Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 Review: How This Laptop Excels for Content Creators

A breakdown of the specs, display, mobility and a final rating

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It’s never occurred to me that as a writer I could also be considered a creator. Being a creator means you need specific tools to help your work reach its maximum potential, and that’s where the newly-launched Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 ($1,999) comes in handy. A laptop that expands upon the success of its predecessor, the Surface Laptop Studio, the Studio 2 is very much indeed a laptop for the creators. The Studio 2 starts out as a “standard laptop” when you first open it, but from there the options are limitless. Different modes accompany the laptop, which makes it fun to experiment and play around with. Let's dive into our Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 review.

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If you gently pull the screen towards you you’ll enter into what’s called “studio mode” aka tablet mode. 2-in-1 laptops have become among the most popular out there not just for creators, but for students, teachers, etc. as the ability to transform back and forth between a laptop and a tablet is very convenient. Another mode offered is what Microsoft refers to as “stage mode,” which is basically like having your own little mini movie screen right in front of you. There’s plenty more neat features that accompany the Surface Laptop Studio 2, which we’ll get into shortly. We received the device from Microsoft, and have spent the last few days exploring everything the laptop has to offer. Let’s break it down even more.

The Specs

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Of all the features that accompany the Studio 2, the processor is probably its most important component. The processor on this bad boy is notably faster than it’s predecessor and moves substantially faster. Here are some notable specs as it pertains to speed and storage:

  • CPU: Intel 13th Gen Core i7-13700H
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050-4060
  • RAM: 16-64GB LPDDR5x
  • Storage: 512GB - 2TB SSD

Now it should be noted that there are different price points depending on what all you want to be included. For example, the $1,999.99 option will provide you with 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD, and the Intel Iris XE. The next step up is the $2,399.99 option which gets you the same RAM and SSD specs but instead has the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050. You can take a look at the full spec range here.

The Display

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The display is stunning with its 14.4-inch  (2,400 x 1,600 pixels) PixelSense touchscreen that clocks in at 120Hz. The HD display gives you crystal clear pictures, video, and brightness, with the clarity being amazing. The sliding display feels great all while giving you ASMR vibes thanks to the tapping sound you get with it. The color accuracy is noteworthy as well. I’ve typically never been a fan of watching television on laptops, tablets, phones, etc., but the resolution while streaming on the laptop was the best I’ve experienced as of late. Again, thanks to the processor and connectivity, there was no lagging or freezing either, which is something I’ve previously had issues with when streaming on other devices aside from my television.

Mobility and Convenience

While not the heaviest laptop you’ll find, you could classify the Studio 2 as being chunky compared to ultra-slim laptop models. However, it’s not heavy at all. It can slide into bags, briefcases, laptop bags, bookbags, etc. without a problem, and of course it’s even more mobile in tablet form. Not too heavy either. If we had to estimate, we’d say the laptop is about 3 or 4lbs. We recommend purchasing the stylus that goes along with it as it can add to the overall convenience of the laptop.

How it can work for creators

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The Microsoft Laptop Studio Surface 2 works for creators for many of the reasons we’ve already mentioned. The display quality and resolution is bright and beautiful…dimness is certainly not an issue with this one. If, for example, you are a streamer/gamer, you’ll need the fast processor and connectivity for your activities. If you’re an artist, you can flip the laptop in stage or tablet mode and create your art. If you aren’t a creator, you can still take advantage of these features within your work and day-to-day life.

What else?

Our only major qualm with this laptop was the battery life. You can get about 4 to 5 hours of battery before having to charge again, which can be inconvenient. Other than that, the keyboard is efficient and easy to use with a reasonable amount of key space. There’s a headphone jack for you to plug into, and even without headphones the sound quality from the speakers is good and plays audio quite clearly.

Final Rating: 9/10

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We give the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 a 9/10, and consider this to be a worthy investment for both creators and non-creators.

The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is now available for purchase via Microsoft's official website for $1,999.

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