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As the world moves into 4k video resolution being the norm, more and more TVs will be bought, which of course means there will need to be stands that go with them. Picking the right stand can be tough, but to help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top TV stands to buy right now. Check that out below, but first, here’s what you need to know when purchasing a TV stand.

1. Top Pick: Perlesmith TV Stand

2. Best on a Budget: Perlesmith Universal TV Stand

3. Best for Optimum Balance: Vivo Tabletop TV Stand

4. Best for Floors: Hemudu Floor Stand

5. Best Heavy Duty Tempered Glass: Hemudu Swivel TV Stand

How to choose the best TV stand to buy

  • Consider where you want your TV to live – This is perhaps the most important piece of information to have when purchasing a TV stand. That’s because you need to know whether you need a floor stand or wall mount, plus you need to know if you need a stand that allows it to swivel or not. If your TV is in a room where your seating arrangement could change frequently, having a stand that allows it to move somewhat in either direction is crucial.
  • Consider the size and weight of your TV – Not every TV stand supports every TV, so you’ll need to know what the size and weight of your TV is before you purchase its stand
  • Consider budget – Despite the fact that not every TV is right for every TV stand, when you do find the stands that are right for you, there will be multiple options that vary in price. More expensive stands may have better designs, more durable materials and maybe even features like cable management.

1. Universal TV Stand

1 5

Top Pick

The great thing about this TV base stand is its universal, which means that if your TV is between 32” and 47” and is an LCD, LED or Plasma that weights up to 88lbs, there’s a good chance it would fit here. It’s made so that its tempered glass base can stand on a flat surface and there is almost 4 inches of height adjustment, which is handy if your surface is a little too high or low. Unfortunately, it can’t fit mounting holes which are VESA 600x200mm or 600x400mm.


  • Height adjustment
  • Universal fit


  • Only fits certain mounting holes
Buy now, $29.99

2. WALI TVS001 Universal TV Stand

2 5

Best on a Budget

At just under $20, this TV stand is one of the cheapest options on this list. It supports most 22” to 65” LCD flat screen TVs and is a table mount. Due to the fact that it can support a 65” TV, its maximum weight is also a respectable 110lbs. At the bottom of the base are 3mm thick pads which prevent scratching on your table surface. Despite the low price you’re paying, there are really no drawbacks here, unless you don’t love the colour or would like to pay a premium for something you feel will be a little sturdier.


  • Supports TVs from 22” to 65”
  • Supports TVs weighing up to 110lbs


  • Screws may need to be tightened over time
Buy now, $19.99

3. VIVO Universal Tabletop TV Stand

3 5

Best for Optimum Balance

Made from tough alloy steel, this TV stand is sturdy enough to hold up to 110lbs of weight.  It also features soft padding on the bracket legs to ensure that the surface you have it on isn’t damaged. Where this stand really shines is in its balance. It’s designed so that it provides optimum balance and support to your TV. It will also adjust 2.5” in height.


  • Easy to follow instructions for quick installation
  • A pocket-friendly price


  • Must center VESA holes on the back of your TV
Buy now, $17.99

4. Universal Floor TV Stand

4 5

Best For Floors

Although this is the most expensive TV stand on the list, it does come with the most features. There are wire clips that come with it in case you need to organise wires and it turns 50 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right. There’s also a tilt function, plus this stand comes with a whopping 8 levels of height adjustment. It’s also compatible with a TV as small as 19”, but only supports TVs up to 42”. It holds up to 99lbs.


  • Great tilting and swivel features
  • ISO certified quality with wire clips for organizing cables


  • Only supports TVs up to 42”
  • Not compatible with all TVs
Buy now, $79.95

5. Universal Swivel TV Stand

5 4

Best Heavy Duty Tempered Glass

If what you need is the 100 degrees of swivel from the last stand, but don’t quite want to pay that price tag, maybe this is the right option for you. It allows for 50 degrees of turning each way. It’s also certainly one of the more durable options on the list, with the elliptical tube and bracket panel both made of steel. To ensure safety, there’s also a safety screw. It’s worth noting that the washers that come with it might be the wrong size, so you may need smaller ones.


  • Supports TVs as small as 13”
  • 100 degrees swivel


  • You may need to change the washers
Buy now, $26.95

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