A Guide to Types of Collared Shirts For Men to Know

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It's all in the collar. Literally. While it might seem easy when it comes to selecting which type of collared shirt you want, when it gets down to the nitty gritty small details—choosing a shirt collar can actually be a bit tough. Why is that you might ask? Well, just like with anything clothing wise, the types of collars that works for others may not work for you (and vice versa) as it's an element that can frame your face and neckline. Additionally, different types of collared shirts represent different formalities and different occasions. So even if you have your go-to collar type down, it might be worth it to experiment and check out the other types just to see if it's a match. As always, we've got you covered. Below is a guide to all the types of collared shirts for men to know.

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The Basics of Shirt Collars

There are several different types of shirt collars/shirt collar styles to be aware of, with the three basics being standing, flat, and rolled. We'll get into these and others along with how to wear each of them in just a few.

Stiffness: What creates the stiffness of shirt collars? Well, most shirt collars are made with cotton material that's soaked in starch, dried, and ironed, which creates that stiff rounded shape. Most new shirts come with a stiff collar, but obviously that decreases with time and washes. However, you can stiffen the collar yourself by spraying starch on the collar and ironing it at the highest heat.

Collar Size: In order to determine your collar size, all you have to do is measure the bottom of your neck to the point where your collar would naturally sit. It's important you take this extra step as an ill-fitting collar can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also make the shirt look "off" and a little sloppy.

Face Shape: Face shapes and collar types do go hand-in-hand. For example, a point collar might best complement a rounder face, whereas a wider collar might work best with a longer face.

Tie Type: A straight collar is widely considered to be the best shirt collar to work with a tie, but other collar styles such as the snap tab collar can also work well for holding the tie perfectly together in place.

The Types of Collared Shirts:

1. The Point Collar

Point collar
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The handy dandy classic point collar. Wherever would we be without it? The point collar, aka the forward-point collar or straight-point collar, is considered to be the most traditional collar. The collar tips are pointed, there tends to be shorter distance between the collar points, and the gap is narrow, meaning that your tie will have a sharp/snug look.

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2. The Spread Collar

Spread collar
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The second most common collar type is the spread collar, which has more space in between the collar points than the point collar (it estimates at around 4" to 6"), but not too much, meaning that you can work with a small, medium, and mid-sized tie. Spread collars also have more angular points than that of the point collar.

3. The Club Collar

Club collar
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A club collar has a shorter width as opposed to point and spread collars, and has trademark round edges as its defining feature. The club collar has been around since the 1920s, drawing inspiration from its big brother, the Eton collar. Back in the day, club collars represented being a part of the Eton college club, which was considered a special unattainable club that was virtually impossible. Obviously that's not the case anymore, but it's always cool to learn about the in-depth fashion history behind certain pieces.

4. The Button-Down Collar

Button down collar
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The credit of the button-down collar goes to Brooks Brothers, who invented the collar type in 1896. A button collar possesses buttons on each of the collar points to help keep it in place, has an extra piece of fabric between the seam and collar point, and helps to create a versatile look for the shirt you are wearing.

5. The Cutaway Collar

Cutaway collar
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A cutaways collar is a collar who's points are angled outwards as opposed to pointing straight down. Since the collar points are further apart and angled, it does create a more dramatic look, which is something to keep in mind if that's not what you are going for. Also, cutaway collars are great complement for those that have longer/narrower faces.

6. The Tab Collar

Tab collar
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The tab collar isn't the most widely requested or worn collar type, but that's not to say you shouldn't give it a shot. Tab collar have a very narrow space in between the points, meaning that the tab is hidden completely by the tie.

7. The Wingtip Collar

Wingtip collar
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Shirts that have a wingtip collar are considered to be the dressiest of them all as the collar is heavily starched to stand up stiffly and point horizontally. Wingtips are made specifically for bowties, so if you are a bowtie lover, shirts with a wingtip collar are ones that were created specifically for you.

8. The Camp Collar

Camp collar
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If you have ever owned a Hawaiian or bowling shirt, then you have more than likely automatically worn a camp collar. Camp collars have a more relaxed look than the aforementioned with their short-sleeve button down nature, and collars that lay flat. You can dress up camp collars if you want, but you are by no means required to.

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9. The Hidden Button-Down Collar

Hidden button collar
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You may or may not have ever worn a hidden-button collar as they aren't the most common when it comes to suit collars. Hidden-button collars are defined by buttons and buttonholes hidden underneath the collar as opposed to the buttons actually going through the collar, which we have seen on the other collar types included on the list. Hidden-button collars help to create for a functional and practical look, which is always a good thing.

10. The Band Collar

Band collar
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Band collars have experienced a bit of a resurgence in recent years thanks to preppy style making a comeback. It's main feature? The neckband of the shirt laying flat against you, and the collar "circling" your neck as opposed to laying in an angular manner. Band collar shirts can be worn either buttoned or unbuttoned.

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