Supreme and Tiffany's Release Nostalgic Collaboration

The release date, product breakdown and potential pricing.

Supreme / Tiffany & Co

The past few years have been dominated by collaborations, but brands like Supreme are far from new to the partnership game. The streetwear icon's joint sneaker with Nike SB back in 2002 is still cited as one of the most revolutionary collaborations of all time, setting the stage for a burgeoning future of collusion in the streetwear game. And while Supreme's cultural cachet has certainly fluctuated since the early 2000s, the streetwear mainstay truly knows how to pick the right brands to work with.

Their newest capsule is a joint effort with Tiffany & Co., referencing some of the renowned jeweler's iconic pieces from the 1960s. The collab keeps in step with growing trends in streetwear more widely, as silver jewelry—and pearl necklaces specifically—have become dominant in contemporary street fashion in the past few years.

Whether you're a Supreme stan or not, there's no way around the fact that the brand still manages to keep their finger on the pulse. In typical preme fashion, they've included some centerpieces (the necklace, bracelet and other jewelry), but always punctuate their collections with something sort of tongue-in-cheek for the more casual fans. This time, it's the keychain.

Who needs a Tiffany's x Supreme keychain? No one, but there are those out there who prioritize even the subtlest of flexes.

Supreme x Tiffany's Product Breakdown:

Supreme x Tiffany's Pricing Info:

At the moment, there is no confirmed information about the pricing for this drop, but due to the status of their collaboration partner, this will most likely be priced a bit higher than their usual pieces. Additionally, jewelry isn't usually Supreme's area, so the materials alone used for this collaboration's production will most likely elevate the retail price point above what most Supreme-fanatics are used to seeing.

The pieces will drop on Supreme's store on Thursday (the day the brand always conducts their drops), except in Japan, where the capsule will drop on the 13th.

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