5 Weekend Sneakers To Watch Out For

Still quiet in the sneaker world, but we have a few fun ones

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Wow. Another relatively quiet weekend! I must admit that I’m kind of starting to miss the chaos of weekend drops, but there are some pretty cool sneakers in there this week. Since we’re in a slow period, I’m going to try something different and go with shoes that I think are the most unique as opposed to the ‘hottest.’ On a different note, I’m thinking of experimenting with the format of these articles in the future because there are a lot of sick releases happening earlier in the week too. I would love to hear suggestions from you guys, so feel free to reach out to me on my socials! Let’s get into this week’s sneakers.

1. McDonald’s All-American Harden Vol. 5

McDonald’s All-American Harden Vol. 5 / GOAT

Release Date: 4/17

I don’t know about you guys, but I like the All-Americans! These have such a nostalgic vibe to them, and they remind me of the McDonald’s play area, and those toys that you get with Happy Meals. Childhood vibes aside, this is a unique sneaker with all of McDonald’s theme colors, and while they may not be for everyday wear, it’s a good collectors item. Actually you know what? These could go with some black joggers, or anything black really.

BUY NOW, $130

2. Nike Air More Uptempo ‘Bulls’

Nike Air More Uptempo ‘Bulls’ / GOAT

Release Date: 4/16

The ‘Bulls’ aren’t technically a new drop, they are just coming back in men’s sizes. I must admit that I wasn’t a fan of the Uptempo releases until recently. Don’t get me wrong—I’m all for a bold sneaker, but I never liked the huge ‘AIR’ lettering engrained across the shoe. That said, these are slowly starting to win me over, and if I had to pick a pair to start my Uptempo collection, it would definitely be the ‘Bulls.’ Do you guys own a pair? It would be interesting to hear different perspectives.

BUY NOW, $160

3. Nike Dunk Low WMNS ‘Green Glow’

Nike Dunk Low WMNS ‘Green Glow’ / GOAT

Release Date: 4/16

Here we go again. Trying to get Dunks is an interesting experience as of late. These have been rumored for a couple of months now, so I expect them to go sellout quickly as usual. Right now I’m a little over Dunks. Not because I don’t like them, but because I can’t get them. I never hit on drop day, and I’m not paying $400 resell, when the retail price was originally $100. I’m not. I’m happy for those that do get Ws though!

BUY NOW, $100

4. Adidas Dame 7 "Jam Fest"

Adidas Dame 7 "Jam Fest" / GOAT

Release Date: 4/17

Continuing the unique trend, let’s go with Dame’s latest release. Dame Dolla drops the ‘Jam Fest’ tomorrow, and I’m feeling these. With the playoffs around the corner, we’ll be getting plenty more colorways from NBA players, and that excites me greatly. The all-blue is dope, and I think the green mesh in the upper is a nice contrast. Simple but still cool.

BUY NOW, $160

5. Adidas D Rose 11 “Boardwalk”

Adidas D Rose 11 “Boardwalk” / GOAT

Release Date: 4/17

Since we’re talking about the NBA, let’s end it with D-Rose’s latest release. Colorful and vibrant, the ‘Boardwalks’ are a cool mixture of green and pink. I’ve said it before and I will say it again—D-Rose has some of the hottest shoes in the game, and y’all miss out sometimes! For me personally, I don’t feel the need to have ten pairs of AJ1s in my closet—I would rather have a variety. Just my opinion though.

BUY NOW, $130

Well that’s it for this week. Check y’all next week, and don’t forget to follow me on IG and Twitter!

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