5 Sneakers To Watch Out For the Weekend of June 11th

Some interesting things to look out for this weekend

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What’s going on my fellow sneakerheads? It feels like we’ve all been on the quiet side lately. I know I haven’t purchased a new pair of sneakers in over a month, and I feel like I’ve been seeing less posts on my socials about new pickups and fewer SNKRS complaints. Maybe it’s because we’re all going out more—at some point we have to actually wear the sneakers we buy right? That said, I could use a new summer pair, and it seems there are some decent options to choose from this weekend. So let’s see what we’re working with.

1. Nike Dunk High “Game Royal”

Nike Dunk High “Game Royal” / GOAT

Release Date: 6/11

I’m not a Kentucky Wildcats fan (Ohio State over here), but I may have to break my tradition of never getting shoes that represent another University for the first time. My gosh, these are sick, and the blue and white upper mixture is ridiculous. Wildcats diehards are going to have a lot of fun with this one, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a high top (mids are cool, but sometimes I know we get tired of them).

BUY NOW, $250

2. SNS X New Balance 237 Blue Racer

iphone sns x new balance 237 blue racer
New Balance 237 / Kicks On Fire

Release Date: 6/11

I’ve got to do better with including New Balance releases. Honestly I don’t understand the hate NBs get at times, because many of their colorways and models are comparable to different versions of Air Maxes if you ask me. While not the most dynamic sneaker out of the current batch dropping this weekend, I would say this is a decent casual shoe that could be used for a walk, day at the park, or even a regular hangout. 

BUY NOW, $110

3. Air Jordan 1 High OG Light Fusion Red

Air Jordan
Air Jordan 1 High OG Light Fusion Red / GOAT

Release Date: 6/12

Boom here we go! We’ve got the OG Light Fusion coming our way in 5,4,3,2,1 (tomorrow). Saturday morning drops are always something to look forward to even if we don’t hit because we still manage to get up really early on a weekend (which I think is super productive). I haven’t figured out yet if brands actually like the nicknames I personally choose to give their shoes, but nonetheless I am going to call these the “McDonald’s” because of the white, yellow, and red mixtures. I can see this going fast, so be ready!

BUY NOW, $220

4. Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Bright Orange

Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Bright Orange / GOAT

Release 6/12

I’m putting these in here for all of the Pharrell lovers. While this isn’t my personal favorite out of his releases (I’m not particularly fond of the large letter fonts on sneakers), I think this could be a solid summertime shoe as it certainly has a seasonal feel to it. Of course you could pair these with warmer colors, but I also think something like black joggers would contrast well with it. These sneakers were actually a part of the Fall/Winter 2020 lineup (which would explain why the shoe looks more geared towards Fall), but they are here now! Let me know what you guys think of these.

BUY NOW, $220

5. Nike Little Posite One White Black Yellow

Screen Shot 2021 06 09 at 6.16.17 PM
Nike Little Posite One White Black Yellow / Nike

I'm going to do something different here. I've never had an entry that is solely a little kids shoe, and I'm going to change that because it's important for the youth to be dripped out too. The Black Yellows are beautifully designed and they look like they smell good (sorry I like the smell of new sneakers) too. I know pre-school/school has ended for just about everybody (or will soon), but this could be a good pick up for Fall don't you think?

BUY NOW, $100

Alright that’s it for this week. Y’all know where to find me. Keep up with my growing collection on Instagram and Twitter.

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