A Look Back at TLC's '90s Fashion and Most Iconic Moments

We're taking a look back at the group's most iconic fits

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There’s no other way to start this article off other than… TLC is one of the greatest groups of all time. With a resume that includes nine top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100, four number one singles, four multi-platinum albums (one of which is a diamond album), and becoming the first R&B group to ever receive the Million certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for their third album Fanmail. Last year the group celebrated the 30th anniversary of their first album Ooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip, and next year they will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their second album CrazySexyCool, along with the 25th anniversary of their third album FanMail. In addition to their record breaking success and accomplishments, the group was also renowned for their style. Here’s a look at TLC’s 90s fashion.

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Now, no TLC article can be written without acknowledging the legacy of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who we lost far too soon. And while T-Boz and Chilli have continued to tour and release music in the twenty years since her passing, it’s also at times a sad realization that there was still so much more they could have accomplished as a trio.

What Made TLC’s 1990s Style So Different?

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It’s simple. TLC’s style was different. If you look back to some of the pre-1990s female R&B acts and groups, their style was much more on the glamorous and super feminine side. You could even use a group like En Vogue, who for example debuted in 1990, and was basically a more modern version of The Supremes. Artists like TLC, Mary J. Blige, and SWV helped usher in a more “tomboy” era of the 1990s girl group, with each having their own separate identity.

In fact, many consider TLC to be the blueprint for girl group style during the 90s with their baggy oversized clothing, suits, and futuristic costumes. The trio is credited for finding unique ways to promote safe sex through their clothing. For example, in the early years of their career, Left Eye was known to wear condoms over her left eye, along with all of the members sometimes wearing condoms pinned to their outfits.

Simply put, TLC changed the style game in the 1990s, and we’re going to take a look at some of their best looks from the decade. 

1. Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg Music Video

2. 1992 KMEL Summer Jam

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The 1992 KMEL Summer Jam was a primary example of what you would call classic early 90s TLC with Left Eye wearing the infamous condom over left eye, Chilli rocking her oversized shirt, baggy pants, and bandana, and T-Boz wearing a rather interesting space themed cut out top, which she paired with matching pants.

3. Creep Music Video

4. Waterfalls Music Video

5. 1995 VMAS

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Not only were TLC’s red carpet outfits for the 1995 VMAs iconic, but the costumes they wore for their actual performance that night was equally as legendary. For the red carpet/show the group donned beige halter/cut off tops complete with matching cream boots. And for their performance that evening, T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli wore checkered baggy outfits that were just as fun as their routine.

6. 1995 MTV Movie Awards

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TLC’s appearance at the 1995 MTV Movie Awards was a standout as well, with all three members wearing black tops and what looks to be Dolce & Gabbana briefs paired with silver trousers. 

7. Diggin on You Music Video

8. 1996 Grammys

9. 1996 Soul Train Music Awards

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TLC’s look for the 1996 Soul Train Music Awards is one of their best as the group took to the red carpet wearing different variations of bikini tops and satin baggy pants. It was a unique combination that we hadn’t really seen done before in that exact same manner, and the look was pulled off in a way that only TLC could do.

10. No Scrubs Music Video

11. 1999 VMAS

TLC has not only rightfully earned their place in music history, but they have also earned their place for being groundbreaking trendsetters in fashion as well. Make sure to keep up with us for more style articles and content. 

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