The Top 20 Modeling Agencies in NYC

What are the best and most respected agencies in NYC?

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Modeling and fashion has always gone hand-in-hand. Brands and designer create beautiful garments and pieces, and models are brought in to help highlight those pieces in the best and most artistic way possible through fashion shows and photoshoots. Additionally, modeling can open up the doors to other careers in the fashion industry. Think about it—being a model allows you the opportunity to work with various designers, brands, photographers, creative directors and more. This means that if/when you should choose to hang up your modeling career, there will be plenty of opportunities awaiting for you career wise if you've made the right connects. To help get you started, we've compiled a list of the top 20 modeling agencies in NYC that you can consider submitting to.

There are different agencies available depending on which level you're at in your modeling career. For example, if you are beginner, you will need to target an agency that works with models in the early stages of their careers. Whereas if you are advanced and have loads of bookings behind you, you'll need to be signed to an agency that can best work with you in that regard. In the future we'll be spotlighting more in different regions, and it should be noted that some of these agencies have offices in areas like Los Angeles and globally.

You can check them out below.

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