Reebok x Cardi B Expand 'Let Me Be... Enchanted' Collection

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In the wonderful fairytale land of Cardi B and Reebok, one doesn’t always know when they might release a new collection, but they know that when it does happen, the drop will be magical. Much like her music, Cardi B only drops gems. And today we got another big announcement from the NYC-lyricist.

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Today, Reebok and Cardi B are announcing an official expansion of the “Let Me Be… Enchanted” collection. The line will be available starting 7/21, and brings back two pieces in new colorways: the Classic Leather x Cardi B V2 and Cardi Leotard 2-in-1. 

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The leotard, available in teal and pink, was wildly popular when it first dropped and sold out within a few hours. Now it's back with some new colorways.

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New for part two of this collection is a wider array of apparel complete with tops (Cardi Body Layer,Cardi Bralette & Cardi Corduroy Layer), bottoms (Cardi Lux Bold HR Tight) and a matching sweatsuit (Cardi Knit Hoodie &Cardi Knit Pant).  

When asked about the collection, Cardi had this to say:

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“Everyone knows that I am always going to be 100% Cardi. That’s why I wanted to create a more customizable apparel line with Reebok so everyone who wears the collection can be true to themselves and create looks with my pieces that are unique to their personality.” 

Be sure to shop the full collection via Reebok's website on July 22nd. And if you're looking to see some other stuff that dropped today, check out our piece on Beyonce's recent collection.

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