Meet Ubari, The Contemporary Label Fusing Music and Fashion

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Meet Ubari, the brand new contemporary ready-to-wear label launching today. Ubari is a modern clothing brand with essential and versatile wardrobe pieces that empower you to effortlessly showcase your personal style. Co-founded by Shahroz Ahmad, Ubari fuses his creativity and artistry between music and fashion, merging the two worlds together. The result is a line of unique contemporary designs with high quality construction that will truly withstand the test of time.

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Key men’s pieces from the launch collection include the Mandarin Collar Stretch Pique Shirt, a design Shahroz was heavily involved in creating, the Colorblock Utility Jacket, as well as the cotton-linen Kurta Shirt, a modern interpretation of the classic men's shirt found in South Asia, West Africa, and North Africa, and a piece that pays homage to Shahroz's heritage. 


From the women's line, hero pieces include the cashmere blend Cardigan and Wide Leg Pants set in soft tones including coconut milk, almond buff, deep taupe, classic black, and more. The premium cashmere blend is incredibly soft, versatile, and cozy, perfect for the fall/winter months ahead. Other key pieces include the women’s Utlity Jumpsuit as well as the brand's unisex joggers, sweaters, and hoodies - all featuring a relaxed fit and high-quality cotton throughout matching sets.


Comfort, minimalism, and functionality are the key components to Ubari, as Shahroz wanted to create statement pieces that can be dressed up or down, pulling inspiration from his creative and artistic background as a musician.

We spoke with Shahroz to learn more about Ubari, and what we can expect in the future.


ONE37pm: Hi Shahroz! It’s great meeting you! Could you first start by talking about your journey and background in fashion leading up to this point?

Shahroz: Since I was young, I’ve always been into anything creative. I’ve always found ways to express myself and my feelings, whether through creating art, music, or fashion. I remember one moment when I was getting ready for my best friend’s wedding, and I was in a period in life where I was breaking away from the norms of what is expected to be worn. At the time, I was transitioning from wearing watches, collared shirts with ties, and other clothing that didn’t express how I felt. There’s an art to walking in a room and making a statement without being too loud. There are all these expectations about what you can and can’t wear in certain situations. I was looking for a way to expand what’s possible. 

When I started to look for something that captured what I wanted, I couldn’t find it. I’ve seen collars from cultures around the world that you could wear without a tie, but were still considered prestigious or professional. I searched for weeks and was able to find one mandarin collar, button down shirt that I planned to wear with my suit and found other accessories to make my outfit pop. The shirt wasn’t perfect, but it helped me stand out in a subtle way.

That outfit represented a fusion of the east and the west and the combination was well received. As a musician, I set out to make music to create something that I could listen to and relate to. In my music journey, I found that anything I wanted to do, I was able to accomplish. It just felt like a natural progression for me to apply what I had learned and expressed in my music, and apply it to fashion.


ONE37pm: Okay, now let’s get into the brand new line you are launching. What is Ubari in your own words?

Shahroz: Ubari is for the consumer who’s an achiever, living a fast paced lifestyle, and wants to simplify decisions regarding their wardrobe. The clothes we make are comfortable, distinctive, subtle, and fresh. Our goal is to have essential pieces in your wardrobe that make it easier for you to decide what to wear. 

ONE37pm: And what kind of clothing can we expect from Ubari? I know there’s a ton of versatility, correct?

Shahroz: You can expect high quality fabrics, a non-constricting fit, and a look that ranges from relaxing at home, to going out for brunch or a night out. You can expect each line we release to have some more unique designs that are hard to find. You can expect versatile pieces that you can either dress up or down depending on your mood. We’re not a fast fashion brand that creates more consumer waste, rather we’re creating high quality products that last long without the luxury price tag.


ONE37pm: What are some of the key pieces from both the men and women’s line?

Shahroz: From the men’s designs, the Mandarin Collar Stretch Pique Shirt is a design I personally was involved in creating. Everyone that knows me knows I don’t like traditional collar shirts. I find them uncomfortable and they don’t fit my style. For years I’ve been wearing Mandarin collar shirts (also known as collarless shirts) and people would always ask me where I found them. The biggest issue was in the US market, these shirts were rare, seasonal, and finding one that was made of good fabric and well-fitting was near impossible. So I decided to create my own. This is the first design I was really involved in and was a passion project of mine.

Our Colorblock Utility Jacket is also fire, it’s just aesthetically pleasing to look at and can be paired well with so many color combinations for a dope outfit.

As for our women’s collection, I love our Premium Cashmere Blend Rib Cardigan and Wide Leg Pants set. The materials are insanely soft and cozy. Even during our first photoshoot, models were in awe of how comfortable the materials were. Additionally, our Pleated Panel Shirt Dress is a game changer because it comes with discrete pockets.


The women’s Herringbone Tassel Tie Suit Jacket and Trouser Shorts set also looks amazing and you are definitely going to feel confident in it. The intricate details on it make the pieces really stand out and the jacket can be styled and worn in many different ways. It’s classy, bold, and has some edge to it.

I also love our women’s Utility Cotton-Blend Jumpsuit because I hadn’t seen a jumpsuit with that type of cozy and warm fabric construction.

Last but not least, our whole unisex collection with our Joggers, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies are absolute favorites of mine just because of the relaxed fit and soft fabric. During our first photoshoot, one model asked, “How many clouds did it take to make these?”

ONE37pm: Let’s talk more about the South Asian and African themes found in the pieces. Could you explain a little more?

Shahroz: Our Cotton-Linen Kurta shirt is a modern interpretation and pays homage to a classic style men’s top you will find in places around the world such as South Asia, West Africa, and North Africa. Many cultures have some variation on this, so I wanted to put a Western touch to it. This is also a piece I was heavily involved in designing because I felt there weren’t enough unique casual options for men to choose from.


ONE37pm: What else is in the pipeline for Ubari that you can talk about?

Shahroz: For our upcoming Spring/Summer 2023 collection, you can expect more vibrant designs and unique styles with a whole new color palette. You can also expect exciting content that highlights creatives who align with the Ubari vision.

Be sure to keep up with the latest Ubari releases via their official website.

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