Warm and Wonderful Builds On Their Legacy With Summer Launch

The iconic brand launches its summer collection

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Warm and Wonderful

Warm & Wonderful is a brand with a storied history. “Wonderful” since 1979, the company was founded by Joanna Osbourne and Sally Muir, who created the original sheep sweater. The duo (and their brand) rose to fame when a very lovely lady by the name of Princess Diana began wearing their stuff. From almost the minute they launched, Warm & Wonderful became known for their sheep sweaters, and if you are wondering about the first time Lady Diana was spotted in one, that was all the way back in 1980 when she wore one of their bright red sheep jumpers at a polo match.

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Princess Diana / Vanity Fair

Fast forward some forty-odd years later, and Warm & Wonderful is just as relevant. The brand has just recently released its Summer 2022 collection, which expands upon the core aspects of its legacy and deep British roots, and its close Princess Diana association, with a foray into high-quality, elevated leisurewear. Madelaine Petsch was tapped for the campaign, which featured the actress modeling all of the brand new looks.

ONE37pm spoke with Jack Carlson, Creative Director of Warm & Wonderful, to catch up on everything the brand has been up to lately.

Madelaine Petsch / Warm and Wonderful

ONE37pm: Congratulations on the Summer 22 release. The collection looks great! I know one of the goals was to expand upon the core aspects of characteristics that made you guys such an iconic brand. Could you talk a little more about that?

Carlson: Thank you! Warm & Wonderful is such an iconic brand. When people think about Warm & Wonderful, they think about the iconic sheep sweater designed by Joanna Osborne and Sally Muir in 1979. But the world of Warm & Wonderful has always gone beyond the sheep sweater. In the early years of the label, Joanna and Sally created a whole world of brilliant designs. Knives and forks, farm animals, brick walls with graffiti, and other knitwear were all part of their world. While we are planning a lot of other exciting developments in knitwear — including elevated, sustainable basics — for the autumn, we wanted to expand the world of Warm &

Wonderful into other categories too. We collaborated with Globe-Trotter last year to create a luggage capsule. I love their luggage, and the Warm & Wonderful sheep pattern looks so good on the cases. It got us thinking about what other categories would make sense. We just wanted to begin with really simple pieces inspired by the categories Diana was so famous for wearing when she was “off-duty:” crewneck sweatshirts, baseball caps. Ours are beautifully made and also inspired in part by the great Burberry crewneck sweatshirts of that same era.

ONE37pm: Warm and Wonderful has such a rich history, and you’ve even had Princess Diana who was one of the most stylish women of all-time wearing your stuff. How does it feel to still have such an impact over forty years after launching?

Carlson: I’m honored and grateful every day to work with Joanna and Sally on this amazing brand. They created the design because they were sort of the black sheep of their families: they’re both great artists and creatives. I think people understand that about the brand and about the sheep design in particular. And it’s part of what has inspired people like Diana, Andy Warhol, David Bowie, and so many others to identify with the Warm & Wonderful label. 

Madelaine Petsc / Warm and Wonderful

ONE37pm: For this campaign, you guys tapped Madelaine Petsch. How was it working with her? 

Carlson: Madelaine is the best! And she looks so stunning in the campaign and in all the pieces. She really embodies the elevated leisure look of the collection. Sam Dameshek shot it all at a beautiful house in Malibu. It’s fun to do a slightly summery, California twist on a British classic.

ONE37pm: Exclusive collaborations with heritage footwear brand Sperry and handmade bag brand J Stark are expected this summer as well, correct?

Carlson: Yes! The Sperry pieces are so cute in all the colors! I can’t wait for them to come out, because I want a pair in every color for myself. And the J Stark bag looks so good as well. Their bags have been a favorite of mine for a long time, and the bag they made for Warm & Wonderful is a perfect statement piece to complement a more understated outfit.

ONE37pm: Anything else that you would like to add about Warm and Wonderful, or what’s potentially in the works?

Carlson: Warm & Wonderful has been an iconic brand since almost the moment it began, in 1979. There are few brands that can say that. And yes, lots of exciting things coming soon! Elevated, sustainable basics - and a couple of other (very British) collaborations and partnerships!

You can continue to keep up with Warm and Wonderful via their official website.

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