7 Plus-Size Influencers Owning Street Style

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Though womenswear has progressively become more size-inclusive over the years, menswear falls far behind. As someone who is actively engaged in this community—and who has been plus-size all my life—I’m well aware of the struggles and obstacles that come with falling outside fashion’s outdated beauty norms. Yet, despite the limited options available for guys who wear above a large or size 36, a rising number of plus-size/big and tall influencers have been joining the game. They’re figuring out how to do the most with the least, and their killer style is undeniable. 

While models like Zach Miko are leading the big and tall modeling movement, others have taken to Instagram to inspire a new generation of men to break out of their comfort zone and start experimenting with fashion. We found seven plus-size male influencers who are owning street style, proving that fashion is for everybody, regardless of size.

1. Ben James, @ben_jjames

There’s something genuinely refreshing about Ben James’ style. Amid the noise of Instagram, the U.K. and LA-based model offers a simplistic but elevated style. Mixing basic pieces with great photography and location shots—in addition to a killer smile—James gives men common ways that they can take their simple looks up a notch. This simple look combines a loud print with ripped white jeans and a tan fedora, letting the shirt—and background—speak for itself.

2. Michael-Anthony, @thebigfashionguy

Michael-Anthony is the king of suits. He’s never afraid to mix colors, patterns, fabrics or prints, and that spirit is what sets him apart. Michael-Anthony—also known within the community as The Big Fashion Guy—always rocks a mean hat game time. He constantly styles classic pieces in new ways, and his inventiveness with suits is what lands him a spot on our list. This look is perfect for the holidays, mixing multiple prints and textures into one cohesive statement.

3. Tee J. Nichols, @teejkeys

Bringing his style to New York, Philly and New Jersey, Tee J. Nichols, like Michael-Anthony, plays a lot with hats and suits. But he also mixes his street style with more classic looks, making an intriguing fashion cocktail. This outfit’s pop of color combined with fall essentials is doable for any guy.

4. Adriel, @stayhomme

Adriel, based in San Francisco, has one of the most unique personal styles in the plus-size menswear community. Often favoring black and white, he is a pro at adding a pop of color and luxury. This outfit is a favorite for many reasons, but primarily because of the simple, cohesive add-ons, like this combination of chunky sneakers, ripped black jeans, a loud shirt and a black side bag.

5. Kelvin Davis, @kelvindavis

Kelvin Davis is one of the leading big and tall models, and he delivers his style and smile to a vast audience. While his aesthetic is usually quite simple, this look stands out. The colors work perfectly together, and the fit is impeccable.

7. Denzel Alexander, @denzeljalexander

Denzel Alexander commands attention. Playing with blacks and leather, he continuously comes up with looks that range from tough to playful. This outfit, in particular, shows off his street style skills. The all-black with a single pop of color and snakeskin boots makes for an automatic win.

7. David Fadd, @david_fadd

David Fadd is the king of plus-size street style, hands down. Not only is he an incredible model, but his style pushes the limits on plus-size menswear, showing that style is genuinely size-less. This one outfit stands out as a favorite, and it represents Fadd well. The layering and color combination is a surefire win.

Gianluca Russo is a plus-size fashion and culture writer published in GQ, Glamour, Teen Vogue, NYLON, InStyle, Fashionista and more. Check out his work at

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