The 20 Best Slip On Sneakers

Laces are absolutely an essential part of the sneaker and, sometimes, make the shoe exactly what it is. A good lace job can fix a bad colorway. Other times, though, laces are just in the way. You just want to get up, put on your shoes and go. And those are the times when we turn to our laceless shoes to get the job done. 


You can’t just step out here in any slip-on; They’ve still got to be tasteful. Don’t know what to look for in a slip-on shoe? No worries, we’ve got you covered. These are the 20 best slip-on sneakers.

1. Vans Slip-On Pro

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This shoe is an absolute classic by every stretch of the word. Vans introduced it in 1977 and it has been popular ever since. The shoe’s most redeeming quality is its versatility when it comes to colorways. Of course, we’ve seen classic colors, like the checkerboard print joints. But, with the laces out, you can also customize pretty much any colorway with dope art. It’s a blank canvas.

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2. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Slip-On

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This isn’t quite the classic that the original Chuck Taylor Highs and Lows are, but it’s absolutely the next best thing. This shoe was made to be a beater. They’re tough — you can wear them through pretty much anything. You want to skate in them? Fine. Lift weights? Be my guest. Just choose an activity and these shoes fit the bill.

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3. Sperry Men's Authentic Leather Boat Shoe

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If you’re looking for class, these are definitely it. Sometimes, dress shoes are straight-up uncomfortable. But this Sperry gives you the best of both worlds. It’s laid back and chill. You can wear it with shorts and a polo or a nice suit if you get the color blocking right. It comes in a variety of different colors, too, so there’s no limit to the combinations you can hit in these beauties.

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4. Sperry Men’s Striper II

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Now, let’s say you’re not really interested in looking fancy. You want to look chill, but maybe not too chill. These are definitely the shoes for you. It’s almost just like the Vans Slip-On above. It’s upper isn’t as sturdy because it’s not made for skating, but it’s definitely a more comfy fit on your feet.

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5. Vans Veggie Tan Leather Slip On CA


This is maybe the best non-classic colorway of the Slip-On pro. The Veggie Tan leather is tough — it’s meant to take a beating and it also ages better because of the leather material the shoe is made out of. It still has the same rubber and waffle outside a regular Vans shoe has. The leather just gives it a different flavor.

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