Formula 1 Bench: What Do F1 Reserve Drivers Do?

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Are you wondering what F1 reserve drivers do? Let's get in to it!

There is no denying that being an F1 driver comes with perks, being the pinnacle of motorized racing. You have to be different to want to get into a car and risk your life just to be the driver that crosses the finish line first. So what does it really take to get in the driver's seat?

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Generally before a driver becomes a full fledged F1 driver, they fill a position as a reserve driver. They can be seen as the backup or replacement for the primary driver incase they can't race a certain day. Reserves have a lot of tasks to perform throughout the week to make sure the car is fine-tuned and ready to go, giving the driver more insight into the car.

What Does A Reserve Driver Do?

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