OMORPHO Is The New Place To Get Your Workout Gear

We spoke with the CEO and its notable ambassadors

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If you haven’t yet heard the name OMORPHO, rest assured you’ll be hearing a lot more of it soon. A leading fitness company revolutionizing training with its micro-weighted Gravity Sportswear collection, the company was founded by Stefan Olander, former VP of Digital Sport at Nike, who helped bridge the gap between wearable technology and fitness with the revolutionary Nike+ experience developed in partnership with Apple.

The Gravity Sportswear collection was designed by Natalie Candrian, former lead designer at Nike, and has notable ambassadors rocking their stuff. Those names include NFL players Alexander Mattison, DeeJay Dallas, and Julio Jones, actress Cynthia Erivo, Olympian Annie Kunz, WTA player Ajla Tomljanovic and world-renowned dance choreographers Brian and Scott Nicholson.

We spoke with Stefan Olander, Brian, Scott Nicholson, and Annie Kunz to get the 411 on all things OMORPHO.

Stefan Olander

ONE37pm: Hi Stefan! We’ll first start by asking you about the creation of OMORPHO and how it came to be?

Olander: It was simple. I had a burning desire to create, and I have always found incredible joy in creating things that are better and new. I have always envisioned what it would be like to have workout gear that didn’t look like a safety vest, and something more mobile as adding weight to the body is super heavy. I focused really heavily on physiology with my co-founder Ben Williams, and together we came up with the idea of creating the world’s best-weighted vest. From there it grew, and what’s awesome is the science behind it!

ONE37pm: OMORPHO is seven months old, which means you guys launched during the pandemic. How was that?

Olander: Strangely enough, it was mostly good. We were self-funded at the time, and we really took our time to make sure everything was right. When we got to the prototype stage, we had partners in Asia, so then there was the back-and-forth communication that made it a little more difficult. We really had a great team of passionate people who looked forward to working on this.

ONE37pm: You guys are seven months in. How has the response been so far?

Olander: It’s been amazing. There is nothing more important than your target audience using your products. The positive energy has been incredible, tangible, and meaningful innovation is what we continue to focus on. The response is just remarkable. Our score is over 65, and shows that science really works!

Annie Kunz

ONE37pm: Hi Annie! How did you first become involved with OMORPHO?
Kunz: I was blessed before launch last fall to be able to start working with OMORPHO. I was really struggling to find a good company to invest in and support. I began to learn more about the science behind it, and I got super excited!

Brian and Scott Nicholson

ONE37pm: Brian and Scott it’s so great to be speaking with you today. How has it been being a part of the OMORPHO family so far?

Brian & Scott: It’s been incredible! There’s tons of new stuff, and OMORPHO is super exciting with us being dancers. The opportunity came about, and what made us excited was the fact that they offered us the chance to really become a part of the family. It wasn’t just “Hey take this check and promote our products on social media.” Brands don’t really do that anymore. OMORPHO really cares. It’s not just money energy, they operate through time and love.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? You can cop your OMORPHO gear via their official website.

Brand Spotlight

And as always we have a brand spotlight for you guys!

Fossil is launching two partnerships on June 20th with iconic, American brands – Maui and Sons, and Madrid Skateboards

image001 7

Maui and Sons x Fossil collection launches with two solar-powered watches made with eco-friendly materials. Both watch designs are inspired by the brand’s mission to pair an active lifestyle with gratitude to nature. Alongside the watches, the collection includes a co-branded hat and long sleeve t-shirt with artwork remastered exclusively for the Maui and Sons x Fossil collection. 

Madrid and Fossil have come together to build a limited-edition, two-piece collection echoing the ‘70s-inspired looks of Madrid’s classic skateboard decks. The watch has skate-inspired features like a maple wood dial and black griptape-textured subeyes and comes in a box set with other goodies. Also in the collection is a co-designed skateboard crafted by Madrid, featuring Fossil’s heritage graphics on the deck. Only a limited run of 250 boards will be available, so be sure to grab it here guys.

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