Cotton Brand FM 669 and Teget Release Collaborative Tee

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Photos by Аna Kraš / Courtesy of FM 669 and Teget

FM 669 is a luxury cotton label that launched back in 2021, built around the ethos of creating the perfect cotton top. The name is derived from "Farm to Market Road 669," a road in Texas that connects many farmers to their markets, an homage to the fact that FM 669's garments use Texas grown organic cotton. The pieces are produced in NYC.

FM 669 x Teget aka Аna Kraš

Today, the NYC-based cottonwear brand has teamed up with Serbian-born designer, artist and photographer Ana Kraš' label Teget to release a collaborative piece in the form of an elevated but sporty vee neck tee shirt—releasing in two colorways.

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Photos by Ana Kraš

FM 669’ emphasizes craft and sustainability in all of its production. The garments are produced in New York City’s from entirely organic cotton grown in the USA, sourced from the aforementioned Texan organic farms. FM 669's farming partners rely on regenerative farming practices and other sustainable practices to produce the least waste possible in their process. Everything is constructed in small batches to alleviate any unnecessary production.

The collab, which is available now on FM 669's website, is comprised of a black and white tee shirt, each meticulously toeing the line between sporty and luxury.

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Photos by Ana Kraš

"FM 669 loves providing great cuts of cotton basics for discerning customers. There is a nod to classic American style whilst retaining elegance. We value a USA made, environmentally considered process from the farm to the market," Daniel Leigh, founder of the brand tells ONE37pm.

On the collaboration itself, Daniel tells us: "We started talking around the beginning of the global pandemic. There has been a lot of emailing and French postal dramas. Ana has a very busy schedule and there has been lots of travel, moving etc. in between but it's been relaxed. It was nice to take our time and the result is something very Ana, I think, which is what we sought to achieve, something that she would wear everyday."

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Photos by Ana Kraš

When we ask about the future of the brand, Daniel's answer is optimistic and exciting for fans of the label: "Excited to serve more people, work on more cuts and create beautiful imagery with nice people."

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