suggestions like the Bevel Shave Kit ($89.95), or a Maxi Dress from Saaksha & Kinni ($319) are also fun options to consider for starting a new year groomed and in style. Scroll down to check out some more suggestions.

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When is Lunar New Year 2024?

Lunar New Starts on February 10, 2024, and will culminate on February 24, 2024 with the Lantern Festival.

1. Sweet July Skin Good Youth Retinol Sleep Serum

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 5.38.57 PM
Sweet July Skin
  • Genre: Beauty/grooming

Getting a new skincare routine together is an excellent way to begin the Lunar New Year, and you can start with the recently-released Good Youth Retinol Sleep Serum from Ayesha Curry's Sweet July Skin. The Good Youth Retinol Sleep Serum brings forth a unique and dreamy formula of lavender, papaya and turmeric, paired with the firming power of retinol along with soothing qualities of lavender water and turmeric root oil to provide comfort to the skin and reduce redness and inflammation.

Consumer testing results have shown that after four weeks of use, 97% agreed skin feels hydrated and 92% agreed the look of rough skin texture was reduced, so the Good Youth Retinol Sleep Serum is a product that gets you results.


2. Bevel Shave Kit

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 5.48.52 PM
  • Genre: Beauty/grooming

For the guys, you can give the gift of radiant and healthy skin with the Bevel Skin Care Set, which includes a range of carefully curated products to help you achieve a flawless complexion. Face Wash with Aloe Vera, Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Pads, and the Lightweight Face Moisturizer are among some of the products included in the set along with the Pre-Shave Oil, a balm cream, a shaving cream, and razor blades. "I had not used for a while; but noticed the difference right away with the first shave. Happy I returned to the products. Many thanks for making a good product," says a happy reviewer, which confirms that this set is indeed the real deal.


3. Saaksha & Kinni Maxi Dress

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 5.55.52 PM
Saaksha & Kinni
  • Genre: Style

Colorful themes and patterns are frequently associated with the Lunar New Year, and this Maxi Dress from Saaksha & Kinni fit the bill. I was able to test this dress recently and found it to be perfect fit that is sleek, fun, and will definitely look great for the summer season when everybody is outside (and the weather isn't freezing). If you are looking for a festive vibe for your wardrobe, this dress is a great recommendation on our end.


4. Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 6.01.58 PM
  • Genre: Home goods

Cleaning is a big part of resetting when it comes to the Lunar New Year, and what better to clean with than a Dyson? With helpful features like an Anti-tangle hair screw tool, a De-tangling digital Motorbar, the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head, and the docking station, the Dyson V15 has proven to be amongst the most powerful cleaning tools on the market. "This Dyson V15 works great on both carpet and hardwood floors and I find it super easy to grab and use daily in areas that need it. I have not had to clean the filter but it looks pretty easy."

"The digital display is nice and very easy to use. Oh and the sound of the Dyson is not bad! It's not as loud as the Shark," says one satisfied customer, with another adding: "Just a week into use, but this vacuum is awesome. Powerful cleaning. Attachments do their job. Battery lasts very well in general. If you have a large area, or want to clean the whole house (or apartment) a second battery would be helpful. If this equipment lasts then it's fantastic. Love this V15 detect." Needless to say the Dyson V15 is a major hit.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $749.99, Now $635)

5. CHARLES & KEITH Beige Paffuto Chain Bag

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 6.11.42 PM
  • Genre: Accessories

CHARLES & KEITH have launched a new limited-edition capsule collection to celebrate the Lunar New Year, crafted from recycled jacquard satin, highlighting the brand’s commitment to environmental consciousness, while radiating an aura of refined elegance. This Paffuto Bag oozes sleek sophistication whether worn as a clutch or with its dainty chain strap, while other styles like the Ally Ruched Slouchy Chain-Handle Bag ($66) are worth checking out as well. This collection is one that invites fashion enthusiasts to indulge in a celebration that goes beyond the ordinary.


6. Arden Cove Carmel Convertible Backpack and Crossbody

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 6.21.11 PM
Arden Cove
  • Genre: Accessories

The perfect combination of versatility and practicality, you can opt to wear the Carmel as a backpack, handbag, shoulder bag, or crossbody. Its anti-theft features, waterproof materials, and versatility make it the perfect bag for your travels or every day. "I am so happy I found Arden Cove! I was searching for a cute new bag, especially for travel. This bag hit all the important details of style and functionality," says a happy buyer of the Carmel, which is available to purchase for between $179 - $189.

SHOP NOW AT ARDEN COVE, (Was $210, Now $189)

7. Nike Jordan 1 Low OG 'Chinese New Year'

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 6.27.48 PM
  • Genre: Sneakers

We'd be remiss not to include a pair of Lunar New Year-themed sneakers, and the Jordan 1 Low OG 'Chinese New Year' is by far one of the most popular and in-line with the colors and themes of the Lunar New Year holiday. Featuring black and red color schemes with dragon prints and gold tassels, these sneakers would totally make for a cool gift that will work for all seasons don't you think?


8. Cozy Earth Bamboo Duvet Cover

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 6.34.45 PM
Cozy Earth
  • Genre: Bedding

Making an upgrade to home and bedding decor is on the list of many in the year 2024, so if this fits the person you are shopping for, then you may want to consider a gift from Cozy Earth. The Bamboo Duvet Cover has been a beloved product amongst Cozy Earth lovers with one reviewer noting: The duvet cover is as dreamy and luxurious as can be imagined. I love Cozy Earth's products," and another adding: "Nice, comfy, soft material. I've slept incredibly well since using this with my comforter from Cozy Earth!"

Made with 100% premium viscose from bamboo fabric, you get multiple colors choices to choose from.

SHOP NOW AT COZY EARTH, (Was $379, Now $303.20)

9. Malkia Vegan Hair Moisturizer

  • Genre: Beauty/grooming

This Vegan Hair Moisturizer from Malkia is a game-changer for all hair types, from natural curls to luscious dreadlocks, a formula that's not only good for your hair but also kind to the planet. Boasting a rich blend of plant-based oils and shea butter that deeply hydrates and replenish even the thirstiest locks, you can grab this amazing product for just $24.99.


10. Southern Scholar Socks

Untitled 3
Southern Scholar
  • Genre: Style

It was way too hard for us to just pick one select sock from Southern Scholar (because they're all awesome of course), so instead we're just recommending the brand as a whole. Southern Scholar works exclusively with expertly skilled manufacturing partners, source only the best materials, and meticulously design each and every pair of socks in-house at Dallas, TX. . Utilizing the 200 Needle Count Knitting process, paired with their Signature Material Blend, they’re  able to present a one-of-a-kind sock built specifically to stay in place throughout your workday, while adding a subtle touch of sophistication to your look.

New year, new socks.


11. Nano-Ojas Skin Spray

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 6.54.21 PM
  • Genre: Beauty/grooming

2024 is the year where we're getting everything under control, and that includes any pestering skin issues we might be having. The Nano-Ojas Multifunctional Repair Spray features a patented formula created to  provide advanced immune support, using nano policosanol (patent name: Metadichol), a molecule that is processed out of our daily foods. Nano-Ojas brought it back in an absorbable format that the body can actually use and will thank you for later. Use this to detox, reset, and rebalance your immune system.

You can purchase for $64.99.


12. Twilla Adjustable Pillow

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 7.01.57 PM
  • Genre: Bedding

How about a pillow to go along with those nice new sheets you're purchasing for your bed? Twilla's adjustable pillow is the perfect pillow that can be adjusted to your liking. You can customize your pillow for different sleeping positions with extra pods (Twilla's mini-pillows) included as a part of the set. Comfortable and cozy, this is another game-changer for your sleep quality.


13. Watex Mobile Green Wall

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 7.08.48 PM
  • Genre: Home goods

Starting getting ready for spring with this Watex Mobile Green Wall, which allows you to grow five different herbs, vegetables, or flowers, and is crafted rom high-quality, eco-friendly wheat straw plastic. Stylish enough for dining tables, coffee tables, kitchen countertops, and more, the Mobile Green Wall also comes with a self-watering system, meaning that you don't have to water your plants as frequently. Oh, and it's BPA Free too!


14. Best Dang Products

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 7.13.38 PM
  • Genre: Home/cleaning

Prepare your space for the new year with the Best Dang cleaner, which is a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner that is environmentally friendly and works on any surface. Safe to use on walls, the formula features a light citrus scent and two different dilution recipes to replace dozens of household cleaners. All of this for $29.99 isn't a bad deal at all! Make sure to take advantage.


15. David Beckham The Collection

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 7.24.36 PM
  • Genre: Beauty/grooming

The Collection, by David Beckham Fragrances is he perfect lux gift at an affordable price. Curated from DB’s experiences of travel, living abroad, and more, this lineup of 3 Eau De Parfum’s contains a careful selection of notes and ingredients designed to embrace every new and tantalizing experience along life’s journey. It’s chic, it’s lux, and it’s affordable. The perfect combination with it comes to scents.


16. Nautica Grooming Men's 3-PC Gift Set

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 7.28.24 PM
  • Genre: Beauty/grooming

Let's keep it going with looking and smelling good for the new year shall we? This 3-Pc set from Nautica is a brand new collection that bridges uxury scent and grooming with three clean products to take you through your whole grooming routine. Including a cleanser, shave gel, and post shave balm, these products are dermatologically tested with Nautica taking a leap into vegan derma-care to complement its iconic fragrances. You can purchase the set for just a little over $20.


17. Harlow Linear Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 7.34.40 PM
  • Genre: Jewelry

A part of Fossil's new Harlow Hearts collection, this Harlow Linear Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace is made with a gold tone, features bold silhouettes and iconic pendants reminiscent of the locks left on European bridges, and is finely etched for subtle shine. Made to stack and layer to your heart’s content, we can't think of a more precious gift to give for the Lunar New Year.


18. Dagsmejan Long Sleeve Loose Fit Top

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 7.40.06 PM
  • Genre: Style

Dagsmejan luxury pajamas are crafted for the mom, wife, or girlfriend with an aesthetic that includes a 10-step skincare routine, a good book, and a keen eye for a fabulous matching pajama set. These PJs aren't just stylish; they're temperature-regulating, ensuring the best night's sleep every night. Of course if you purchase the top, you've gotta get the bottoms to go with it, which you can snag right here. You can also snag the Sleep Tech Sleep Mask ($49.40), the Tunica Top ($109.90), and the Long Sleeve Sleep Shirt ($149.90) to complete the collection.


19. Nike Kettlebell

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 7.46.39 PM
  • Genre: Fitness

Getting in the best shape you've ever been in for the new year sounds like a great plan. Nike Strength– the company’s first strength training equipment in its 51-year history – includes a range of quality gear engineered to elevate every move you make. Their Kettlebell (which you can purchase between $40 - $160)  made of recycled iron scrap content and features a black powder coated finish and easy identification markers, providing a clean and stable surface to decrease mid-workout wobble. Weights range from 9 – 88lbs, and should you need something else to go along with it, consider gifting your person a set of dumbbells ($17.50 - $185) as well.

SHOP NOW AT NIKE, $40 - $160

20. BUFF Knitted Beanie

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 7.54.19 PM
  • Genre: Style

Who doesn't love a good ole beanie? Add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe with this Knitted Beanie from BUFF, which perfect for everyday, traveling or venturing into the snow. Cozy, cute, and Made in Spain—multiple colors are available in the beanie, with an asking price of $34.


21. FILA Men's Volley Burst

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 8.01.15 PM
  • Genre: Sneakers

For the pickleball lover in your life, the Men's Volley Burst from FILA is one of the latest sneakers to hit the market. A new addition to FILA's pickleball footwear lineup, the Volley Burst is created for today’s dynamic player, with the shoe featuring superior cushioning and grip, fine-tuned with feedback from World No. 1 Anna Leigh Waters. Central to its design is FILA’s Evergrind material has exceptional traction for the game’s quick movements, serving both professionals and enthusiasts. You can check out the Women's version of the shoe here.


22. Matter Compostable Paper Bowls

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 8.09.14 PM
  • Genre: Kitchen

Many are making a New Year’s resolution to live more sustainably, and you too can do so with Matter. Makers of durable, compostable, and sustainable straws, plates, food storage, and more, the line  is made from plants and natural fibers, so you’re using items made from nature that will return to nature. Matter’s products are also BPI and/or TUV certified compostable so you can be confident that when they are properly composted, they will safely break down within a 12-month period. Grab these bowls for just $19.99!


23. Nightcap College Box

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 8.21.31 PM
  • Genre: Miscellaneous

The College Box from Nightcap emerges as a thoughtful and practical gift that offers a thoughtful blend of safety tools and self-care items. Included in the set is: 2 Black NightCap Scrunchies, 10 StopTopps Drink Spiking Prevention Stickers, NightCap Keychain, NightCap Beer Bottle Top Pouch with 3 Tops Inside, NightCap Seltzer Can Cooler, NightCap Beer Can Cooler, Maxxm Personal Alarm, Disposable Breathalyzer, NightCap Straw Tops w/ NightCap Straw Kit.

A helpful gift that can keep students (and non-students for that matter) safe as they embark on the second half of the school year.


24. goPure Superfruit Enzymes Cleansing Balm

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 8.27.52 PM
  • Genre: Beauty/grooming

This Superfruit Enzymes Cleansing Balm from goPure is a vegan fruit-powered cleansing balm that does what other makeup removers can’t by effortlessly dissolves long-wear makeup, dirt, and SPF in seconds, while infusing the skin with renewing, glow-boosting nutrients and moisture. In turn, your skin will feel clean, hydrated, and silky smooth. If you need a cleanser to go along with the balm, also check out goPure's Gentle Gel Cleanser ($22), which is formulated with Vitamin C and Niacinamide to drench the skin n hydration while effortlessly clearing away impurities.


25. Koh Gen Do Perfect Finish Buffing & Fan Brush, Face Powder Set

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 8.37.07 PM
  • Genre: Beauty/grooming

Containing a finishing buff, a fan brush, and face powder, this Koh Gen Do Perfect Finish Buffing & Fan Brush, Face Powder Set gives you everything you need for a flawless finish as the buffing brush features soft synthetic fibers that blends the product into your skin covering all angles and lines, the wide fan shaped brush allows for easy powder application, and the powder itself  contains hydrating hyaluronic acid plus precious silk powder, which in turn gives your skin a balanced look. Pick it up now for $145.

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