Red Wing Recreates Mario's Boots in Anticipation of The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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Courtesy of Red Wing

It's March 10th, aka MAR10, aka Mario day. So in celebration of the yearly holiday (which we will admit we are just learning about), Nintendo and Illumination have unveiled a pretty epic product to hype the coming release of The Super Mario Bros Movie. The MSCHF boots certainly took the world by storm, and now Nintendo and Red Wing have teamed up to launch a similarly cartoonish pair of kicks. It's been a year of insane collabs, and Nintendo's partnership with legendary boot maker Red Wing just may take the cake.

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Red Wing

Nintendo and Illumination teamed up with Red Wing for the one-of-a-kind kicks, which they unveiled at Rockefeller Center earlier today in NYC. The boots—which are simultaneously eccentric while still maintaining a similarity to some of Red Wing's most iconic silhouettes—will be on display throughout the month of March at the Nintendo location in midtown.

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Nintendo / Alyssa Greenberg

The 3-eye prototype boots were produced with Red Wing's signature eye for craftsmanship, including natural leather and—as a nod to the game itself—heel tabs made of mushroom-based mycelium.

“At Red Wing Shoe Company we’ve been supplying long-lasting, durable and comfortable footwear that protects trades workers on the job site for 118-years. We were excited to deliver that same ambition and energy to Mario’s Boots as one of the most famous plumbers in the world!” said Dave Schneider, CMO of Red Wing Shoes.

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Courtesy of Red Wing
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Courtesy of Red Wing

As of yet, there has been no announcement if the shoes will see a wide release or if they're just intended to build hype for the film. But based on some of the response across social media so far, it seems like they may need to consider at least a limited release. Fingers crossed.

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