The 18 Best Men's Dress Shirts for Looking Dapper in 2024

Plus, how to style dress shirts and find the best quality.

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Mizzen + Main, Everlane, Neiman Marcus

The definition of exactly what can be classified as a dress shirt is one that we're still aiming to totally understand in 2024, but let's be clear—there are very clear examples of what is a dress shirt and have been from a classic style perspective. It's those shirts that you pull out when you are going to a wedding, but don't want to wear a suit. It's those shirts that you bust out when you want to wear something to the office that's professional but not too dressy. It's those shirts you rock on a date night when you want to look fancier than normal without looking like you tried to look fancy so to speak (you get our drift). Bottomline—dress shirts have a way of saving the day (and your outfit), and there's a lot of versatility in the sense that you can pair them with linen pants, blazers, jeans, and of course dress sneakers. We've rounded several of the best men's dress shirts out there that you can cop right here and right now. From luxury shirts such as the Theory Sylvain Shirt ($117 - $195.00), to super affordable shirts like the Port Authority W809 Short Sleeve SuperPro React Twill Shirt ($18.38), these should do the trick of at least getting you started in your respective capsule wardrobes. Scroll down to get your extra dapper looks together.

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Dress Shirts Buying Guide:

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 10.20.04 AM
  • Collars: It's quite literally all in the collar as the overall classification of a dress shirt harkens back to how formal/dressy the collar is. A dressy collar equals a dressy shirt. A not-so-dressy collar equals a regular button-down that is slightly above the casual level, but still not "dressy."
  • Fabric: As you do your research, you'll find that most dress shirts tend to be made with either a linen or cotton fabric. Cotton is a preferred choice due to its comfort, and linen is a great summertime fabric. Of course there's other fabrics/fabric blends that can be found in dress shirts, but these are the two most common ones thanks to their respective properties.
  • Cuffs: Cuffs are a small detail, but an important one that can factor into the elegance of a dress shirt. There's two main styles of cuffs—the single cuff and the double cuff. Single cuffs are generally easier to work with as they are able to roll up better than double cuffs due to their button placement.
  • Color: Black, white, and blue dress shirts tend to be among the most common solid colors worn and are the most formal. Blue dress shirts are less formal than white. Other colors are traditionally a bit less formal, but can still be dressed up.

The Best Men's Dress Shirts, at a Glance:

1. Theory Sylvain Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 10.54.44 AM

Best Men's Dress Shirt Overall

  • Sizes: XS - XXL
  • Colors: White, Black, Blue Surf, Eclipse, Olympic
  • Product Specs: Material: 53% Cotton, 47% Polyester Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $117 - 195
  • Pros: Versatile, comfortable, and minimalistic
  • Cons: May get a little pricey depending on which size you get

Theory's Structure Knit Tailored Shirt is a tailored style that features minimal detailing non-visible to the naked eye, but still dominant in the sense that it makes the shirt stand out. The Sylvain shirt is designed with a structured point collar and a longer hem, which makes it easier to tuck into your pants, and super comfortable with its cotton and polyester blend of materials. Priced between $117 - $195, this is a solid shirt to get your hands on.

SHOP NOW AT THEORY, $117 - $195

2. Mizzen + Main Leeward Dress Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 11.09.42 AM
Mizzen + Main

Also Great

  • Sizes: XS - XXL
  • Colors: White Navy Mini Grid, Light Blue Gingham, Black Solid, Light Blue Solid, White Solid, and 15 others
  • Product Specs: Material: Polyester 88%, Spandex 12% | Fit: Slim | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $138
  • Pros: Lots of colors to choose from, multiple fits available, and has a nice look
  • Cons: May not be as durable as other materials

The Standard Dress Shirt from Mizzen + Main is another great option to add to your wishlist as it's made with high quality performance fibers like polyester, features a spread collar, is wrinkle-resistant, and possesses four-way stretch thanks to the 12% spandex incorporated into the structure. Apparently this shirt is called "The Best Damn Dress Shirt," which makes this yet another reason to consider purchasing.


3. Charles Tyrwhitt Non-Iron Twill Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 11.19.38 AM
Charles Tyrwhitt

Best Dress Shirt for the Office

  • Sizes: 14.5 - 20
  • Colors: Ivory, White, Indigo, Navy, Sky Pink
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Slim | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $109
  • Pros: Made with British Tailoring, can customize collar size and sleeve length
  • Cons: Sleeves could run shorter according to some

British tailored and made with the finest cotton, the Non-Iron Twill shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt remains true to their balance of tradition and innovation. The non-iron element of the shirt also means you don't have you don't have to bust out the ironing board, which is always a bonus. Priced at $109, you can choose whether you want a classic, slim, or extra slim fit with the collar sizing ranging from 14.5 - 20. Additionally, you can select your sleeve length, which ranges from $32 - $38.


4. Charvet Men's Basic Solid Point-Collar Dress Shirt With French Cuffs

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 12.19.55 PM
Neiman Marcus

Best Dress Shirt for Date Night

  • Sizes: 15R - 17.5XL
  • Colors: White
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $595
  • Pros: Versatile look, nice quality and comfort
  • Cons: On the pricey side

If you are willing to make the $600 investment, this Solid Point-Collar Dress Shirt from Neiman Marcus is totally worth the bang for your buck as it has a point collar, french cuffs, and a shirttail hem, all of which contribute to its elegance. The quality is amazing as well with its cotton cut and crafting. Needless to say, not only will you look good while wearing the Collar Dress Shirt, you'll feel equally as good as well.


5. Luca Faloni Portofino Linen Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 12.29.26 PM
Luca Faloni

Best Linen Dress Shirt

  • Sizes: XS - 4XL
  • Colors: Black, Midnight Blue, Navy Blue, Payne's Grey, Blue Melange, and 19 others | Material: Linen | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $195
  • Pros: Versatile look, multiple colors to choose from, amazing quality
  • Cons: Is on the pricier side

Luca Faloni is always a great place to go for your elevated menswear needs, and of course they have an amazing linen dress shirt that is oh so comfortable and beautifully designed. Crafted by skilled artisans in Bergamo and Brescia in Northern Italy with a smooth linen material and fine details like pearl buttons, the shirt is perfect for both evening and casual wear.


6. Gucci Cotton Shirt with Double G Embroidery

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 12.37.36 PM
  • Sizes: 14 - 18
  • Colors: White, Light Blue
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $780
  • Pros: Elegant look with high-quality cotton material
  • Cons: On the pricier side

This Cotton Shirt from GUCCI combines sartorial excellence and an eclectic vision to give you the ultimate Oxford cotton-made shirt that, of course, has a tonal Double G embroidery because it wouldn't be a GUCCI item without it. An investment, but a solid one to make if you are going to splurge. Sure it's bit more minimalistic than what we are used to seeing from the legendary brand, but it's a piece that will quite literally last you forever should you choose to purchase. Longevity matters in fashion, and this certainly qualifies as a durable piece.


7. Port Authority W809 Short Sleeve SuperPro React Twill Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 12.47.49 PM

Best Short Sleeve Dress Shirt

  • Sizes: XS - 4XL
  • Colors: Burgundy, Cloud Blue, Dark Green, Deep Black, Ecru, and 13 others
  • Material: 55/45 Cotton/Poly Twill | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $19.18
  • Pros: Affordable, short sleeve, multiple colors to choose from
  • Cons: No half sizes

A good quality short sleeve dress shirt can be hard to come by. Throw that in with the under $20 price tag, and we're not seeing how this isn't a good buy. You could get five shirts for $100 if you wanted. Good in our book. Plus, these shirts are made with comfort and sweat-wicking in mind with the 55/45 cotton and poly twill mixture. Breathability is a key factor in dress factors holding up, so this is an important detail to consider. Also, did we mention these are under $20 shirts?


8. Everlane Organic Oxford Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 12.54.38 PM

Best Sustainable Men's Dress Shirt

  • Sizes: XS - XXL
  • Colors: Light Blue, White, Slate Grate, Grey, White / Blue Stripe, Mazarine Blue / Bone | Material:  Organic Cotton | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $88
  • Pros: Sustainably made, great quality and colors to choose from
  • Cons: May run slightly big according to some user reviews

Everlane is one of our go-to brands when it comes to sustainable products that are also great for the environment, and their Organic Oxford Shirt, which is a remixed version of their fan favorite oxford, offers a fit that is more roomy and relaxed in the sense that can be worn either tucked or untucked. Made with a smooth organic cotton, you can choose whether or not you want a standard or tall length, with sizes ranging from XS - XXL. This shirt is under $100 as well!


9. Brooks Brothers Stretch Supima Pinpoint Oxford

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 1.04.49 PM
Brooks Brothers
  • Sizes: 15 - 18
  • Colors: Bright Blue, Light Blue, Lavender, Navy, Red
  • Product Specs: Material: Supima Cotton | Fit: Slim | Front pocket: Yes |
  • Price: $118
  • Pros: Unique design, versatile, great quality
  • Cons: Style may not be for everyone

Brooks Brothers is another cool place to go for your sartorial requests, and their Oxford Button-Down Collar Pinstripe Dress Shirt offers a look that is vintage 1950s/1960s, whilst still remaining modern. While we featured the slim-fit version of this shirt, there's also the option to choose traditional and regular fits as well, and the cool supima cotton construction ensures for optimal comfort and breathability while wearing.


10. Hugo Boss Slim Fit Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 1.14.30 PM
Hugo Boss
  • Sizes: 15.5 - 17
  • Colors: White
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Slim | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $148
  • Pros: Nice look, affordable price, eco-friendly
  • Cons: May run too big according to some user reviews

Hugo Boss is known for giving you luxury at a non-luxury price, and their cotton-made Slim-fit Dress Shirt is a major snag in our opinion considering the quality and luxurious nature of Boss clothing. You can rock it by itself, or put it underneath a suit jacket/blazer for a different look if you wish. In addition to its cotton material, the Slim-fit Dress Shirt also features a standard spread collar, button cuffs, and a button front. We picked the white option due to its traditional nature, but Boss has other color options to check out amongst their dress shirts as well. Have at it!


11. David Donahue Royal Oxford Trim Fit Dress Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 1.23.47 PM
  • Sizes: 15 - 18.5
  • Colors: White
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $155
  • Pros: Elegant look, versatile, can be machine washed
  • Cons: Tends to run large according to some buyers

The polished style alone of this Royal Oxford Trim-Fit Shirt from David Donahue makes this worth of a purchase consideration, along with the versatility. You can pair this shirt with just about everything and take it just about everywhere. Made with cotton, there's lots you can do from a mixing and matching perspective, and the wash process is an easy one to follow. That's about all you can ask for in a product. You can snag for under $200.


13. Ted Baker Stretch Slim-Fit Spread Collar Cotton Weave Dress Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 1.32.06 PM
  • Sizes: 15.5 x 34/35 - 16.5 x 32/33
  • Colors: Light Blue, White
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Slim | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $99.50, $59.70
  • Pros: Great quality and versatile colors
  • Cons: Sleeves run long according to some buyers

Ted Baker is a brand that has been committed to men's sartorial staples since its inception in 1987. If you are looking for a high quality dress shirt, look no further than the Stretch Slim-Fit Spread Collar Cotton Weave Dress Shirt, which is another all-cotton dress shirt that comes tailored with a spread collar, twill fabrication, and a button front closure as the finisher.

SHOP NOW AT DILLARDS, (Was $99.50, Now $59.70)

14. Zegna Men's Trofeo Cotton Dress Shirt

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 12.21.36 PM
Neiman Marcus
  • Sizes: 38 - 42
  • Colors: Blue Light Solid
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $520
  • Pros: Great quality, durable, and versatile
  • Cons: On the pricier side

You could also go with this Men's Trofeo Cotton Dress Shirt from Zegna as a suitable option as well. The cotton quality is excellent, the shirt is durable in the sense that it can last you for years, and it's super versatile. If you've ever tried a Zegna piece, then you already know the softness and quality of their clothing is cloud-like, making whatever you it is you end up spending very much worth its asking price.


15. Lorenzo Uomo Poplin Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 1.47.58 PM
Lorenzo Uomo
  • Sizes: 14.5 32/33 - 18 34/35
  • Colors: Navy Poplin, Black Poplin, Light Blue Poplin, White Poplin
  • Product Specs: Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Lycra | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $125
  • Pros: Nice look, versatile, on the affordable end
  • Cons: Could run too big

This Navy Poplin shirt from Lorenzo Uomo instantly elevates your look as it's made with cotton and lycra, has a crisp and fashionable edge, and great technology such as the built-in high density luxury fabric and Lorenzo Uomo's Easy Care Technology thats ensures your shirt doesn't get wrinkled as you progress through your day. Not bad for $125. There's also plenty of sizing and color options available as well.


16. Eton Contemporary-Fit Twill Dress Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 07 20 at 1.54.58 PM
Neiman Marcus
  • Sizes: 15 - 18
  • Colors: Black
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $270
  • Pros: Nice look, versatile, comfortable, and durable
  • Cons: On the pricier side

And a contemporary dress shirt from Eton that will have you feeling smooth and fresh with its crease-resistant fabric, the ability convert the button cuff to a French cuff, and the moderate spread collar that elevates the shirt into a semi-dressy/dressy look. The attention to the small details like the moderate spread collar and convertible button cuff is what makes this shirt such a great choice to add to your closet.


17. Calvin Klein Steel Slim Fit Solid Herringbone Dress Shirt

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 4.32.02 PM
Calvin Klein
  • Sizes: 14.5 - 17.5
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $75, $52.50
  • Pros: Multiple color choices, sweat-wicking, affordable, comfortable, durable, wrinkle-resistant
  • Cons: Limited size range

Why would you consider getting all of your dress shirt needs in true glory at Calvin Klein—it’s one of the best places to go! Offering a crisp, tailored, and professional look at a price point that can’t be beaten, you get all the trademarks of great dress shirts with this one from the buttoned cuffs to the pointed collar. Made with a breathable cotton, you are getting a quality dress shirt that checks the boxes of not hurting the bank account but still looks like it was pulled from a showroom.

SHOP NOW AT CALVIN KLEIN, (Was $75, Now $52.50)

18. Paul Smith Pleated-Bib Double-Cuff Evening Shirt

Screen Shot 2024 01 21 at 4.39.51 PM
Paul Smith
  • Sizes: 15 - 17.5
  • Colors: White
  • Product Specs: Material: Cotton | Fit: Classic | Front pocket: No
  • Price: $450
  • Pros: Sleek look, great quality, well-crafted, soft, comfortable, easy to care for
  • Cons: On the pricier side

Paul Smith is a dress shirt you need to cop ASAP if you are looking for something to wear to a wedding, the office, or any other formal event that’s on the calendar. Naturally moisture-wicking and a statement piece despite its rather minimalistic appearance, this shirt is made with cozy cotton, slim-fitting, and high on the breathability meter while still  giving you an ample amount of stretch room for seamless movements and transitions. Sizes on the Tailored-Fit Shirt range in between 15 - 17.5, with Paul Smith's asking price currently sitting at $450.


How to Style Dress Shirts:

Styling dress shirts isn't too hard as it just requires keeping your overall look simple. Obviously there are occasions where you need to wear a dress shirt such as a wedding or an important meeting at the office, and you can play around with those looks if you want to give your shirt a little more razzle dazzle. You can wear certain dress shirts underneath a suit jacket or blazer, but be careful because not all dress shirts are made to go under a blazer/jacket. Some can stand alone, and when they do, you can pair them with slacks, blazers, khaki's, chinos, etc. Loafers are a good shoe pairing for dress shirts as well.

Color-wise, you don't want to wear a shirt that is too similar in color to the jacket or pants you're pairing it with. So consider a white shirt with a navy blazer, or a light blue shirt with a brown blazer. Contrast is part of what gives a formal outfit its aesthetic, and often a lighter dress shirts pair well with a darker layer.

FAQs about men's dress shirts:

Here are some frequently asked questions about men's dress shirts:

How can I tell if a dress shirt is high quality?

You can generally get the best clue about whether or not a dress shirt is high quality by looking at the material the shirt is made with. You can also go by the brand you're shopping with as certain brands (Paul Smith for example) are known and reputable when it comes to the overall quality and durability of their products. As far as physical features go—taking a look at the stitching, cuffs, and the stitching tension/pattern of the shirt are great ways to determine the quality, and of course—you can always read user reviews to see what the customer's experiences have been with the product in question.

What are the best men's dress shirts brands?

Many of the brands we included on this list are considered to be excellent brands to get dress shirts from. That said—Paul Smith, Theory, Brooks Brothers, and Calvin Klein are among some of our favorites to shop from in this department.

How should a dress shirt fit?

While some dress shirts are designed to run slim and others are made to be slightly oversized (which is in fashion right now), generally speaking, a dress shirt should neither be too tight or to big/loose. A slim-fit cut with enough stretch room to move around is a good rule of thumb when it comes to selecting a dress shirt. The sleeve should fall just over the meeting point of your hand and wrist when your arm is hanging down.

What kinds of dress shirts are most formal?

The more tailored a dress shirt is, the more formal the look tends to be. For example, the dress shirts you tend to see on the groom/groomsmen at weddings are very tailored and precise (most have actually been altered by a tailor), whereas for events that are less formal, you'll tend to see men wearing a dress shirt that is more loose and relaxed. This isn't the end all be all of course, but traditionally speaking it's what you see the most of when it comes to dress shirts. The most formal dress shirts will always have a cuff link option.

This article was updated on January 23, 2024.

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