Russell Athletic x Kith Partner with CUNY on Collection Featuring Jerry Seinfeld

Shot by Mark Seliger, courtesy of Kith

One of the most exciting evolutions in fashion in the past decade or so has been the dissolution of previous conceived notions of what models need to look like. With brands like Aime Leon Dore consistently casting models that fall outside of historic archetypes of traditional models, the floodgates have opened for brands to find the beauty in everyone—as they should. In this same ethos, for Russell Athletic and KITH's partnership with CUNY, they linked with none other than Jerry Seinfeld to helm the campaign for the capsule. Jerry is famously a Queens College alum (and an unintentional style icon), and so he was the perfect fit for the collection based around repping CUNY and NYC in general.

Jerry Seinfeld for Kith Fall 2022 gif maker 5
Shot by Mark Seliger, courtesy of Kith

Kith's Fall 2022 collection is punctuated by a special capsule partnership with CUNY. This specific capsule was created with Russell Athletic for The City University of New York (CUNY) by way of Queens College and Brooklyn College, featuring timeless merch for the iconic colleges presented by the king of 90s entertainment, Jerry Seinfeld. gif maker 8
Shot by Mark Seliger, courtesy of Kith

This capsule is part of Kith's ongoing Classics Program, where they reinvigorate classic styles in partnership with a myriad of brands. The latest iteration invokes pieces from Russell Athletic, a brand known for its comfortable and durable staples. gif maker 6
Shot by Mark Seliger, courtesy of Kith

The campaign for this collection stars iconic New York comedian and Queens College alum, Jerry Seinfeld, and was shot by renowned photographer, Mark Seliger. Jerry Seinfeld did a lot of bits about not caring about fashion throughout the 90s, but in recent years he's become a bit of a nostalgic style icon, donning sneakers coupled with slouchy jeans and sweatshirts in a way that is very in vogue in 2022. So the unintentional style icon was a perfect choice for the campaign.

The new capsule is now available as part of KITH’s Fall ‘22 collection on Check it out now if you're a CUNY alum or just someone interested in repping the city in one of the most hyped ways available right now.

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