Get to Know Skagen, a Brand That is Committed to the Earth

Thirty years in the game, and the brand is strong as ever

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Happy Earth Day everyone! We hope you are spending the day outside enjoying everything our beautiful planet has to offer, while also thinking about ways we can continue to improve and protect our Earth. Skagen is a brand that has been long committed to making positive change and progress within the accessories and watches space. The Denmark-based brand focuses on creating sustainability for both people and the planet by using materials that are more sustainable than 90% of the traditional watch assortment.

And that’s not all. This past Monday, Skagen announced a Limited Edition Grenen Ocean Watch that was released in tandem with a minimum $25,000 donation to Save The Waves Coalition to celebrate Earth Day. We caught up with Skagen’s Creative Director Ian Miller last week to get the 411 on everything happening in their world.

ONE37pm: Thanks for joining us, Ian! Could you just start by telling those that may not be familiar a little more about the brand?

Miller: Thanks for having me! For those that don’t know, the Skagen brand is over thirty years old, and we are constantly creating and thinking about ways that we can provide various different products. We are a Danish brand that supports and embodies our people. We really try to capture the Danish lifestyle within our products and bring people into our world.

ONE37pm: Could you tell us a little bit more about this collection?

Miller: It’s a fun collection! We recently relaunched Skagen in December, by reimagining the iconic style the brand has represented for decades. We are constantly re-thinking the little nuisances and modern details, going through each and every product. For this collection, we focused on using products that were eco-friendly and plastic, also using tide products for durability. For the limited edition watch, the watch and case are also made with tide ocean material.

Also, #tide is a company that works with local organizations in Thailand by collecting all plastic from low density to high density. Tide takes all of it, and in turn supplies, a bunch of different products that we can then can fiber durability to with our watches. Tide is doing great things by reclaiming plastic and helping to then turn that into a product. Our watches and cases are made with 100% ocean-bound plastics with a little bit of fiber.

ONE37pm: Now, there’s a charitable component as well right?

Miller: Yes! Our limited edition watch will release in tandem with a minimum $25,000 donation to Save The Waves Coalition which is something that we are very excited about. The watch represents the city of Denmark as a whole, which is beautiful. When you see the watch, you think of Skagen, Denmark. As a whole, working with Save The Waves Coalition has been a great collaboration. 

ONE37pm: What else can expect in 2022?

Miller: All kinds of fun things, so be sure to keep checking our website for the latest updates! We’re also excited to be doing a collection where our watches will feature apple skins which calls to our mission statement that you can find on our website. We are committed to being transparent as 90 percent of our traditional watches are sustainable. Of course, there will always be challenges, but we are always up for the job!

You can continue to keep up with all things Skagen via their website.

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