12 Days of Christmas Spotlight: Pythia's Journey From a College Dorm to Sold Out Collections

Day 4

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And on this fourth day of Christmas our true love sent to us four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves, a partridge and a pear tree, and… Pythia. Continuing our 12 Days of Christmas series, today we are spotlighting a brand whose beginnings date back to a college bedroom in Arizona. Named after Greek Princess Pythia, the middle woman between the god Apollo and the people, the brand has experienced a ton of success since their inception.

Known for their street and athleisure wear, regular sellouts are an indication of the brand’s rising success, in addition to their unique designs and commitment to the community. Here’s a quick history of Pythia, why we love them, and a few of our favorite campaigns from this year.

Check out a more in-depth convo with founder Jack Lyons here.

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History of Pythia

Why We Love Them


It was an excellent year for Pythia in 2022, with a few awesome drops and campaigns. Here are some of our favorites from the year.

Mystery Boxes

Throwback Classic Jams

Collection 15

Lone Ranger Jacket Drop

Pythia Flacket

The Exclusive Sneakers

Who’s next? Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas series.

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