Rising Artist b. Robert Moore On His KITH Partnership and Black History Month

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To create art is a gift of power, and to honor Black History Month, streetwear brand KITH partnered with three independent creators — b. Robert Moore, Delphine Desane & Ludovic Nkoth on a capsule of apparel featuring a statement piece from each that launched this past Tuesday alongside an art exhibit at the cultural retail goliath’s flagship store in New York.

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b. Robert Moore / KITH

For b. Robert Moore in particular, this partnership represents a full circle for the Iowa-based artist, who as a recovering alcoholic and addict, has found peace through his artistic talent. Moore’s childhood in Iowa was spent growing up in a place that was predominantly white and not really diverse with a Black single father who was a Chinese martial arts teacher which is also pretty rare. 

Moore has a unique ability to find purpose in opening doors for connection, relation, healing, and discussion. Moore reclaims the narrative of independent and self-taught, boasting group exhibitions with prestigious galleries, including Allouche Gallery’s ‘Operation Blues’ and Band of Vices ‘Masterpiece II.”

We had the pleasure of speaking with Moore last week. You can check out the full interview below.

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b. Robert Moore / KITH

ONE37pm: Congratulations on your partnership with KITH! How did this come to fruition?

Moore: Thank You! KITH actually selected my artwork, and it’s been a lot of support as I continue to build and develop my brand as an artist. The KITH team and I connected, and the opportunity aligned in terms of my culture and principles, so it was a great fit.

ONE37pm: This partnership represents a full-circle moment for you in terms of your life and career. Could you explain a little bit more for our readers?

Moore: Well, I’ve learned the power of saying no over these past couple of years to opportunities that I didn’t think were a good fit. I was able to create a piece and work with UNKNWN in Miami, and now I’m working with KITH. I’m proud to work with brands that align with my values, and it's a full-circle moment with my art being featured on a global level. My piece was actually the first to sell out, which was amazing!

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b. Robert Moore x KITH / KITH

ONE37pm: What was the thought process like in terms of creating this piece?

Moore: Well the piece was selected by KITH, so it was already created. There’s a lot of expression in this work that represents a lot of my life. I grew up in an interracial military household that was very conservative, and within the piece, you will see a boy with strings of hair as I have locks, and it’s about finding your roots. I quit my corporate job and struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, but I was able to find a healthier hobby through my art. Also if you look closely, you’ll see the year 1983 which is my birth year.

ONE37pm: As an African-American artist, what does it mean to you specifically for this partnership to come about during Black History month?

Moore: In 2020, I really saw a spotlight on the Black community and support that has fizzled out since. So I now carefully look for opportunities that are representative of our blackness and work.

ONE37pm: What can we expect from you in the future?

Moore: I want to continue to provoke the deepest thoughts in my work and challenge the status quo. I am going to keep looking for collaborations not just with big brands, but with smaller brands as well. It’s to be continued!

Make sure to keep up with Moore and all of his latest work on Instagram.

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