P448 Is Your Home For Italian Sneakers

The luxury brand has already been worn by multiple A-list celebs

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If you are anything like us, then you are always searching for different sneaker brands to add to your lineup. One of those brands should undoubtedly be P448⁠—the home of Italian-made designer sneakers. The perfect synthesis of vintage and modern, P448 features meticulous detailing and Made-in-Marche craftsmanship that underscore the sense of luxury of each collection. P448 has quite a few collections available on their website, which are a synthesis of contemporary lifestyles, street trends, and original ideas from the visionary minds of their creators.

P448’s goal is simple⁠—to bring innovative sneakers with the finest Italian manufacturing and next-level design to those who live life boldly and fearlessly. Following the lines of the bold and fearless concept, each sneaker is based on the philosophy of mixing and matching to creative, captivating style aesthetics that embody a carefree yet collective consciousness.

Ahead of the spring season, we spoke with P448 CEO Wayne Kulkin to talk about the ever-evolving company and how they are making an imprint on the sneaker universe.

ONE37pm: What goes into the design process when it comes to your shoes?

Kulkin: One of the brand’s biggest pillars is that of artisanal craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the bold creativity and expressiveness that each style exudes. All of our shoes are handcrafted with 200 different types of leather, textiles, and novelty materials. To produce a single pair of shoes, there are 68 different processes of creation, all just for one pair of sneakers.

Not only do we provide our customers with Italian-made, fashion-forward footwear to help them express their unique style, but we are also taking steps towards helping them to reduce their environmental footprint. We’re committed to using ecologically friendly materials and sustainable processes to continue developing greener collections that are better for the planet without sacrificing the comfort and quality that we promise.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s critical that every employee working with P448 share the same common beliefs, no matter their contribution to the process – inclusivity, the merging of music and art — to produce shoes and apparel that stimulate the senses on a multitude of levels, contributing to the brand and therefore, customer experience on the whole.

ONE37pm: Where do you see the brand in the next five or so years?

Kulkin: Despite COVID-19 challenges, our U.S. sales have doubled year-over-year, and we have also seen success in Asia and Europe, and we opened storefronts in key markets globally. 

As we look ahead, the goal is continued growth and consumer/community engagement on a global scale. This year, we’re aiming to debut seven pop-ups shops as real estate continues to become readily available.

We believe that stores are meant to be an awareness tool for consumers, creating engaging and fun environments that showcase the brand and the products, and we want to continue the strategic designs and focus on developing the stores as social media destinations as we grow internationally. This immersive, unique approach also allows us to learn how to better interact with our consumers more successfully. 

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