The 20 Best Places to Buy Suits Online in 2023

What exactly are the best online options?

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Suits have been a very important part of a man's wardrobe since, well, the beginning of time really. In fact, if you take a look back at men's style about 100 years ago, you'll see that the fellas wore suits pretty much everywhere and to every place (including the grocery store). That little fun fact aside, while a suit may not be a necessary part of your day-to-day fashion, every man needs at least one in their capsule wardrobe for good measure. Why? Well, cause you never know when the occasion is going to call for it. Whether you need to wear a suit everyday to work, or you simply need an emergency one for that upcoming wedding you're going to, we've put together a guide on the best places to buy suits online in 2023 and beyond.

Hopefully this guide serves as a helpful one, and while you're at it, make sure you check out our list on the best dress shirts for men because you're definitely going to need one to go under your suit. A nice chain can also really accentuate a perfectly tailored and neatly pressed suit as well, but don't mind us.

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What we looked for in places to buy suits:

Here's a breakdown of everything we looked for when choosing the brands we selected for this list.

Range of products: We kept in mind each brand's overall product range and offering. It was important to us to select with brands with either a great customization process, or a wide variety of suits as a part of their catalog. We included both on this list.

Quality: Quality was another important component as suits don't come cheap. If you are going to make the investment we want it to be one that lasts you for years, and that depends on the quality.

Convenience: Obviously ordering online is the most convenient process, but at the same time it really helps if you can get measured/fitted for a suit in person. As such, we made sure to include a few places that also have nationwide retail locations for you to visit.

Customer support: When ordering a suit, you may need a little more assistance than usual (especially if you are returning). Companies with great customer support were ones that we included on this list.

Budget/value: A good suit requires an investment. We tried to include places that offer suits within the $300 to $600 range, but we also made sure to include some designer options for those looking specifically for that as well.

Sizing/try-on options: As we mentioned earlier, we tried to include some companies where there is an option of going to a retail location for a fitting. For the others, many of the brands we included have an extensive on-line measurement process and/or very detailed measurements within their suit jackets and pants.

FAQs about buying suits:

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about buying suits.

How to measure suit size at home: The at-home measurement process starts by taking your height. Then, you have to grab a tape measure and start the actual calculations. You'll first need to wrap the tape around your neck and record your measurements for that. Then you'll need to measure from your one shoulder across your back. From there, you can take your sleeve measurement by measuring from your armhole down your wrist. Next you have to wrap the measuring tape around your chest to get your measurements there. Then, you can take your chest underarm measurement by wrapping the tape under your arm and measuring the widest part of your chest.You'll then take your waist measurements by wrapping the tape around your waist, and then you'll knock out the outseam by measuring from the top of your waist down to the ground. From there, you'll have your suit measurements.

How much should I spend on a suit:

How much you spend is up to your personal budget. What you can expect to spend is between $300 to $700 for an accessible suit, or upwards of $1000 for something truly premium.

How do I tell if a suit fits:

A suit should fit true-to-size. It it's falling off of you it's too loose, and if it's literally squeezing you, then it's to snug. The fit should be somewhere around the middle and comfortable. There shouldn't be a collar gap between your neck and the jacket. The sleeves of the jacket should fall just above where your wrist meets your hand.

Why to trust ONE37pm:

In addition to our experience working several of these brands directly, we have also been writing about suits in detail for years. We worked with the brand Kashiyama personally last year in a profile you can check out here, and most recently we compiled an extensive list of suit brands to shop, along with breaking down the different types of suits. We've also recently covered the dress shirts as that is an extensive part of suiting as well. Needless to say, we've dedicated quite some time to suit coverage, and carefully prioritized the brands we selected to be on this list.

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