Harley-Davidson Launches New Lifestyle Apparel Line H-D Collections

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That’s right! Harley-Davidson is launching a new lifestyle apparel line called H-D Collections, which is slated to release March 2023. The line will be a grouping of unique lifestyle apparel lines defined by heritage, craftsmanship, and 120 years of moto-culture, and will be led under creative director Louise Goldin. H-D Collections is composed of three unique product lines: Bar & Shield by Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson Originals, and Harley-Davidson Authorized Vintage. Let’s take a closer look at each line one by one starting with Bar & Shield:

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  • Bar & Shield by Harley-Davidson – by Harley-Davidson is a new, elevated lifestyle product line. Mirroring the study and craftsmanship associated with Harley-Davidson heritage, Bar & Shield is inspired by the unique combination of engineering, functionality and motorcycle culture. The line, which takes its name from the phrase historically used to describe the classic Harley-Davidson logo, is designed by Creative Director of Apparel Design Louise Goldin and her team to bring a new spirit into the evolution of Harley-Davidson apparel. 
  • Harley-Davidson Originals looks to the brand’s rich heritage for inspiration, coming to life as a modern interpretation of the classics. The items in this product line embody the history of Harley- Davidson worn by fearless racers, notable personalities, artists, everyday riders and enthusiasts for generations.
  • Harley-Davidson Authorized Vintage is rich with stories of adventure, rebellion and the American spirit, positioning these items among the most desirable in the vintage apparel market. Consumers can look forward to an ever-changing array of vintage t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories, vests, jackets and leathers, as well as monthly drops with rich Harley-Davidson stories.

H-D Collections will come to life through apparel, unique retail experiences, and partnerships rooted in the spirit of Harley-Davidson moto-culture, reaching new and existing fans of the brand. As H-D Collections evolves, additional lines and collaborations will be introduced and designed by Louise and her team, based out of the H-D Design Studio in New York City.

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Here’s what Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson had to say about this upcoming new release:

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“With H-D Collections we’re excited to celebrate two elements of our heritage: design and Craftsmanship. H-D Collections brings together the many facets of moto-culture lifestyle, paying tribute to our heritage with both Harley-Davidson Originals and Authorized Vintage, while pushing the limits of design, form and function with Bar & Shield.”

Additionally, Creative Director Louise Goldin shared with ONE37pm a bit about her vision for the Bar & Shield collection specifically:

"When I came to Harley-Davidson, I had this idea about starting a collection 'inside' of Harley, and my first point of view was this bike, and the way that it was engineered along with the craftsmanship. A lot of my work has been about the construction of engineering and innovation, so I really dove into working with the elements behind this brand. Instead of just putting energy into the idea of it and the silhouette, I really thought about the feeling and creating this collection with ease.

I really wanted every piece to be super effortless.

- Louise Goldin, Creative Director of H-D Collections
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H-D Collections will be available for purchase online at beginning March 9th. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with us for more style news and content.

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