Val aka @valslooks is Making a Splash in the World of High Fashion

The NYC-based content creator is one to watch

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IG: @valslooks / 3D design: @fl3xdith / photo by @xvo_sc / graphic by ONE37pm

Her name is Valerie, but you can call her Val. If you are heavily into the Instagram fashion scene, then chances are you have probably seen Val’s videos pop up on your feed or explore page at some point. Going under the name Valslooks, Val’s page has exploded over the course of this year with numerous viral videos and a few really sick collaborations.

Known for cool unique style and individuality, Val is only just getting started in the world of style content creation with plenty of fun projects in the works, and a new media company called VX Media focused on the development of micro-influencers in the fashion world. 

Ahead of her new campaign with Coach, we spoke with Val to learn more about her journey in style and plans for the future.

ONE37pm: Nice to meet you Val! Congratulations on all of your recent success! Could you do us a favor and introduce yourself to our ONE37pm audience?

Val: Hi! I’m Valerie but you can call me Val. I’m from China and I moved to the U.S about six years ago, and NYC three years ago. I post daily outfits on Instagram and started my account about one year ago. I didn’t expect to gain so much growth in such a short period of time! I would classify my style as identical/individual, as I love to combine colors. I’m not so much into girly fashion, I’m more so into blending everything together. I love creating content through photos and videos. It’s very fun!

ONE37pm: When did you first discover your love for fashion?

Val: To be honest, I would say my love goes back to high school when I was around seventeen or eighteen. I wanted to learn about different brands and styles because it made me feel unique. My friends aren’t really into fashion. They like to create really simple looks like denim and converse, but with me, I like to do a different look every day. They always told me that I should start posting daily fashion videos, and I started doing it around the time I was about to graduate from NYU.

ONE37pm: What are some of the collaborations that you have worked on so far?

Val: I have worked with Balenciaga, Coach, adidas, Tiffany & Co., and more! I actually have a creative campaign with Coach coming up, which is really cool because it was my first time modeling and creating content!

ONE37pm: What do you use to shoot your content?

Val: For videos I use Insta360, and for photos I just use my phone. Sometimes I may use Sony, but it just depends on the outfit requirements.

ONE37pm: What is your advice to others that want to follow in your footsteps? 

Val: I would say don’t overthink things. I have a blank canvas because I have very little social media experience. You have to learn from others and learn trends. Consistency is key as well! I would say I post a little bit everyday. Never be lazy! I also think there’s a lot in the digital fashion world because it’s the future, more sustainable, and creative!

You can continue to keep up with Val through her Instagram.

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