19 Summer Essentials To Prepare You for the Season Ahead

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Okay, Okay. You guys have been in the DMs asking us for a summer product roundup for a while, so we thought now would be an excellent time to drop our first round of summer essentials that we think are absolutely necessary for the season. Fourth of July is on Monday (which means we get an actual holiday weekend folks), and July is always a fun summer month, so in the words of Uncle Jesse from Full House “bada bing, bada boom.” There’s nineteen of these bad boys, so let’s take a look at what we’ve got on the summer docket.

White Tees

Oh I think they like me, in my white tee. White tees are essential for the summer. Here are a few you should check out:

1. Zig-Zag Qualite Superieure T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 8.30.21 PM

Zig-Zag just dropped their first high-end fashion capsule, which features limited-edition apparel and accessories and highly-coveted pieces that will never be produced again. Y’all hear that? It will never be produced again, which means it will be a collectors item (or you’ll have bragging rights for owning something that there’s literally only a few of).

BUY NOW, $34.99

2. Nike White T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 8.39.27 PM

As always, Nike has their signature Sportswear Club Men’s T-Shirt that you can purchase for just $25. While we listed Nike, every major sports/athletic brand has some variation of the basic white tee, so if you wanted to rock with adidas, Reebok, etc., you could also do that as well.

BUY NOW, $20.97

Summer Hats

Whether it’s a regular shmegular ball cap, floppy hat, or a bucket hat. You need something casual to help block the sometimes annoying summer sun. A quality hat is a summer essential if we've ever seen one.

3. Free People Shady Character Packable Wide Brim Hat

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 8.55.58 PM
Free People

Free People has long been one of our favorite brands for both the quality and longevity that they offer. The Wide Brim Hat is both super stylish, perfect for the beach, and highly rated. A great investment for the closet for sure.

BUY NOW, $68

4. FOCO Denim Bucket Hat

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 8.59.43 PM

FOCO has a wide selection of denim bucket hats that feature your favorite college teams. Whether you are a fan of Kentucky, Clemson, or Alabama, FOCO has you covered.

BUY NOW, $35

5. New Era Snapback

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 9.05.22 PM

The good thing about New Era is that there are loads of different snapbacks to choose from. You could get a hat for your favorite basketball team, or football if that’s more your preference. You could even go with baseball since we’re in-season. The options are limitless.

BUY NOW, $32.99


The perfect coverup can be hard to find; we've got a selection for the ladies and then one for the fellas.

6. California Cowboy La Sirena Robe Vintage Navy

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 9.16.46 PM
California Cowboys

California Cowboy has some very nice options that you could wear to the beach and even as a cover-up. Make sure you check out all of their robes because they are extremely nice.

BUY NOW, $148

7. Lululemon Swim Trunks

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 9.23.31 PM

No it is not okay to wear the same swim trunks over and over again fellas. Yes you have to replace them every so often, the same way us women do. Here’s a suggestion for you.

BUY NOW, $49


We all like fun clothing that represents our favorite television show, movies, etc. We’ve got some cool stuff for you in this department as well.

8. HUF x Marvel Socks


These socks are a part of a bigger collection that is being released today actually. Marvel fans make sure you check out the entire HUF x Marvel collection. Real talk.



You know summertime means you have to get blinged out right? Here’s a couple of pieces to help you tell the time.

9. Adidas Original Timepieces

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 12.35.45 PM
adidas Originals

Ladies and gentlemen, adidas has not one, not two, not three, but four new timepieces that they just added to their collection. Eco-friendly and designed with an 80s retro digital vibe, they are available to snag now.

BUY NOW, $99

10. Fossil Leather Watch

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 9.41.23 PM

Nothing more to really say about this other than it’s a classic. Fossil’s a classic, and they are tried and true. You can’t go wrong with tried and true.

BUY NOW, $112

For some more affordable watch options, check out this list of timepieces under $200.


Joggers, Joggers, Joggers. Where would you be without them? Here’s a few more to pick up for the summertime.

11. Brady Run Pants


Tom Brady is pretty good at this apparel thing huh? Well he recently introduced a new collection called BRADY Run. Run is made for the athletes who are always moving forward and committed to greatness, and the collection has been wear-tested on the track and streets by elite and novice runners alike. We’ve personally tried the Run Pants and they are very comfortable and mobile.

BUY NOW, $110

12. GymShark Crest Joggers

Screen Shot 2022 06 30 at 1.11.58 PM

Perfect for commuting, resting, or even a light workout. The slim fit is also a nice bonus as that is one of our favorite features on joggers.

BUY NOW, $34

13. California Cowboys PCH Joggers

Screen Shot 2022 06 30 at 1.13.41 PM
California Cowboys

These are specifically designed for nature folks. If you are planning on camping, road trips, or beach bonfires, pick these up.

BUY NOW, $148


Do you have your summer kicks yet? If not, here you are. Thank us later.

14. Curry Flow 9 ‘2974’

Under Armour

Look at these, look at these, look at these! The Curry ‘2974’ honors Stephen’s legacy as the NBA’s all-time best three-point shooter, and the Curry Brand is celebrating the Finals MVP by offering 2,974 pairs globally. Act Quick.


15. ATMOS X New Balance “Beachside”

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 10.17.52 PM

It’s giving California vibes. atmos and New Balance team up to bring the beach to you, and quite frankly, their beach is better.

BUY NOW, $109.99

16. Crocs

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 10.25.32 PM

Little shameless self-promotion on our end for sure, but we wrote a pretty cool article a couple of weeks ago about some of the best crocs that you can find right now. You can find it here, there’s tons of them.

BUY NOW, $20-$60

Everything Else

Whether you need a pair of shades, or some products for around the home, we've got a few more summer essentials for you.

17. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 10.59.16 PM

Okay, it doesn’t have to be this specific pair, but Ray-Ban is among the best of the best when it comes to sunglasses. There’s option people, you have options.

BUY NOW, $163

18. Buddha Board


Don’t judge us, but we are heavily into relaxation techniques now. Being creative is always a good way to relax, and the Buddha Board is a good way to meditate, and get your mind off a tough day.

BUY NOW, $17.95

19. Mad Ritual’s Relief Rub

Untitled 1
Mad Ritual

And speaking of relaxation, this Mad Ritual Relief Rub is a hemp-derived CBD oil to fight inflammation, discomfort, and pain.

BUY NOW, $12

So there you go! Nineteen summer essential items for you to cop this season. Enjoy.

Bonus: Here's one more summer drop for you guys.


The world’s most iconic backpack brand meets surely the most iconic rock band ever to light up the stage. Literally. The first in a new series of capsule collections “Inspired by the world of rock” and produced in collaboration with Epic rights. A fitting tribute to the legendary band that changed the music world forever. 

Featuring four legendary Eastpak bags designed in the same era and now transformed into “make-overs” referencing the iconic face paint and pyrotechnic antics of arguably the most influential band in history. For those who like to make a statement and prefer to make it loud.

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