Our Favorite Looks From London Fashion Week: June Edition

The three-day event was full of entertainment

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As The Clash said in 1979, “London Calling.” This special June edition of London Fashion Week has been a dream both for those fortunate enough to attend the events in person, and for those like myself who watched/covered virtually. Previewing select SS23 styles, this smaller show was all about the rising designers, featuring names such as Robyn Lynch, Ahluwalia, and more. Albeit brief, the event (which lasted Saturday through Monday) was jam-packed, and we’re here to give you some of the best that caught our attention. 

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University of Westminster MA Show

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One of the biggest events of the weekend was the University of Westminster event, which featured the aforementioned designers and more. Here we saw bold expressive themes, elements of traditional punk rock U.K. style, and even African Themes. Dozens of looks were displayed, and these were among our favorites.

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Yuzefi Runway Show

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London-based fashion brand Yuzefi gave us a psychedelic experience complete with neon lights, and the luxury handbags that the brand is known for. Created by Naza Yousefi, bold, rich, non-conformist, and surprise are the words that Yuzefi prides themselves on, and boy were we fascinated. The stunning visuals in this show made them a favorite of ours, which you can also see below.

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Ahluwalia SS23 Runway Show

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Ahluwalia put on a beautiful outdoor show that took place in a garden. Founded by Priya Ahluwalia, the show touched upon the multicultural themes that are inspired by Ahluwalia’s cultural background. The designer’s Indian, Nigerian, and Jamaican roots were very much present in these new SS23 designs, while also incorporating elements of her London roots. Check it out.

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Carlota Barrera Runway Show

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Carlota Barrera is “Contemporary clothing through a female gaze.” The brand debuted its SS23 collection during the three-day showcase, and we were impressed. Based in London, the brand was crafted by Spain-born designer Carlota Barrera, who graduated from London College of Fashion with an MA in menswear design in 2017. Barrera has quickly become known for its garments, which are inspired by evolving gender identities, Spanish heritage, and queer history. These were some of the looks that were displayed over the weekend.

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Olubiyi Thomas Event

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Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Olubiyi Thomas has been a designer to watch over these past few years. Thomas is a designer of many talents, with an ability to step outside of the box in a way we haven’t seen before. African and British culture is always incorporated into his designs, which in short, are a work of art. You can see exactly what we are talking about below.

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University of East London Show

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University of East London Show / Getty Images

Similar to the University of Westminster event, various different designers had their work center stage at the University of East London show. The beauty of these events was by far their intimacy. Since their shows were smaller, it literally felt like you could reach out and touch the stage, and the designs were brilliant, to say the least. Once again, here are a few of our favorites.

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The June edition of London Fashion Week once again delivered, and we are thrilled to cover some of these amazing shows and designers. Be sure to keep up with us regularly for more style coverage.

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