7 Streetwear Brands with Lasting Power

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Sue Kwon for Billionaire Boys Club

Hypebeast culture is anything but a marketing ploy. In October 2018, Fashionista reported that resellers like GOAT, Grailed, Stadium Goods, Hypebeast and more had received approximately $179.8 million in investor-backed funding collectively over the past few years.

Streetwear has transformed our sense of what it means to be high fashion, and hype is a reflection of modern culture. With the drop business model built on a paradoxical sense of perceived scarcity and inclusivity, streetwear brands underscore the fundamental purpose of fashion: to express our needs for individual and communal creativity. 

Today, few brands are forging the path for other streetwear companies and designers to follow. Here are seven brands that have succeeded in the streetwear space and aren’t going to disappear any time soon.


Otherwise known as A Bathing Ape, this beloved label is one of the original streetwear brands. The company was founded in 1993 by DJ and record producer Nigo, who said the brand’s name is a sarcastic reference to the Japanese idiom “a bathing ape in lukewarm water,” a phrase describing someone who overindulges. 

From belt bags to bomber jackets and home decor products, the site is swarming with all things camouflage this season. With this pattern set to be one of fall’s hottest trends, it’s easy to justify making another purchase—and why BAPE is a leader in the space.

6. Billionaire Boys Club

What brings more joy than new clothes and ice cream? It seems that Pharrell Williams always knows how to keep his fans happy. Founded in 2003, the artist partnered with Nigo to create an international streetwear brand known as BBC Ice Cream. 

Comprised of staple graphic tees, elevated tracksuits and hoodies, products from the brand’s core lines and frequent collaboration drops are sure to be staples in your transitional fall wardrobe.

5. Kappa

Best known for its logo-embossed tracksuits, the Italian sportswear brand has made a strong comeback over the past few seasons. Aside from the core collections, the company often collaborates with brands both within and outside of the fashion industry. The label has created capsule collections alongside the likes of Disney, Gumball 3000, K-Way and Marcelo Burlon. 

This brand’s products are a must-buy for those wanting casual streetwear clothes that are equally comfortable and chic.

4. Keiser Clark

For those who prefer a more refined, elevated style yet still want to partake in the streetwear hype, look no further than this emerging label. Only in its second collection, this brand quickly is proving that its one to watch. With a dark aesthetic, Keiser Clark’s brand codes are instantly recognizable: leopard print, crisp piping, glitter detailing (that doesn’t transfer) and the signature

“Creatures of the Night” slogan. 

In sharp silhouettes, these edgy pieces surely will be staples in your wardrobe for years to come.

3. Kith

Starting his career in the footwear industry at 13 and becoming the head buyer by 25 at his second cousin’s store, David Z, Ronnie Fieg has long understood which styles resonate with consumers. The young entrepreneur ventured out on his own in 2011, bringing a fresh approach to the sneaker market. 

Fast-forward eight years and Kith is one of the fashion industry’s most influential brands, shaping modern streetwear culture. Through the brand’s creation and curation prowess, the retailer has mastered the art of the exclusive, collaborating with many organizations ranging from Bergdorf Goodman to Disney and Coca-Cola. 

Whether you’re in the market for a novelty soft serve ice cream experience or some new clothes, you’re always in for a treat when shopping at this retailer.

2. Noah

Founded on sustainability, transparency and social responsibility, Noah brings a refreshing, much-needed voice to the streetwear market. Aligning with the label’s mission to “promote goodness” and “challenge conventional wisdom,” the brand continuously educates its consumers on its supply chain. On Noah’s blog, the company covers various aspects of the business ranging from how they price their items to the production conditions.

Noah is made to last, and buying into this streetwear label is good for your closet and conscious.

1. Supreme

As the category’s OG brand, no list of must-know streetwear brands would be complete without the inclusion of Supreme. With a new drop every Thursday, it seems that label loyalists cannot get enough of the company’s merchandise.

Whether you decide to queue up on the corner of Bowery in New York City or visit the various reseller listings, Supreme is a must on your streetwear radar.

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