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To achieve a dream means betting on one’s self. That’s exactly what Nathan Spiteri, founder of Three Thousand, decided to do two years ago. He bid farewell to his Melbourne, Australia home to move all the way to London, U.K. to pursue his dreams of taking his streetwear brand to the next level. Consisting of street athleisure clothing of the highest quality, Three Thousand is rising through the ranks of the London street scene, and is sure to be a brand you hear more of in the future.

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Three Thousand

We sat down with Spiteri to learn more about Three Thousand, and its plans for the future.

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Three Thousand

ONE37pm: Thanks for chatting with us! Tell us more about the brand, how it was established, etc.

Spiteri: I’ve been in fashion ever since I was a kid, like 12 or 13-years old. When I was in college, I decided to start a brand with some of my university buddies, and  a year or two in, we had already made about ten thousand in sales. Eventually, everyone went their own way, and I started my own brand. I’m not sure if you know this, but Australia has their own postcode, and Melbourne’s is 3000.

I wanted something that represented home, and for me it was natural to name the brand that. I realized that people buy into a story more than the brand itself. Also, I’ve been playing with different styles of looks, and it’s easy because I’m used to wearing vintage looks and mixing together different elements of life. Three Thousand is a mixture of different streetwear styles. I can’t say this will be the style forever, learning in London.

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Three Thousand

ONE37pm: You guys were originally based in Australia, but decided to relocate to the U.K. correct? Why that decision?

Spiteri: I knew there was so much potential—being so close to the rest of Europe. In terms of moving all the way from Australia, I don’t know anybody else that’s done that, but I knew it was for the best. The fabrics here in London are different, and there’s more of that here. I live in Brick Lane which is a hub for fashion wear. 

ONE37pm: What have been some of the successes you’ve seen since the move?

Spiteri: I moved during Covid, and that was a struggle. The first 12 months were difficult, so I had to meet people online. I was close to giving up. I’m glad I didn’t because I wound up meeting a photographer that’s since become one of my good friends, and he ended up being at a shoot for MiC Lowry who’s a popular group here.

One of the main members had my t-shirt on in the video, and it has almost a million views. So it was a case of the right place, right time. It makes me feel blessed to be in a culture hub. There’s a lot of content that comes out of runway shows. New opportunities are coming to fruition, and it’s quite easy to meet people. 

Three Thousand

ONE37pm: You mentioned that London is a tough place to make it as a brand. Can you expand more on that?

Spiteri: It’s tough. The competition is tough with really strong brands. You have to stand out, and hang around the right people. As I saw other brands, I thought if they can do it, then I can do it. Competition really pushes you to do something different, and I had to attend events and campaigns by myself to network.

London is really in tune with new brands, and people catch onto trends quite easily. You can even excel one month, and then a new brand comes out and it effects you.  But you also have the local factories from the UK bringing in fabrics, perks, and access to high end materials which is great.

ONE37pm: What does Three Thousand Clo Brief represent? What separates you from the other brands?

Spiteri: It represents Melbourne. It represents where I’m from. I Introduce myself through clothes, and pay attention to detail, fabrics, the way it looks, mixing graphics and fits, and oversized fits. It’s about storytelling, and great clothes that are amazing.

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Three Thousand

ONE37pm: What can we expect in the future?

Spiteri: We have our biggest drop yet coming in October. I also want to come up with a few new visual cues for the brand that represents my love for Japanese art and bold aesthetics. Next year I want to focus on collaborations with coffee shops, shoe brands, and also partner with other brands. It can be quite exciting! I just want to tackle anything, and my goal for next year is to continue to build relationships.

You can keep up with Three Thousand on their official website.

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