The Top 10 Insta Style Posts We Saved This Week

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Instagram is officially a celebrity's personal press release. In 2019, a notable figure can release news, highlights or ballin' red carpet and off-duty looks to the masses with the click of a finger. They're no longer reliant on publications or papparazzi images to get the message—or outfit—they want us to see in the spotlight. It's no surprise that style guys are popping up in droves to showcase their creativity on your IG feed.

But the sheer number of posts that get created each day—8.95 million according to Word Stream—can clutter up the good stuff. So we're editing down the noise to highlight our favorite posts of the week from ONE37pm approved people so you can scroll this list instead of wasting precious moments on a crowded platform. You're welcome!

Did we leave anything out? Send us a DM on Instagram at @one37pm with your favorite post from this week. 

1. Nas's Shiny Purple Fit

From 8th-grade dropout to a million-dollar investor, Nas has always been one to watch. And you legit can't miss him in this shiny purple fit. He was suspended in the seventh grade for stabbing a kid in the neck with a pencil. A yellow No. 2 pencil, to be exact. By the eighth grade, he dropped out of school. Today, he's storming the stage in fits like this. Good job, Nas. 

2. Chadwick Boseman BTS of Avengers: Endgame

If you don't know that the ONE37pm team members are huge fans of Marvel, then you've been sleeping under a rock—or not reading our website. Both bad. Though The Russo brothers, directors of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War, admitted in an interview with Empire magazine that in an effort to “preserve the narrative” of their movies, they knowingly filmed scenes specifically for the trailers that they knew wouldn’t be included in the final cut, we're not missing anything in these BTS shots. Enjoy.

3. ARod Being One of Us

Isn't it nice to know that celebrities also just want to take vacation selfies with their significant other? Even if their significant other is none other than JLo? Two acronyms for names come together in this perfect picture. Thank you, ARod and JLo. 

4. King James being King

In case you forgot, LeBron James wanted to remind you that he is still the king. These shorts! These sneakers! Good fit, sir. 

5. Matchy-Matchy Travis Scott

Is the pinnacle of wealth when you can match your different cars to your different sneakers? I feel like it might be, and Scott is nailing the brown situation. Also, two cups? Opulent. 

6. The Rock's Aloha Vibe

Oh, Mr. The Rock. Who put your outfit together? It's kind of so bad that it's good in a way that feels authentic and personal for Instagram. The man is wearing four very different colors (blue, green, burgundy and hot pink) but a whopping smile. We love you. 

7. Key Glock's Fire Fit

Sorry to go for the obvious descriptor, but Glock's Amiri tee is straight fire. That is all. 

8. Jeff Goldblum's Throwback Moment

I feel like we can learn so much from these images by Bruce Weber of baby Jeff Goldblum. Things like... who was Baby Goldblum trying to be in the '80s? Did people gesticulate this much in headshots in that decade? Why did we ever stop wearing exaggerated shoulder pads? And finally, how does Goldblum still look so good?

9. Pharell's Outdoor Adventure

Caption: "The greatest power of heaven and earth is thought." —Pharrell, 2019. Need we say much else? 

10. Jonah Hill Conquering Fear

Well, apparently Jonah Hill has been "terrified to surf" his entire life. But he teamed up with stuntman and ex-pro surfer Patrick Allan Millin to jump on a board, and here we are! Choice quote: "Damn, at 35 you can start doing shit you’ve always wanted to do." You totally can, Mr. Hill. 

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