The 11 Most Memorable Looks In NBA Draft History

Draft Day fashion is always an event

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The 75th NBA season is now officially in the books, and what a ride it was. Major congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for winning their fourth championship in seven years (you can cop the official Golden State Warriors New Era Championship Cap here) in what’s going to conclude one of the most unique/interesting seasons in recent memory.

The conclusion of the Finals means we officially kick off the new season with the NBA Draft. By now you guys know the deal—your name gets called, you shake commissioner Adam Silver’s hand, take the picture, and show off your fit in the process. Speaking of fits, we’re looking back at some of the most memorable in NBA History to kick off the start of our NBA Draft coverage.

1. Jalen Rose

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There’s no way Jalen Rose could be anything other than the number one entry in our estimation. Was it the pinstripes? Was it the cherry red color? Was it the two of them blended together? The tie was also an interesting decision. Jalen himself has admitted this was a questionable choice, but the event did kick off an awesome NBA Career.

2. Kobe Bryant

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Not only did Kobe pull up to the 1996 Draft looking sharp as usual, but he also had an outfit change too. For the actual draft, Bean wore a black two-piece, but then switched to a grey suit for his Draft pictures. Leave it to Kobe to do something nobody else had done before.

3. Dwyane Wade

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We’re going to kick off the Banana Boat Crew, or as they were known back then, “The Baggy Suit Crew.” Dwyane Wade’s infamous black suit with the blue shirt was one to remember from the 2003 Draft.

4. Carmelo Anthony

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Perhaps the biggest mystery of Carmelo Anthony’s Draft day suit was that of his suit buttons. When Melo was sitting at the table waiting for his name to be called, the top two openings of his jacket were buttoned. Then when Commissioner Stern called his name, only the first suit button was done. Then when he took his Draft Day picture, the top was left open, but the second opening was buttoned. What was going on? We’ll probably never know.

5. LeBron James

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Bron managed to keep an all-white suit completely clean through the whole course of the evening, even the afterparty. That in itself deserves props.

6. Michael Jordan

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Unfortunately, the only Draft Day photos available of MJ are in black and white, so we don’t have the full details of his outfit. The suit could have been black, or it could have been a darker shade of gray. Heck, it could have even been brown for all we know. It appears to be very crisp though.

7. Kelly Oubre

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Kelly Oubre just might have the richest look in NBA Draft history. The crimson satin suit. The Christian Louboutin shoes. Photoshoot Fresh Lookin Like Wealth is definitely appropriate for this fit.

8. Evan Mobley

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Might be a biased pick from the editor (Me) seeing as though she’s a huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan, but you can’t deny the teal blue was a killer look.

9. Samaki Walker

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Bruh. The cowboy hat.

10. Chris Bosh

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Chris Bosh you gotta go on here too brother. You may not have been on the banana boat that day, but you were a part of The Miami Big 3 which included two banana boat crew members. You were also a part of the 2003 Draft. You’re on here brother.

11. Bol Bol

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Bonus points for the spider web design. Extra bonus points for the Air Force 1s.

Who will be next? We’ll have to see Thursday night. The 2022 NBA Draft will take place Thursday, June 23 at 8:00 p.m. EST

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