9 Streetwear Brands Making a Positive Impact

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

Over the past few years, the theme of change has been at the forefront of discussion for millennials and beyond. As these times of adversity have presented themselves, a generation of entrepreneurs has taken these measures as an opportunity to design movement-inspired streetwear brands. 

These up-and-coming fashion lines focus on elevating the customer experience while putting a strong emphasis on topics such as mental health, climate change and individual empowerment. To make their mission come to life, they took the staple hooded sweatshirt and evolved it into their own, all while donating, rejuvenating, and caring for causes that hit close to home for many.  

Due to the growing popularity of these fashionable hoodie brands, we’ve put together a list of streetwear empires that continue to make positive impacts on the world today.

1. Happiness Project

2. Pangaia


4. Noah NY

5. Raeburn Design

6. Blankverse Inc.

7. Madhappy

8. Sporty & Rich

9. Krost

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