ONE37pm and JĀSÖN Personal Care Present "Getting Real with the Jasons"

Jason Tartick and Jason Thompson talk masculinity, marriage, grooming and more.

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We at ONE37pm teamed up with personal care brand JĀSÖN®️ to produce a mini-podcast series exploring the vast array of topics pertaining to contemporary men—hot off the brand's launch of its mens line. As notions of masculinity and traditional gender roles continue to evolve, the modern man has the opportunity to explore aspects of beauty and wellness more than ever before. With these new opportunities come a whole new roster of discussions and topics to unpack, from grooming to fashion, dating and beyond. And with JĀSÖN®️ at the helm, who better to investigate these worlds than a couple of Jasons themselves?

In ONE37pm's joint podcast series with JĀSÖN®️, entrepreneur and former reality TV star Jason Tartick sits down with former NBA player Jason Thompson for a candid four-part miniseries. Each of the episodes explores a different aspect of the lifestyle of the modern man, with topics ranging from marriage to grooming and more.

Episode 1: The Modern Man

The series' first episode serves as an introduction to the concept of the modern man and the myriad factors that come along with the notion. Jason and Jason take an opportunity to introduce themselves, before diving into the concept that drives the entire series.

A through-line of the JĀSÖN®️ Men’s new personal care products is the notion that everyone is unique, a concept central to a lot of the Jasons’ discussions throughout the series. During the show, the duo gets real about the developing role of the modern man, an idea that runs parallel with the JĀSÖN®️ commitment to being real with consumers in terms of what is and what’s not in their products; there are no sulfates and no parabens. And just like the Jasons do in the podcast, JĀSÖN®️, the personal care brand, keeps it real with their products. 

Of course, the concept of the modern man is worthy of more than just one episode of exploration. Thus, Jason and Jason will sit down over the course of three more episodes, each investigating another aspect of masculinity. They'll dive into the notion of "The Best Man"—both literally and figuratively, the Authentic Man and the Well-Rounded Man. All of these archetypes revolve around the evolving conceptions of grooming, interpersonal relations and the ever-elusive notion of what it means to be a man in 2022.

This article is truly just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to hear more about the Jasons' experience with their entrepreneurial exploits and journey fostering a contemporary notion of masculinity, make sure to listen to the rest of the episodes wherever you get your podcasts.