This Car Transforms Into a Movie Theater and We Had the Opportunity to Test It Out

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When it comes to electric vehicles with a roster of futuristic features and capabilities, no one is doing it quite like BMW. Whether it's the self-cleaning cameras of the iX or the curved display in the i4, the whole BMW EV roster boasts some eye-catching features. Perhaps one of the most incredible? The BMW i7's unique ability to convert the back seat into a movie theater. (Yes, for real.)

We tested out the car at the Gallery Beach House this summer to get a sense of just how cool this theater is, plus checked out some of other incredible features packed into the chic car.

BMW MY24 i7 DI21 000048056 Retouched

All of the incredible entertainment and interior options in the i7 are just the tip of the iceberg. The car also boasts all-wheel drive, 650 maximum horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The BMW i7 M60, specifically, is the fastest all-electric BMW M ever made, with dual electric motors and Power Boost to propel you forward at extraordinary speed.

But how far does a single charge get you? Pretty darn far. The BMW i7 xDrive60 boasts an estimated electric range of up to 318 miles, while the BMW i7eDrive50 has an estimated electric range of up to 321 miles, and the BMW M70 has an estimated electric range of up to 295 miles. 

To learn more about the BMW i7 and all of the facets that make it a truly revolutionary luxury EV, click the link below.