The 14 Best Skinny Jeans for Men Who Still Want a Slim Fit

What are the best? We're taking a look and finding out

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When it comes to the topic of skinny jeans, there's some who will tell you that are only just coming back into style after years of being on the outs. Leave it to us, and we'll tell you that skinny jeans have never been out of style when it's come to certain segments of the population, and that the people that are jumping aboard the train now are actually late. If punk, rock n' roll British fashion is your personal style (maybe you love British brands?), skinny jeans are a must-add to any capsule wardrobe. Not only are they an ultra cool look, but some of the best skinny jeans for men are versatile enough to be paired with all kinds of t-shirts, sweaters, blazers, sneakers, boots, and more.

You may be wondering where to start in your search for skinny jeans. There's certainly lots available ranging from Levi's classic 510 Skinny Fit Men's Jeans ($48.65), all the way to luxury with the HUGO Tapered-Fit Jeans ($159). Today we'll be taking a look at the best skinny jeans for men who still want a slim fit.

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What to look for in the best skinny jeans:

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  • Material: Any kind of denim that is either made from cotton or with a cotton blend is the best route to go with skinny jeans since the fit is already very slim. You can't have a slim fit with poor fabric and quality. That's a no-no.
  • Fit: These are skinny jeans we're talking about here, so the fit should be tapered and slim. Jeans with a loose or baggy fit don't qualify as being "skinny," so if it's branded as skinny and the fit is loose, that means you may need to downsize. By the same standpoint, skinny jeans shouldn't be too tight to the point where you can't breathe either. Consider reading reviews from users and the product description to also help with achieving a perfect fit.
  • Color: The most common colors for skinny jeans are light blue (also sometimes referred to as washed), dark blue, and black, but you'll definitely find some skinny jeans colors in white and tan as well.
  • Weight: Lightweight denim seems to work best with skinny jeans as they measure between 5 to 12oz and need to be light in general in order to work as skinny jeans. There's a few that might teeter on the edge of being mid-weight, but most are definitely on the lighter side.

The Best Skinny Jeans for Men, at a Glance:

1. Levi's 510 Skinny Fit Men's Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 08 04 at 7.45.19 PM

Best Classic Skinny Jeans

  • Material:  98% Cotton, 2% elastane
  • Sizes: 28W x 30 L - 38 W x 32 L
  • Inseam: 29 - 36

Levi's, Levi's, Levi's. The originator of denim jeans as we know it seems like a good first stop as a potential place to cop skinny jeans right? According to Levi's are designed to "look like skinny jeans without feeling like them," and are with an crafted ultra-streamlined fit that's meant to make any shoe you wear look good. We all know how hard it can be to find pants that don't "run in" to your shoes so to speak, so consider the 510s a gem.


2. HUGO Tapered-Fit Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 12 05 at 10.04.44 AM

Best Designer Jeans

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Sizes: 29 x 32 - 32 x 32
  • Inseam: 32

While BOSS certainly isn't the only luxury brand that sells skinny jeans (just about every one does), their Tapered-Fit Skinny Jeans remain a favorite of ours not just because of the sleek ripped punk look, but also because of the super soft cotton construction which is comfort at its most supreme. The luxurious cotton used almost certainly ensure that you'll be able to get years (maybe decades) out of them. You'll have to get them dry cleaned instead of washing them regularly, but that extra step is worth it.


3. Lucky Brand 100 Skinny

Screen Shot 2023 12 05 at 10.12.01 AM
Lucky Brand

Most Affordable Skinny Jeans

  • Material: 56% Cotton, 25% viscose, 18% polyester, 1% elastane
  • Sizes: 31 - 40
  • Inseam: 32

If you want to make a jump into the skinny jean pool but are still relatively unsure whether or not it's a match for your fashion sense, the best route to go is affordable. After all, you don't want to spend a lot of money on something that you might not ending liking right? Lucky Brand gives you a good balance with their 100 SKINNY Jeans that are under $20. Not only, but the quality is still good. Considering these jeans are only $19.99, this is a good little investment. Plus, the cotton/viscose/polyester/elastane blend makes for a durable soft feel that's unmatched.



Screen Shot 2023 08 04 at 8.51.31 PM

Best Ripped Skinny Jeans

  • Material: 98% Cotton, 2% spandex
  • Sizes: 28 - 42
  • Inseam: Extended inseam for stacking

Of all the features that makes these stretch jeans from MNML stand out, it's the pop of gold that really elevates it in our opinion (plus the rips). The extended inseams is one that allows you stack if you wish, and the X162 Stretch Denim boasts MNML's latest X fit.The X162's are an example of what we were talking about earlier with the fitting. It's automatically gives you that tailored slim fit associated with skinny jeans, but still allows the slightest room for stretch.


5. Mavi's Skinny Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 08 04 at 9.11.51 PM

Best Casual Skinny Jeans

  • Material: 44% Cotton, 42% lyocell, 12% polyester, 1% elastane
  • Sizes: 28 - 38
  • Inseam: 30 - 34

Mavi is underrated in the jeans department in our opinion because they pay close attention to the details that others might miss out on such as the slight hip, thigh, and leg openings that add to the narrow slim design of the jeans. And we can't rave enough about the quality. Comfort is extremely important when wearing something fitted, and Mavi has made sure all needs are met.


6. Express Skinny Black Hyper Stretch Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 08 04 at 9.35.41 PM
  • Material: Cotton/polyester/spandex
  • Sizes: 26 - 42
  • Inseam: 28 - 36

Some might disagree, but a pair of black jeans is absolutely needed in a closet as it has the ability to be dressed up/down, and worn casually or professionally. This pair from Express is a standout because of the material, which features the brand's highest level of stretch in any pair of denim. The cotton/polyester/elastic blend means they have a look of traditional denim, but without the rigidity. The pants are skinny through the thigh with a taper below the knee into a semi-fitted ankle, meaning they'll stay comfortable while maintaining that slim silhouette.


7. Seven7 Super Flexible Slim Straight Jean

Screen Shot 2023 08 04 at 9.48.12 PM

Best White Skinny Jeans

  • Material: 66% Cotton, 29% polyester, 2% rayon, 2% spandex
  • Sizes: 26 - 42
  • Inseam: N/A

Jeans lover are already more than familiar with Seven7 because they are one of the classic jeans brands. A classic jeans brand consistently delivers when their product offerings, and when it comes to white jeans, Seven7's got a heck of a pair. The five-pocket styling is always a bonus, and so is fitted jeans having some stretch room, which is what Flexible Slim Straight provides (hence the name).


8. Forever 21 Stretch-Denim Skinny Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 12 05 at 10.20.26 AM
Forever 21

Best Stretch Skinny Jeans

  • Material: Denim
  • Sizes: 29 - 42
  • Inseam: N/A

We've been talking a lot about stretch and comfort. Well, Forever 21's Stretch-Denim Skinny Jeans were literally made for the job. The stretch room provided actually puts the jeans right on the cusp of not being "skinny," but the extra taper in the hips and thighs allows it to pass. A good jean to try out if you want a skinny look, but are bit unsure about the overall breathing room of skinny jeans as a whole.


9. Purple Brand P001 Classic Stretch Skinny Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 12 05 at 10.25.44 AM
Saks Fifth Avenue

Most Athletic Skinny Jeans

  • Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Lycra
  • Sizes: 28 - 40
  • Inseam: N/A

In need of a pair of skinny jeans that you can take with you on the golf course (or just a pair of athletic skinny jeans as a whole), then Purple Brand's P001 Classic Stretch Skinny Jeans should provide you with everything you need. Not only do the jeans have a slim fit, they are also built with 4-way stretch material that allows for tons of extra movement thanks to the cotton/lycra blend. Oh, and the cut slightly above the ankle too, meaning no interference with your shoes.


10. Hollister Super Skinny Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 12 05 at 10.29.56 AM

Best Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

  • Material: 78% Cotton, 20% polyester, 2% elastane
  • Sizes: 26 - 40
  • Inseam: 28 - 36

In case you didn't know, we're kinda sorta back in the 2000s with the resurgence of Y2K fashion, so going to Hollister solely for jean shopping is definitely back in as well. They've got some of the best dark wash jeans you can find on the market at the moment, and since we've personally tried their skinny jeans, we can give a thumbs up on the comfort level.


11. J. Crew Skinny-Fit Flex Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 08 04 at 10.25.53 PM
J. Crew

Best Light Wash Skinny Jeans

  • Material: Cotton
  • Sizes: 28 x 3o by 38 x 32
  • Inseam: 30 - 34

You had to know J. Crew had something good in the skinny jean department right? Had to. The Skinny-Fit Flex Jeans is a major flex in all areas. The pants feature signature flex+ fabric which J. Crew claims is their stretchiest fit to date, and the pant leg is apparently also the narrowest J. Crew has ever made to date as well. That's a lot of "firsts," and it seems like it's all come together to create the perfect pair of skinny jeans.


12. The Skinny 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean

Screen Shot 2023 12 05 at 10.32.24 AM

Best Sustainable Skinny Jeans

  • Material: Organic cotton
  • Sizes: 28 - 40
  • Inseam: 30 - 34

Sustainability is important as you want to know that the clothes you're buying are also protecting the environment in the best way possible. You get that with every single item at Everlane, and that includes their jeans which are made with organic cotton that's farmed and milled in Turkey, and dyed using the water-reducing Indigo Flow dyeing methods.


13. G-Star RAW Airblaze 3D Skinny Jeans

Screen Shot 2023 12 05 at 10.34.29 AM

Best Slim-Fit Skinny Jeans

  • Material: 92% Cotton, 6% polybutylene terephthalate, 2% elastane
  • Sizes: 28 - 38
  • Inseam: 30 - 34

G-Star Raw jeans automatically sounds like something that instantly ups your cool factor times ten, and that by itself is a good reason to cop, but let's take a closer look at that quality. The cotton blended with polybutylene terephthalate is supreme, and we might sound nerdy as hell, but there's a science behind clothes looking and feeling good— Jimmy Neutron like combo. Just need a t-shirt and the hair and you're all set.


14. True Religion Rocco Skinny Jean

Screen Shot 2023 12 05 at 10.40.11 AM
True Religion

Best American Classic Skinny Jeans

  • Material: 78% Cotton, 28% polyester, 2% elastane
  • Sizes: 28 - 42
  • Inseam: N/A

If you want a classic pair of skinny jeans that define Americana fashion, look no further than True Religion's Rocco Skinny Jeans, which are comfortably made with a wonderful cotton/polyester/elastane blend, and offer the perfect balance between slim and stretchy. Priced under $50 (which is a hella good price by the way), these can work year-round and can pair well with a variety of different tops, jackets, and shoes to create some fire combos. Nobody does it quite like True Religion.


FAQs about skinny jeans for men:

What shoes to wear with skinny jeans?

You can honestly wear any pair of shoes with skinny jeans as they are designed to be complementary of your legs. You can wear skinny jeans with sneakers, boots, certain dress shoes depending on the inseam and how the jeans are cut, and even sandals when it's warm out.

How to style skinny jeans?

Styling skinny jeans can be done in a multitude of ways. The darker skinny jeans tend to have a more professional look, so you can dress them up with blazers and suit jackets for business meetings. At the same time, you can remove the blazers/jackets for a more casual look or lunch date. Light wash skinny jeans can also work with blazers and jackets for a more relaxed look. You can also pair skinny jeans with regular tees and sweaters, and rock them with a bomber jacket/puffer coat in the fall and winter.

Are skinny jeans in for men?

It's no secret that baggier pants have started to become more mainstream in recent years, but that doesn't mean that skinny jeans don't still have a place in popular style. Plus, fashion is cyclical, so they're sure to come back to the forefront again soon.

When were skinny jeans invented?

Skinny jeans first began appearing regularly in the 1960s (mostly on women however), and went through several up and down periods before showing up again in the 2000s. They hit mainstream popularity for men in the late 2000s into the early 2010s, and while their dominance has begun to waver a bit in recent years, they will sure to have a major return to the spotlight soon.

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