The 15 Best Slides You Can Buy Right Now

A list of some slides you can cop as we head into summer

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Is there a shoe anymore convenient and comfortable then slides? Think about it—you can wear them to just about any place or event that’s casual or semi-casual, and depending on which slides you purchase, you can even choose to wear them as house shoes. With things slowly returning back to normal, it’s looking like we may be outside a little more this summer as opposed to last year, so now would be the perfect time to update your collection. We’ve compiled a list of fifteen different slides that you can purchase for your summer lineup. 

While slides can be expensive (Gucci slides can run you for about $300), you also don’t want to base your purchase solely on the price, as cheaper slides could result in less durable material that you have to replace more often. That said, here are several to get you started.

1. Ralph Lauren Cayson Big Pony Slide

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 at 11.15.14 AM
Ralph Lauren Cayson Big Pony Slide / Dillards

These Ralph Lauren slides are a reasonable start—not too expensive, but also not too cheap. Ralph Lauren products have always been made from excellent materials, and the brand is renowned for its long-lasting products (some people have had their items for 20-plus years). The ‘Ponys’ are good for both casual and pool wear, and have the signature Polo finish with Ralph Lauren's iconic Big Pony logo at the top. The EVA midsole provides extra comfort, making this a solid pickup.

BUY NOW, $49.99

2. Adidas Adilette Comfort Sandals For Women

Adilette Comfort Slides Black AP9966 01 standard
Adidas Adilette Comfort Sandals For Women / Adidas

Stylish and comfortable, the Adidas Adilette Comfort Sandals are a versatile slide for women that can be worn casually, or even cross into the semi-formal category depending on the event. You could pair these with different athletic outfits, or even skirts/dresses for a variety of looks. The EVA outsole makes for an easy walk, and can be paired with other Adidas items.

BUY NOW, $35

3. Adidas Adilette Slide For Men

adidas men
Adidas Adilette Slide For Men / Adidas

Since we covered the women’s version of the Adilette, let’s go over to the men’s. While the design isn’t as intricate as the women’s, you can still get a ton of wear out of them. With over thirteen available colorway options, the ‘Adilettes’ have a synthetic upper, durable footbed, and are fast-drying for pool days. While ‘Adilettes’ have always been reasonably priced (they tend to go for about $45), as of this writing, Adidas is having sale where the Cloud White colorway is now half-off. So you can potentially snag a really good-quality shoe for a very low price if you move fast enough.

BUY NOW, $45

4. Puma Platform Slide Tape

puma platform
Puma Platform Slide Tape / Finish Line

At first glance these might look a bit uncomfortable, but it is actually the exact opposite with the platform sides. The cross straps provide a secure fit and extra comfort, and the platform sole gives the shoe a diverse appearance that can work with just about anything in your closet. The ‘Platforms’ also come in a gray Violet colorway, and the shoe makes for a great wear with its slip on construction and contoured footbed. Not a bad buy at all.

BUY NOW, $45

5. Men’s Arizona Slide Sandal

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 at 11.28.28 AM
Men’s Arizona Slide Sandal / DSW

While technically labeled a men’s shoe, the ‘Arizona Slides’ is actually a unisex sandal as they are suitable for women as well. The ‘Arizona Slides’ feature an EVA upper complete with adjustable straps, making the foot support solid. The slides can be worn around the house, but are still stylish enough for Airport and grocery store runs. The shoes are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them being ruined if in the instance you get caught in the rain. While we don’t recommend them for work, these could make for a good commute shoe if you have to walk long distances.

BUY NOW, $44.99

6. Michael Kors Gilmore Leather Pool Slides For Women

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 at 11.32.11 AM
Michael Kors Gilmore Leather Pool Slides / Dillards

There are literally tons of Michael Kors slides available on different retail outlets, so you definitely don’t have to go with the ones that we’ve selected, but for the sake of this article, we’ll keep it simple with the solid black option. These are all leather, which means your slides will be protected on the beach, lake, water, etc., and the shoes can be worn for different occasions. While the black colorway is a great choice, there is also a red option, and in our opinion the red is more formal, so you can definitely wear those to work, church, and upscale events.

BUY NOW, $41.40

7. Gucci G Slide Sandal

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 at 11.41.26 AM
Gucci G Slide Sandal / Saks Fifth Avenue

We get it. There may not be any solid reason as to why you should spend nearly $300 on a pair of slides, and honestly we don’t have a legitimate excuse either, other than sometimes in life you have to go big. Gucci is well...Gucci—one of the most renowned and respected brands on the planet, and having a Gucci item of any kind (even if it’s only one piece) just takes your closet to another level. These rubber slides are highly rated, and remain one of their most popular and best selling items. Again, this all about your personal preferences in terms of what you are willing to pay for slides. If the $300 price tag is cool for you, then this is a worthy investment.

BUY NOW, $350

8. Givenchy Slides

Givenchy Slides / Givenchy

Since we did the luxury Gucci slides for the men, we’ll do the Givenchy Slides for women next. Like the Gucci’s, the Givenchy sandals are $300, and you would pretty much be paying for the name brand element (these are similar to the Nike slides but with the Givenchy branding). If you are a fan of the Givenchy brand as a whole, then the slides are a must have. These slides have been seen on many celebrities through the years, and if there is one thing that separates them from your standard $50 ones, it’s the overall quality.

The Givenchy’s have a much smoother material which in turn gives it a more couture/high fashion look as opposed to a casual/athletic one. These are also very highly rated, so it appears you will definitely be getting the bang for your buck if you do decide to purchase.

BUY NOW, $295

9. Nike Air Max Camden Men’s Slides

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 at 11.50.35 AM
Nike Air Max Camden Men’s Slides / DSW

Speaking of Nike, the ‘Air Max Camden Men’s Slides’ may be worth a shot if you are looking for a new pickup. The Camden's are composed of synthetic material, so you likely won’t be able to wear them to the pool, but they can work for casual outings and house wear. The ‘Camdens’ feature the standard slip-on design with an elastic panel, and has a textured footbed plus a cushioned Air Max Heel Unit to provide ultimate comfort. The upper part of the shoe has an elastic strap complete with the Nike branding, and also features a black/red colorway option if you want more design. 


10. NIke Benassi Duo Ultra Women's Black Slide

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 at 11.54.34 AM 1
NIke Benassi Duo Ultra Women's / Nike

Since we are already on the topic of Nike’s, the ‘Benassi Duos’ are different from the other slides we have on this list because they have two elastic straps as opposed to just one, which is neat from a style perspective. These slides have also received compliments from buyers about the perfect fit, comfortability, and material. The Benassi’s have been amongst Nike’s top sellers when it comes to slides, and they are reasonably priced and highly rated as well. 

BUY NOW, $40

11. Banana Republic Men’s Pool Slides

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 at 12.00.33 PM
Banana Republic Men’s Pool Slides / Banana Republic

In case you were wondering, Banana Republic offers a decent selection of slides for both men and women. The Men’s Pool Slides are similar to some of the other pool sandals that we have listed, but the toe strap on these is a tad bit wider compared to the others. Made from an all-leather fabric, there are two different colorway options available: cream and black, and the slides have currently have a five star rating on Banana Republic, with buyers complimenting its comfort, and overall fit. At the moment these are the only casual/athletic slides listed on Banana Republic’s website, but they do have a few dressier ones to choose from if you are interested in those as well.

BUY NOW, $31.98

12. Champion Tie Dye Womens Slide Sandals

Tie dye
Champion Tie Dye Womens Slide Sandals / Finish Line

In case you haven’t noticed, 2000s fashion is starting to make a comeback, and nothing screams Y2K more than a good ole tie dye fit. Champion has their own tie dye slides that are both comfortable and colorful, and sure to add some flavor to your wardrobe. Multiple colorways are available depending on which outlet you shop from, and prices tend to range from about $25-40. In general, Champion is known for their tie dye shirts and hoodies, so the slides will also compliment those items (or any other tie dye outfits you have in your closet for that matter).

BUY NOW, $40

13. Adidas Men’s Adilette Cloudfoam Shower Slides

Shower Slides
Adidas Men’s Adilette Cloudfoam Shower Slides / Foot Locker

Have you ever been in the shower and wondered how much easier your life would be if you had a pair of shoes to step into to avoid slipping? Shower slides (or slippers) are really an essential item that everyone should have, and yet most of us don’t own a pair. Adidas currently has the Adilette Cloudfoam Shower Slides on their website, and the slides are made with slip-resistant materials to provide safety, and avoid tracking a bunch of water on the floor once stepping out of the shower.

Even though the ‘Adilettes’ are considered a shower shoe, you can also take them to the pool (or any other water location). You can select from five different colorway options (red, black, white, blue, and gray), and Adidas offers multiple sizes ranging from youth to adult. At just $25, these are definitely a steal. 

BUY NOW, $25

14. Tory Burch Double T Sport Slide

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 at 12.12.24 PM
Tory Burch Double T Sport Slide / Tony Burch

Out of all the women’s slides we have on this list, these are arguably the most ‘high fashion.’ Cutting edge and chic, the Tory Burch ‘Double T Sports Slides’ are a sophisticated shoe that can be used for work, school, or any casual/semi-casual event. The slides have a soft padded leather to provide additional comfort to the foot, and a cushioned foam insole. The outer part of the slides feature a padded napa leather upper, and a metallic calfskin trim. Stylistically, these shoes are very attractive, and are versatile enough to go with many different items in your closet. Plus, they can last quite a long time if given the proper care.

BUY NOW, $198

15. Moschino Logo Print Slides

Screen Shot 2021 04 26 at 12.28.28 PM
Moschino Logo Print Slides / FARFETCH

Moschino continues to be one of the most famous luxury brands in the world, and are most known for their innovative and eccentric designs. While the ‘Logo Print Slides' aren’t the most ‘out of the ordinary’ compared to other items in the brand’s lineup, they are still unique. Dubbed as poolside attire, the slides are decorated with a gold-tone logo print, and have a thick wide leather strap complete with the iconic Moschino branding.

The only potential negative with this shoe compared to others, is that it may not be as comfortable due to the lack of additional padding and cushioning. If you can get past that, the Print Slides are a great purchase. However if lack of comfort is a deal breaker, then we can certainly understand that as well. That said, the Print Slides are a solid pickup with excellent ratings.

BUY NOW, $195

Slides will forever and always be one of the go-to fashion choices for just about any casual event, and as we saw with some of the luxury slides we featured, they can also be great for work and upscale occasions as well. Obviously this isn’t the ‘end all be all’ for slides as there are a large variety of slides (both luxury and non-luxury) available on many different outlets that aren’t on this list.

As we continue to get back to normal, it is important that we update some of our favorite clothes/shoes to make sure our closets stays fresh. Whether you choose to go with our selections, or make your purchase elsewhere, we hope you find a brand new pair of sick slides to add to your wardrobe.

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