The 15 Best Men's Sweater Vests to Layer all Season

And some advice on how best to style them.

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These past few years in fashion have been marked by layering and the proliferation of knitwear. As we head into yet another fall and winter season, it seems as though there's been a fascination with colorful pieces, and a power clashing between a myriad of different materials Continuing to become more popular. With artists like Tyler the Creator and ASAP Nast popularizing a more formal genre of streetwear in the past few years, many forms of knitwear—from cardigans to sweaters and vests—are going to continue to find their footing in the fashion landscape. If you haven't already, you need to make the investment in a sweater vest and we're here to help. From the Bonobos Fair Isle Sweater Vest ($59) to the Drakes Green Lambswool Sleeveless Cardigan ($345), here's a look at the best men's sweater vests that you can layer for the entire season.

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I personally have found sweater vests to be one of the more versatile garments in the game. You can pair one with something short sleeved in the less brisk months, or include it in a layering heavy outfit during the frigid days. With that in mind, here are 15 of the best sweater vests for men on the market right now, from the entry level options to some more expensive grail pieces.

The Best Men's Sweater Vests at a Glance:

1. Bonobos Fair Isle Sweater Vest

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The Best Men's Sweater Vest, Overall

  • Material: 38% Viscose, 35% recycled nylon, 22% extrafine merino wool, 5% alpaca

This is such a good entry-level option for those looking to get into the sweater vest game, especially considering the big markdown Bonobos is having on the Fair Isle Sweater Vest right now. For the price, the sweater boasts really great quality for the viscose, recycled nylon, extrafine merino wool, and alpaca blend, and the cream Iona Fair Isle colorway is a great vest for dipping your toes into sweater vest styling.


2. Lands' End Men's Fine Gauge Supima Cotton Sweater Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 3.00.41 PM
Lands' End

The Best Men's Sweater Vest for Comfort

  • Material: 100% Supima cotton

The Fine Gauge Supima Cotton Sweater Vest from Lands' End is about as simple as it gets. If you want your sweater vest to operate as an element to a developed fit, as opposed to the eye-catching piece in your composition, this simple option from Lands' End would fit the bill. Cut with 100% supima cotton, the comfort and quality is an additional bonus to the look along with its $59.95 affordable pricing. The dark blue colorway is also a nice standout choice that's quiet nice and versatile. A true winner all around.


3. Brooks Brothers Lambswool Jacquard Tennis Sweater Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 3.07.07 PM
Brooks Brothers

The Best Vintage Sweater Vest

  • Material: 100% Wool

This one won't necessarily be for everyone, but if you're looking to build an outfit around a highlight piece, this Brooks Brothers vest is a killer option. The vest is cut with 100% wool, meaning it'll be exceptionally warm with an added bonus of delicate softness thanks to the overall texture of the fabric. Multiple sizes come in the Jacquard Tennis Sweater, and you can consider styling it with a pair of jeans, plain black shirt and a navy overcoat.


4. Drakes Green Lambswool Sleeveless Cardigan

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 3.12.50 PM

The Best Designers Sweater Vest

  • Material: 100% Lambswool

One of the most elegant sweater vests you'll find, the Lambswool Sleeveless Cardigan from Drake's comes in a beautiful olive colorway perfect for the spring or fall. Crafted with 100% lambswool, this cardigan features a five-button front, and a ribbed trim on the plackets and hems amongst other features that really make it standout. The quality is top tier, the comfort is dynamic, and the sweater is tailored to perfection, so why not make the jump and splurge?


5. Charles Tyrwhitt Merino Sleeveless Cardigan

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 3.19.55 PM
Charles Tyrwhitt

The Best Sweater Vest for Versatility

  • Material: 100% Merino wool

This piece from Charles Tyrwhitt is comprised of 100% Merino wool, making it both warm and relatively easy to maintain and cleean. The navy colorway is easy to style, while the texture of the garment makes it a bit more visually interesting than a plain cotton rendition. This is a great piece for layering and warming up in the cooler months. Plus, the fabric is also temperature-regulating for year-round use, meaning that you can wear it during the warmer months as well.


6. Eddie Bauer Men's Radiator Sweater Fleece Vest 2.0

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 3.29.13 PM
  • Material: 100% Polyester

This option from Eddie Bauer is perfect for those who want to leave their vest loosely buttoned to show off a shirt underneath. Cut with 100% polyester, the color options on the Radiator Sweater are beautiful, and the pockets are nice bonus place to store either your hands or your everyday items. This right here is a classic cool option with plenty of space room due to the LYCRA seam binding. Classic, comfortable, and affordable.


7. COACH Checkerboard Sweater Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 3.35.15 PM
  • Material: 98% Recycled wool, 2% other fibers

COACH is more than well known for their unique knitwear pieces, and this recycled wool and other fibers-blend is a beautiful, slightly more eccentric option than what's been on the list so far. The checkered pattern makes for a nice highlight of an otherwise muted outfit, or consider combining it with another pattern for a cool clashing effect. We also have to give this sweater bonus points for the comfort as well as it is supremely comfortable.


8. J. Crew Cashmere Sweater-Vest

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J. Crew
  • Material: 100% Cashmere

This is one of the most balanced options on our list. Crafted with cashmere, this $138 dark blue Cashmere Sweater Vest from J. Crew makes for a complimentary highlight piece for a perfect simplistic outfit. The brand's cashmere is well-known for its softness and quality, so the odds are that you won't want to take this one off due to the incredible comfort. What's more, J. Crew also allows you the option of adding a personalized monogram for just $10—just something to keep in mind as you shop.


9. Polo Ralph Hybrid Sweater Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 3.45.31 PM
  • Material: Rib-knit

If you're looking for something stylistically more basic, but with supreme quality, then look no further than this entry from Ralph Lauren, which is something of a hybrid between a sweater vest and a jacket. The rib-knit blend material makes this one of the softest and warmest options on our list, and the zip-up style opens up more styling opportunities to show off a shirt or article under the vest itself. Plus, there's two front waist welt pockets in case you need some room to store smaller items.


10. Zara Buttoned Knit Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 3.52.03 PM
  • Material: 50% Viscose, 28% polyester, 22% polyamide

This Buttoned Knit Sweater Vest from Zara is the type of pieces that you would buy with some ideas already in mind for how best to style an outfit around it. Thanks to its sleek make up and slightly oversized appearance, this option is simple yet eye-catching, and could be a perfect assistance to a simple outfit. Cut with viscose, polyester, and polyamide, the sweat-wicking properties are there and so is the comfort, which allows the piece to be worn during all seasons.


11. Suitsupply Light Grey Spencer Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 3.59.17 PM
  • Material: 70% Cotton, 30% silk

It doesn't get more timeless than sweater vest pieces like this Light Grey Spencer Vest from Suitsupply. While the $199 price tag is certainly a little more pricey than the average sweater vest, the cotton/silk mixture, fit, and endless styling opportunities provided by this piece's minimal style make it an amazing high-end minimalist option. Not to mention, thanks to the material, this is the kind of top that can last you for ages. Oh, and we have to definitely give this vest props for its sustainability.


12. John Elliot Raf Simons Purple Oversized Knit Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 4.04.36 PM
Neiman Marcus
  • Material: Mohair/wool/nylon/polyamide

Our list wouldn't be complete without this fuzzy little piece from John Elliot. One of the more uniquely designed vests on the list, you've got the option of either wearing solo, as more of a tank top if you wish. You could also consider sizing up and utilizing the beautiful mohair/wool/nylon/polyamide as an accent piece. Priced at $398, this is well-designed, eye-catching, comfortable vest rooted in minimalism.


13. Maison Margiela Wool Sweater Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 4.10.28 PM
Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Material: Wool

When it comes to Margiela, you can expect supreme quality and eye for detail, and this Wool Sweater Vest is no exception. At first glance this may just look like a regular blue sweater vest, but the dynamic details are really in the buttons and knitted striped pattern of the vest. The wool crafting makes for superior comfort, and the layering ability is quite easy as this is a versatile staple piece that you can take away or add from.


14. Gucci GG All Over Knit Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 4.18.03 PM
END. Clothing
  • Material: 100% Cotton

This stunning sweater vest from Gucci is the true representation of luxury fashion at its finest. Crafted with 100% cotton to ensure comfort and breathability, the GG monogram adds another layer that allows this piece to standout. Also built with sweat-wicking properties, there's tons of versatility with the vest as you can pair with an oxford, chinos, or anything else you can think. While sizes are only available in a medium and large, the fit is made to be slightly oversized so it works beautifully. The $1,039 price tag doesn't come cheap, but its is Gucci so it's worth it.


15. Express Sweater Vest

Screen Shot 2023 11 13 at 4.24.43 PM
  • Material: 100% Cotton

If you want to keep the spending under $75, you can rock with this sweater vest from Express, which is made with 100% cotton and comfortable to a T. The loose shoulders make for a relaxed cozy fit, and the styling ability is easy as you can just throw it on over a t-shirt or dress shirt for too totally different looks. Rooted in durability and easy to care for. This is beautiful vest that can last you for a good minute if taken care of properly.


5 more sweater vests we love:

How to style a sweater vest:

There are a lot of ways to incorporate sweater vests into your daily outfits, from the casual to the downright formal. One of the easiest ways to style a colorful vest is by layering it on top of a more muted shirt. This works in the warming spring months as an option slightly warmer than just a tee shirt, but not as bundled as a full jacket. I also personally like how certain patterns mesh with each other, so a vibrant sweater vest can pair nicely with an interesting hat or scarf, as long as the rest of the outfit is relatively muted so you don’t overstimulate.

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