3 Trends to Try from Virgil Abloh's Latest Louis Vuitton Collection

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Virgil Abloh's legacy is officially cemented as the bridge between the haughty world of luxury and the streetwear squad—helmed by Kanye West—that has made sneakers the new coveted item. This season, the Louis Vuitton Men's Fall/Winter 2020 show in Paris, France did not disappoint, flexing Abloh's skills as the brand's creative director.

At the Jardin des Tuileries, the dreamy show, backdropped by Dalí-esque clouds and dotted with hyperbolic sewing instruments like a spool of thread, seamstress' scissors, a paint brush, a golden key and an oversized wooden mallet that some prized guests called their seat, the show felt like a piece of modern installation art.

We've diseccted the fashion and present three trends that are worth trying. While outlandish, perhaps even campy, they encapsulate the shift in luxury menswear that the streetwear giants have enforced. Take a look and let us know if you'd incorporate one of these into your wardrobe.

1. Magenta Pink

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Magenta pink takes the spotlight from last year's slime green. Expect to see this saturated hue in head-to-toe red carpet fits as well as dotted across diffusion accessory lines for seasons to come. The bold color is apt throughout Abloh's collection, as the contrasting punch the dreamy cloud print and abstract background the collection needed.

How to try it: Tight-fitting knits, winter accessories like gloves and hats, full suits and workwear. 

2. Ruffles

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When ruffles are done right, they're magnificent. Seemingly inspired by this year's blurring of gendered dressing lines—encapsulated by Lil Nas X, Harry Styles, Ezra Miller, Billy Porter and so many other pioneers—ruffles are now rightfully on the mainstream men's runway. Presented in a deep navy, the trend feels contemporary and elevated. Expect to see these jackets on all the aforementioned stars as they walk the red carpet this awards season. 

How to try it: Introduce medium-sized ruffles sparingly into your wardrobe in neutral colors. A navy, white, charcoal gray or black will let the intricate silhouette shine. 

3. Cloud Print

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Abloh's cloud print was the star of this collection. In varying shades of sky blue, the cumulonimbus pattern is downright ethereal. By creating an environment indoors for guests to immerse themselves in the collection—versus the creative director's takeover of Parisian city squares in the past—Abloh's continued metaphor of time and the collection's title, "Heaven on Earth" took center stage.

How to try it: Replace your animal print accents with a sky blue cloud print instead. It would be appropriate on footwear, accesories and T-shirts.

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